Chapter 1: Diary Of A Student

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Diary Of A Student - Chapter One - The Blonde


Dear Diary,

Well, this is the first time I have a diary. I’m Beatrix Mary Port but most people just call me Bea or just Port.  I am in high school in Belgium together with my friends and family. We emigrated from America to Belgium, when I was about 9 years old. I think I am going to begin with introducing all the people that will be in here.


Father: Meldon Port, 45 years old, (big) cheater, Kat says he is my hero but that is not true.

Sister: Kathy 'Kat' Port, 29 years old, ex-drunk, half-sister actually, has a café (called The Earth) just outside school.

Brother: Carey Port, 17 years old, twin brother, I was born first, is my best friend, thinks the fact that I'm gay is super cool, we talk together about girls (which kind of weird).


Alana Patrickson: 17, one of my best friends, ex-girlfriend, good kisser, funny, one of The Gang, hates school.

Dane Fairwood: 18, shy, likes tennis, good in sports, secretly in love with Alana, had cancer last year.

Shada McBride: 16, lady-killer, not my type, my best friend in the world, cool, relaxed.

Helen Peters: 19, rich, arrogant, funny, party-animal, a good friend.

01 September 2011 - At the Earth, after the first school day, 06.20PM

“Port, you need to date this year.” Alana told her friend.

“I don't know. With school and all... I don’t think I have the time.” Bea said.

“Oh, shut up Bea. You are one of the smart girls. You don't need to worry about your grades. You get 70% without even studying. Really, there are a lot of dykes around here.” Alana said in a matter of fact way.

“Alana, I don't want a little flirt. I'm not into such a thing. I want something that last longer. I know, I'm just in high school and need to have fun and stuff. But it's just not me.” Bea explained.

“Bea, there are a few girls who want the same as you, just not most girls but please, just look around, play the field. You need to have sex soon.” Alana said while rolling her eyes. Bea eyes widen and she almost choked on her own spit.

“Alana! I only want to have sex with someone special not with just some random girl and besides; I have all the time for that. My problem to find a girl around here is that I'm just too damn ugly.” Bea said with a sigh.

“That's so not true! You are drop dead gorgeous the only thing is ... You don't know it jet. I have a solution! I’m gonna do a makeover with you. Giving you a super look and make you feel good about yourself. What do you think?” Alana sounded amazingly excited.

Bea thought for a second and then nodded. “Look, I wanna do it but only if you promise that you will not put me in slutty or freaky clothes.”

“Okay, that's a deal. Tomorrow I take you to the mall. At 1PM school's out. This is going to be so cool!” Alana was almost jumping up and down.

Bea sighs and thinks: ‘God, I'm so fucked. I gonna look like a fool.’

02 September 2011, the mall, 2PM

“Hey, Bea! I took Helen Shopaholic with me!” Alana screamed from the other end of the hall making people turn their heads and look at her. Bea chuckled and when her two friends were closer, she greeted them.

“Hey, Al. Hey, Hel. Nice to see you. You can pick clothes that make sense, right?” Bea asked the Brit.

 “Yes, Port. I can do that.” Helen answered laughing.

“I can do that to!” Alana protested.

“Drama queen.” Bea said, rolling her eyes.

“Okay, I heard you can spend 300 euro today and want you 3 outfits.” Helen wanted to make sure.

“Yeah, that’s my plan. I want something for a party. Something casual and something sexy for on a date but not too much, I don’t want to look cheap.” Bea explained

“Off course you don’t want that. We’ll make sure you won’t look cheap.” Helen said.

 “Hey, there's a shop that I know sells very good party wear.” Alana pointed at a store a few meters away.

“Yeah, there's cheap and expensive stuff so you can choose and maybe mix.” Helen told her.

“Okay, let's go.” Bea said.

They walked to the shop and began to look around. Alana and Helen told Bea to sit down in a chair in the shop and that they would search for the clothes. Helen loved makeovers and that sort of stuff. She picked a red cocktail dress, black pumps and a little black bag. Alana picked a tight jean, a top with 'Can't Think Straight" written on it, a black leather vest and killer heels. They walked back to Bea and the brown-haired woman smiled at them.

“What did you guys pick?” Bea asked.

“This is what I picked!” Alana pushed the clothes into Bea’s hands, looking proud and dragged Bea to a stall. Bea tried it all on and then walked out to her friends, not completely sure of how she looked.

“Wow, you got a great body, Darling!” Helen said surprised. Bea always hid her body under sweaters and baggy pants.

“Yeah, you look hot!” Alana told her friend.

“Thanks. I love the t-shirt and the vest but the rest is not what I want. I think I'm gonna buy it for the casual outfit.”

“Yeah that's a good idea. Now, try mine on!” Helen said and gave Bea her choice.

Bea struggled to get out of the jeans and into the dress. When she came out her friends dropped almost dead.

“Holy Shit!” Was Alana’s very intelligent response to the sight.

The “Oh My God” of Helen was not much Bear. Both girls were stunned at how gorgeous Bea looked.

“What?” Bea asked insecure.

“You look amazing, B.” Alana told her friend.

“What a pair of legs!” Helen was almost drooling over her.

“So it's good then?” Bea asked one last time, still not sure if it was okay.

“Yeah, don't think about it. Just buy!” Alana exclaimed.

“Okay then. I love it to.” Bea said, smiling.

They paid for everything and walked back to the main hall. They had only 140 euro's left. They had bought a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers to go with the top and vest in the shop next to it. The party and casual outfit were done. Bea had really enjoyed it all and she felt really good about herself. The one thing left was the date outfit and Bea wasn't sure if she would find anything. She wanted a skirt with a top. No dress. Alana was begging her to buy another dress and Helen just wanted Bea to feel good. They were now in a shop that was a little more expensive. Helen and Alana had searched together for clothes that where what Bea wanted. They came up with a green top with a revealing front, a jeans skirt that was daring but not slutty and light green high heels. They also found a black waistcoat that made it a nice mix of femme with a little butch. When Bea walked out of the changing-room the man behind the pay desk looked like he was going to faint on the spot. Helen and Alana could not believe it. The timid Bea Port looked like a model and didn't believe it. Well if anyone would go on a date with Bea, the girl was lucky. Bea was happy with the result. She looked good. She wanted to date but there was nobody she really liked. When they paid for everything, they headed back home. At 05.50PM they dropped Bea off at her house. Tonight at 9.30PM, it was 'GIRLS NIGHT' at The Earth. Bea decided to wear her new clothes. She did some schoolwork and watched a little T.V. before she took a shower and dressed up in the red dress, black pumps and the black handbag. She also put a little make-up on and the silver earrings. Meldon wasn't home so she could do whatever she wanted. She was out to her family but her Dad completely ignored that she was a lesbian. Bea found that even more frustrating than if they would fight about it. At least then she could defend herself against something. She sighed, looked in the mirror and smiled. She made some silly faces and laughed at herself before taking the bus to the café of her sister.

02 September 2011, The Earth, 09.40PM

Bea just arrived at the café and saw her sister.

“Hey, Kat!” She greeted her.

“Hey, baby-sis! My God, you look amazing!” Kat said hugging her sister.

“Thanks! Alana and Helen helped me. I love my new outfit.” Bea answered.  

“Yeah, you look good sis. Carey is in the back, he knows it's Girls Night but I couldn't say no when he asked if he could come, eh. Go and say hi to him.” Kat said.

“Yeah, I will, see you later.”

When Bea walked to the back of the café all eyes were on her, not that Bea noticed all the attention she got. Somewhere in the café, a blond girl looked at the brunette and wondered if she had ever seen someone more beautiful or gracious. Bea reached the pool table and saw the mocha colored boy with beautiful curls.

“Hey, Carey!” Bea greeted his brother and kissed him on the cheek.

“Jow, Bea! Sista, you are lookin' good tonight!” Carey told Bea with an accent that sounded a little weird.

Carey was sweet but he liked to do as if he was a bit gangsta.

“Thanks, bro. What are you doing in a café on dykes’ night?” She asked him with a grin.

“I wanted to have a drink and music, man. I don't care that there is a little dyke drama goin’ on.” He said chuckling.

Bea laughed

“Yeah, drama all around. I’m gonna leave you to it and search the gang. Bye bro!” She said.

“Bye Sis!” Carey said and then took a sip of his beer.

Bea saw Shada from the back of the café flirting with a few girls, at the same time. Typical. Alana and Dane were talking and Bea could see that Dane was a little nervous so she decided to go over there and help her friend a little, break the tension a little.

“Hey guys.” She greeted her friends.

“Hello, new Bea!” Alana sounded happy and a little drunk.

“Wow! You look amazingly stunning!” Dane said, almost drooling. Alana was hot but Bea, right now, looked even Bear in Dane’s eyes.

Bea, totally oblivious to this, reacted. “Thanks Dane. I'm planning on having a good time in good clothes.”

“Man, B! You look very sexy! You are the most beautiful girl in The Earth today!” Shada said with a wink.

“Are you hitting on me, Skinny?” Bea asked, smiling. Shada chuckled.

“No, never, Port. I know you want me to but…”

Bea smiled. She wanted to say something back but then one of her favorite songs started. Jesse McCartney’s Right Where You Want Me. She smiled and walked to the dance floor.


There's something 'bout me that you ought to know.

I've never felt the need to lose control.

Always held on back and played it slow.

But not this time.

Baby, don't be gentle,

I can handle anything.

She arrived on the dance floor and started dancing. She saw a blonde-haired woman in the corner of her eye and looked at her. Her heart began to beat so fast and loud that she almost didn’t hear the music anymore. She swallowed a few times, trying to calm down.


Take me on a journey.

I've been thinking lately,

I could use a little time alone with you.


Let's do something, maybe.

Please don't take your time,

You got me,

Right where you want me.

The dancing blonde felt like she was being watched and turned her head. Her eyes met the brown eyes of Bea she turned red in an instant, not really knowing why, and she looked away, trying to focus on something else.


I'm gonna let you have your way with me.

But when you move like that,

It’s hard to breathe.

I never thought that it could be like this,

But I was wrong.

Baby, don't be gentle,

I can handle anything.


Take me on a journey.

I've been thinking lately,

I could use a little time alone with you.


Let's do something, maybe.

Please don't take your time,

You got me,

Right where you want me.

Bea wanted to look in the blonde-haired woman’s eyes again and danced her way to the other side of the dance floor so she could watch the blonde moving. The girl had noticed and wanted to look away but her eyes were glued to the brunette. The next words Bea mouthed to Tina with a smile. She didn’t know what exactly that it was that made her so daring tonight; normally she would have never done this. Was it her new confidence or was it because of the girl? Tina saw Bea’s lips making the words directed to her and she thought she was going to die any minute. The feelings she was having, she had never experienced before.

Can't explain it,

How you swept me off my feet, unexpectedly.

In slow motion,

My imagination's running, trying to keep my body still,

I can hardly stand the thrill.

The girl didn't know what to do she just kept dancing the rest of the song looking at the brown-haired woman, not that there was another option. Her eyes just couldn’t get enough of the other woman.

Baby, don't be gentle,

I can handle anything.


Take me on a journey.

I've been thinking lately,

I could use a little time alone with you.


Let's do something, maybe.

Please don't take your time,

You got me,

Right where you want me.

When the song ended, the blonde just walked out. Bea didn't know what to do. She wanted to talk to her because the blonde intrigued her. She started to walk to the door when her brother came to her and blocked her way.

“Sisi, Dad called me and asked where we were. We need to go home. It's only 11.35PM but we really need to go.” He was already trying to calm his sister because mostly she would get angry when their father acted like this.

“Yeah, sure. Let's go.” Was Bea’s simple answer.

Carey was surprised that his sister was so enthusiastic. Bea almost kicked everyone out of the way to get to the door. When she was outside, she scanned the street looking for the girl but there were only a few people were standing outside smoking a cigarette outside and no one was the blonde-haired woman. Her brother catches up with her and they walk home in silence. When they arrived at home, their father made a comment about her clothes but she didn't care, she was so disappointed she didn’t even want to argue. Bea just walked to her room and changed in PJ's. She got into her bed and tried to catch some sleep, which proved to be impossible after hours of attempting to close her eyes and go to sleep.

Submitted: August 18, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Sheryl Jonah. All rights reserved.


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___This is wonderful please keep me updated on this one i really like it. :)

Thu, August 18th, 2011 9:26pm


Glad you like it. I'll probably post the next chapter tomorrow. Thanks for your comment. :D

Thu, August 18th, 2011 2:56pm


i really liked this story, kmu plz

Fri, August 19th, 2011 11:06am


Thanks for your comment. It'll be updated soon.

Fri, August 19th, 2011 8:18am