Chapter 2: Meeting Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Diary Of A Student – Chapter Two - Meeting Love

Dear dairy,
It’s 3 September 2011 and last night I could not sleep. That blonde, that beautiful blonde-haired woman. I keep replaying last night as a movie in my head. I try to remember every little detail of her face, her body, her moves. Everything. I cannot think about anything else. I wish I could talk to her. Maybe we could be friend; off course I want a little more than that but friends would be... a start. She seemed so friendly but also sexy. I never had this kind of instant crush thing. I think this is a crush, I mean, what else can it be? I wonder, would she think of me? Would she also try to imagine every little detail of me? Would she think I am sexy? God, I sound like a lunatic.
I am going to talk to The Gang. I need some friends right now. I can wear my new clothes, maybe she will be there. Oh, shut up Bea, do not hope… That is just silly.

03 September 2011, The Planet, 10.25AM

Bea walked in the café. She looked around, looking for the blonde-haired woman. When she could not find her, she was disappointed and sighed. Then she heard Alana yell. “Hey, Bea! Over here!”
“Yeah, I’m coming!” Bea yelled back and then walked over to her friends. Alana, Shada and Helen where seated at their regular table.
“Who were you looking for?” Alana wanted to know.
“I will tell it if you all promise that you will not laugh at me…” Bea said.
“Come on tell we will not laugh. Will we?” Helen looked at all her friends.
Shada shook her head. “No, of course not!”
“No, no. You know me. I would never do that!” Alana tried to sound honest.
Bea didn’t believe Alana for a minute but she needed some advice right now. Before she could begin to tell her story, Kat interrupted.
“Hi, baby sis.” She said.
“Shh, she was about to tell why she was looking around like a fool.” Helen told her.
“I did not look like a fool Hel.” Bea rolled her eyes.
“Yes, you did. You were just standing there in the middle of the café and looking around way too long. That’s stupid.” Alana supported Helen.
Bea grew impatient. “Do you want to hear it or not?”
“Yeah, Yeah. Tell sis.”
Bea told what happened the previous night. Helen was smiling, she never heard Bea talking about a girl in that way and not with such a grin on her face. Alana just couldn’t believe it, was this Bea she knew last year? Bea would have never been so frank or daring with a girl, even though it was from a distance. Shada couldn’t believe it either. She felt a little sad because Bea maybe never see this girl where she was obviously crazy about, again. Kat felt the same way as Shada. She wanted the best for her little sister and wouldn’t want Bea to get hurt.
“Well, lil’ sis. Do not hope too much, okay. You don’t know if you will ever see her again.” Kat said, stroking her sister’s cheek.
Shada nodded and Bea looked a little sad.
“No I will not hope too much. I just… never had that feeling about someone. You know. I don’t get a crush very easy.” Bea looked around to all her friends and into their understanding eyes.
“I’m just happy that you have a crush. It’s cute. However, be a little careful, darling. We really don’t want you to get your hopes up only to get them crushed.” Helen told her friend.
Bea sighed, irritated, sad and disappointed. “Yeah, yeah.” She snapped.
Bea got herself a glass of water and walked back to the table. Her face looked like she was going to explode if there would be said another thing about last night. Kat knew that face and just started talking about her new boyfriend. Bea sipped her water and said nothing. It was Saturday and didn’t know what she could do. When she could not hear another word about ‘ANDY’, she decided to leave and go to the library and read a book. She said her goodbyes and took the bus to the library.

03 September 2011, The Library, 11.30AM

Bea was hungry and happy that there was a little restaurant next to the library. She ordered a salad and she was still thinking about the blonde-haired woman. Why couldn’t she get that girl out of her head? She tried to push those thoughts away but it didn’t work.
Tia was in the library looking for a novel. She wanted to think about something other than the brown-haired woman. Why did she walk out? That was so stupid. She was totally stupid! The girl was so into her and actually flirting with her, from a distance but it was something. Fuck! Now she could not think about anything or anyone else. She felt a heavy sadness in her heart for some reason. Pff, she kept searching for that one book that her granny had to. “Loving you, my girl”. Why couldn’t she find it?
Bea walked in the library and looked around. ‘I want a romantic book.’ She thought. She walked to the corner of the library and into a certain corridor. She almost fainted. There she was! The blonde-haired woman that kept her awake all night! ‘Okay, Bea. Keep your cool, go over there and do something. Whatever you do, do not scare her away. You can do it.’ She said to herself. She walked closer and casually leaned against the book shelve. The blonde was still concentrated on the books.
“What are you looking for?” Bea asked. She sounded cooler than she thought she was capable off.
The girl looked up. “I’m looking for…” The blonde-haired woman was shocked when she looked into the eyes that hunted her last night.
“Oh my god. You are the girl from last night.” She said without really thinking about it. Bette was so proud of herself for not acting like a dork for once.
“I… hum… I’m looking for ‘Loving you, my girl’, I forgot the writer.” The blonde decided to go back to the topic.
“Oh… You will not find it here.” Was Bea’s response.
The girl frowned with a smile.
“Why not? When I looked on internet, the book was still available here.” She let Bea know.
“I know you won’t find it here because it’s in my room. I picked it up a few days ago.” Bea explained.
“Oh, that’s a shame. I’d liked to read it again. It was the favorite book of my gran.” The young woman said.
“Well, if you really want to read it, you can come and get it. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. Beatrix Port. Call me Bea.”
She flashed a Port-smile. The girl could not believe how beautiful this dark haired woman was.
“Tiana Kennard. You can call me Tia.” Tia said her voice a little higher than normal.
“Tia… Nice name.”
How Bea said her name made Tia feel weak in her knees. She recovered quickly.
“I would love to come with you and get the book.” Tia said.
“Well, that’s fine. I have to look for a few books and then we can go. You can maybe look yourself.” She suggested.
The brown-haired woman studied Tia. Bea could not believe how beautiful she was. Her hair was like gold and in her eyes, man; she could lose herself in them. The features of her face. Her body, thin but still healthy and strong. Tia smiled at the other woman and began looking for a book, well pretending to do so. Bea took her mobile and typed a message to her friends and sister, they had to know.
U will never guess whom I ran into! I’m here in the library with the blonde from last night!
She’s so beautiful.
Okay, one thing, she’s going home with me for a book. I’m going to faint!
Bebe was Bea’s (SMS) nickname. Tia and Bea looked together for books. ‘Accidently’ touching each other’s hand or brushing past the other person. They talked about books and authors until they both found a few books. After they got out of the library, they went to the bus stop and drove to Bea’s house.

Submitted: August 19, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Sheryl Jonah. All rights reserved.


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Ken dominic

Fills you with anticipation

Mon, August 22nd, 2011 2:33am


I hope that's good :) Thanks for your comment.

Mon, August 22nd, 2011 3:40am


love this chaapter glad they found each other again. kmu

Tue, August 23rd, 2011 12:55am


Thanks for your comment.

Tue, August 23rd, 2011 2:29am

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