Chapter 3: Crush

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Dear diary,

OMG! Tia just left and I really have a big, big, big, crush on her. She is so intelligent and beautiful. I don’t know if she will ever look at me in the way I look at her. She is gay, that I know, but she doesn't seem to have feelings for me. I just hope she is a great actress... We talked about school and guess what? She is on the same school as me! I never noticed her before. The only thing is... she is in the boarding school-part. (You can stay in school if you want but you can also go home.) I think it’s sad for her that she is one of the only American girls on my school. In total there are about 20-25 Americans and none of them are in boarding school. I can talk Dutch quite good, well, enough to understand my classes, so, for me there’s no problem but Tia says she is really confused with the articles of the words and that she cannot understand everything that well. I offered to help her a little and that she can always barrow my notes if she wants. She accepted! I’m so excited! I hope we can become a little closer. Now we are at the point of acquaintances but I’m happy with that... for now. She thanked me for everything, took the book, said goodbye and left. My friends all answered at the message I send in the library. I made a list, (Yes, I love lists.)

ALANA: HOLY FUCKING SHIT, PORT! U R really the luckiest girl on earth. HAVE FUN ;)

SHADA: Good! Try to get closer... U know what I mean, eh! ;D

KAT: Wow, have fun, baby girl!

HELEN: U R so bloody lucky! Tell me what happened, okay?! I want all the details and I’m sure Al wants them to! :oD

I’m gonna answer them back now.




03 September 2011 - Bea’s Room, Saturday, 2PM

Bea took her black mobile out of her purse and typed a message to her friends.


 I know! I'm officially super lucky! I'm gonna help her with Dutch. We talked and man … I have such a crush! I hope we will become friends. She is absolutely beautiful! She has my number so I hope she will text me.



Bea pushed 'send' and lay back on her bed. She couldn't believe how happy she was. Just that moment, someone knocked on her door.

“Come in!” Bea yelled.

Carey entered the room with a smile on his face.

“Hey, sistah. Who is the hot chick that just left your room? She’s so beautiful.” Carey told her sister, slightly licking his lips. Bea laughed.

“She’s so gay.” She told her brother.

Bea smiled. She loved her twin brother. They were really best friends. They told each other everything.

“Oh, well, she’s one hot lady. Is she you girlfriend?” Carey asked his sister sitting down on the chair next to Bea’s closet.

Bea gets a dreamy look on her face and sighs. “No, she’s not. I wish she was.”

“Oh, does my sistah have a crush?” Carey asks teasingly.

Bea laughed again.

“Yes, a little one. Listen...” She told what happened Friday night and today.

“Well, well. I hope that it will work out for you. She would be your third girlfriend. Finally!” He smiled, his eyes sparkling. Bea only had two girlfriends and Carey (her 10 minutes younger brother) had already five or six. He was very proud of that.

“You are not funny, bro. Yes, she would be but you know I’m not the person to have lots of girlfriends.” Bea explained. “It's not my thing.”

“Yeah, I know but you could have as many girls if you only wanted to. You are my sister. You are good lookin'.” Carey told her in a matter of fact way.

“Pff, it’s not only because I’m you sister. It’s because I play volleyball and don't eat too much crap.” Bea rolled her eyes.

“Well, you look good, just so you know. Hey, I'm gonna go to The Planet. You wanna come to?” Carey wanted to know.

“Yeah, I'll come with you.” Bea answered. “I'm just going to clean up a little. I'm going to be downstairs in half an hour, okay?”

Carey smiled. “Yeah, sure. Gonna clean up your collection of naughty toys, sistah?”

Bea laughed. “Get out…”

She threw her pillow at Carey. He chuckled and got out.

“He can be such a pain…” She whispered to herself, still smiling.

She took her diary and began writing.

Dear diary,

I just talked to my brother. I told him I have a crush on Tia. I regret that a little now. I love him but I know he just can’t stop joking about stuff that I really don’t find funny. He probably won’t shut up now... I am going to The Planet now. There will be a “Romantic Night”. Well, I have nobody to go with other than my brother so I'll go with him. It’s a mixed party; there will be gay and straight people. I cannot ask just some girl to dance with me and there'll be probably guys that will hit on me. Gross. Well, then I'll just talk to my friends and try to have a good time surrounded by sappy music. How is it that romantic songs sound like bullshit when you aren't dating? Why does that change when you are? Well, I don’t have time to think about that. I need to go now.



Bea closed her diary and put it under her mattress. Nobody would look under there. She stood up and looked in her wardrobe. She picked the t-shirt with “I Can’t Think Straight” on it, just in case some guy wanted to dance with her, he maybe got the message. She also took her jean skirt. A pair of stilettos and a little purse made her outfit complete. She added some make up and walked out of her room and into the hallway.

“Hey Car, looking good.” She complimented her brother who smiled.

“I hope the straight girls will like it to.” He said and laughed.


She rolled with her eyes and walked to the door, smiling.

“Nice skirt. Your ass looks really good in it!” Carey told her with a smile. He knew his sister didn’t like it when he said stuff like that. He thought it was very funny how Bea reacted.

“Carey! You are so gross… I think you should stop looking at your gay sister’s ass!” She said.

Carey laughed.

“Okay, okay.” He held his hands up in surrender.

They took the bus to The Planet, talking about tonight. When they were in front of the café/ nightclub, they already heard the slow and sexy songs.

“Good luck with the girls. You will need it!” Bea told him, joking.

“Now you shut up, sistah.” He pointed at his sister smirking.

Bea laughed and got inside. Kat came to her and her brother.

“Hey, you two. How are you guys?” She asked them, hugging both of them.

“Good.” The twin answered.

“That’s nice. There are a lot of cute girls inside and…” Kat began.

“Okay, not interested. I’m going to look for my friends, bye!” Bea knew that her sister always wanted to set her up with some gay Barbie. That was not what she wanted. In the corner of The Planet (It was more “The Love Planet” tonight), Shada and Alana where seated. She walked over.

“Hey girls.” She greeted her friends.

“Hey Bea.” Alana greeted her ex-girlfriend.

“Hello Port! How are you?” She asked.

“I’m good. My brother is a pain today but all the rest is good.” Bea told them, sitting down.

Alana, her curious self, had to ask questions. “And how is it going with your girl?”

“First of all: she is not my girl and second: I didn’t hear a thing fr…” Suddenly a lovely voice interrupted her.

“Hey, Bea. Nice to see you again!”

Bea turned her head and looked into hazel eyes.

“Tia! So nice to see you. How are you?” She asked and stood up.

Alana and Shada looked at the blonde-haired girl. She was beautiful, that was for sure.

“I’m good and you?” Tia wanted to know.

“Very good. Hey, I want you to meet my friends. The blonde one is Alana…” She introduced The Gang.

“Hey!” Alana waved at Tia who gave her a lovely smile.

“... and the dark one is Shada.” Bea finished.

“Nice to meet you.” Shada said, being her charming self.

“Hey, I’m Tia. Nice to meet you two.” She told them. “Sorry I didn’t call or text you. I had to go to Mr. Green and he always asks to not bring my cell.”

“It’s fine, no problem. Come and sit with us.” Bea told her.

Tia grinned and joined the girls. Bea also said down again.

“So…” Bea didn’t know what to say. The first thing that she thought of was… “Do you like it here?” Bea could hit herself… 'Do you like it here?' How stupid was that? She came here a lot obviously off course she liked it here!

Tia didn’t seem bothered by the question. She noticed that Bea was a little nervous. How cute was that?

“Yeah, the DJs are great here. I just came here tonight to dance a little but it's romantic night, I forgot. Well, I'm just going to sit around and drink a beer, talk a little. That's enjoyable to.” She told them.

Bea swallowed, closed her eyes for a split second and took a deep breath. “Well you can still dance…” She began and got really nervous.

“Yeah, but I have no one to dance with.” Tia told the brown-haired young woman.

Bea stood up and found her most charming smile.

“May I have this dance?” She asked Tia, holding out her hand.

Submitted: August 23, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Sheryl Jonah. All rights reserved.


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