Ancient Roots

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A family circled around fate. Five generations of love conceived in destiny.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ancient Roots

Submitted: July 08, 2007

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Submitted: July 08, 2007




Sophia was the capital of bulgaria and booming with life.  Bulgaria is a country in southeastern europe that is surrounded by five countries Romania, Serbia, the republic of Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey.  It's entire eastern border was guarded by the black sea.  Once inhabitated by ancient thracians as well as the greeks and romans.It was a great  place to raise a family and Nickolai and Genise Angeloff were no different .  They had been blessed with a good upbringing and had both come from wealthy families and between the two they had enough money to buy a large farm.  Lands were perfect for farming and farms harvesting wheat, sunflowers, and grapes were the best.  However, crops of cabbage, apples, plums, and strawberries were no small endeavor either.  Families could survive on the land quite nicely and profits for one harvest could supply a large family with everything they needed.  Football was one of the favorite pastimes and it was not uncommon for large families to get a game going on a sunny day.  A life that Nickolai Angeloff thought would be perfect for his family.Nickolai would plow and till his land with his own bare hands.  A legacy for his children to pass down to their own.

The land was lush and green and the balkan mountians were a beautiful treat.  The had streams that seemed to appear out of nowhere and were the inspiration for several artists.  A most beautiful sight to see and Nikolai loved his country and his land.  

Nickolai's father was not happy with his choices in life.  He could not understand why he would choose to farm land instead of taking over his business.  Nikolai's father, Jovane, had made his money processing metals such as tin.  Jovane had offered his son a lucrative position as president of his company and had been more than dissappointed when Nikolai turned him down.  Jovane had chosen a beautiful girl named Krista to be his wife.  Krista was the daughter of one of Jovane's closest friends and owner of a nearby vineyard that made some of the best wine in all of Bulgaria.  Jovane never excepted Nikolai's choice in Genise.

Genise had been a girl from a lower class, a daughter of one of his highest supervisor's.  Genise was not included in their social class and Jovane refused to allow her to become part of his family.He had told his son with no exceptions that if he continued with his pursuit of Genise he would no longer help him financially.  Nikolai knew what he was giving up and what he was gaining.  He chose Genise and never looked back.  He worked very hard and provided his family with everything they needed and most of what they wanted.  Nickolai was happy and more than that he knew that Genise and his chilren were too.  

Nikolai was a strong man around five foot ten.  He had coal black hair with bright green eyes.  His skin was olive and hairless.  He always looked young and never told his true age.  He was a handsome man but his years tending the farm had taken there toll and he always seemed to carry a look of worry.  Genise had born him seven sons and they would work just as hard as him in making the farm flourish.  The money seemed to come from everywhere and the Angeloff's had no problem in spending it.  They threw lavish parties with wonderful food.  The quests included some of the most influential people in town.  Their name was known throughout the land as not only being wealthy but being generous.Genise went out of her way making fundraisers for the church as well as the orphange.  She would dedicate her time and effort as well as her bank account.  Nikolai would help when he had the time but the boys and Cecil were always there.

Cecil was their only daughter and Genise's pride and joy.  She had bore three sons before she arrived and was more than excited when she heard "It's a girl".  Genise had bright blonde hair with ringlets that she could never control.  She carried her hair in a ponytail most of the time fixing it only for the fundraisers.  She had blue eyes the color of the sea. She was short and petite and although she only dressed for the parties she carried herself with confidence.  She was very smart and never tried to hide the fact.  Cecil was the exact same and Genise was thrilled with the idea.  She spent hours just brushing her ringlets into some of the most beautiful designs.  She spent countless money on beautiful dresses in every color imaginable ordering some from out of the country.  Cecil was a perfect as any porcelain doll.

The three oldest boys were named Boyd, Kern, and Kosta.  Kosta and Cecil were the closest.  Being only ten months apart they were more like twins and seemed to always be together their closeness would help them through anything .  There would be four more boys to be born to Nikolai and Genise.  Tobias, Jere, Huet, and Jacob.  Then tradegy would hit this proud family and they would fall in to poverty.  The lush lands that once flurished with goat and sheep would become barren.  It was drought and as the land died so did their stock.  They had spent nearly their entire fortune just trying to stay afloat even sending Boyd and Kern to America in the hope that they would  find good jobs.  Nikolai had been so distraught that day.  He had been sick for a while and the doctors had already told him his time on earth was coming to an end.  Sending his sons to America had been his last hope.   


The mortgage was due on the farm and Kosta and Cecil Angeloff had spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out how they could get the money to save their home.  Their mother was grave ill and due to die any moment.  They had spent the entire night taking turns watching her breath and the were stricken down with grief and fear.  There was four other children in the house that they would be responsible for and with their father already dead there was not much hope left.

"What will we do Kosta?"  Cecil cried.  She tried to be so strong but her mother had been her strength and she could no longer hide the fact that her death was more than she was willing to bare.  "I feel so hopeless....Help me, Kosta."  

"We will be fine." Kosta knew he had to be strong.  Up until now Cecil had been the strong one and now he would have to be and he quessed the only thing he could do was find a job.  Money that was what they needed and he tried his best to figure out what was left and what he could sell.  "I am going to take a walk".  He needed to get away and think.  Cecil was too upset to talk too about these matters and she would never be able to part with anything that belonged to their parents.  No, he would do this and simply tell her later.  Less hurt he figured.

"Don't be gone too long."  Cecil seemed to whisper.

"I won't"  His voice cracked and he choked back the tears as he hurried out the door.  Kosta was not a tall man but he wasn't short either somewhere around five feet eight.  He had coal black hair that he kept really short it allowed his features stand out.  His bulgarian blood had given him a built in tan and his hazel green eyes seemed to glow.  The brightest green almost the color of limes.  He was strong and his muscles showed it.  He was very handsome and looked much older than his sixteen years.  

It was nearly dark when Kosta returned he had searched his mind and had come up with only one solution and now he just needed a way to break the news to Cecil.  He took a big breath and entered the house.

Cecil was sitting on the end of the stairs crying.  It did not take Kosta long to figure out why.

"Why are you not upstairs...with mother?"  He screamed.  He could feel his chest start to tighten up and he could barely breath.  "Why are you not upstairs"?  The tears were flowing now.  He knew Cecil would never leave their mother.  Unless....He fell to his knee's.  "Cecil why are you not upstairs?"  "Answer me!"

Cecil stared at her brother.  She wanted to move, she wanted to run, she wanted this night to be over.  To have all the sadness gone.  To have her family back the way it was before.  Instead, she just opened her arms and Kosta came to her.  Her tears fell on his head as his tears fell on the floor.  They would stay that way till the doctor arrived nearly three hours later.

The knock on the door had startled them both and for a moment neither had moved.  Somehow not answering the door was like not having to admit that they were all alone.  They both knew their lives were going to change and they feared that they would not only lose the farm but each other as well.

"It's the doctor"  Kosta spoke first.

"I know and you should answer it"  Cecil replied.  She had cried so much her eyes were swollen.  She did not want to deal with anymore.  "Will you tend to Momma?"  She asked.

"Of Course!"  Kosta sounded surprised.  He would have never guessed that Cecil would trust him enough to handle his mother's affairs but he felt  proud that he had the chance.  He would not fail her or his mother.  "Why don't you take a nap?"

"I think I will"  Cecil stated.  She headed straight to bed.  She needed to sleep and block out all the pain.  She needed her mother and as the tears fell so did she into a deep sleep.

The doctor did not stay too long and there had been no surprises,  Pneumonia had been the cause of her death.  Kosta planned his next move.  He would lay her to rest in the family plot.  He would try his best to take care of his family.  Cecil and the boys needed him and with a job and the money his older brothers sent home each month they would eat and maybe even save the farm.  He had sent a letter to Boyd and was only waiting on his return.  If everything went as planned he would be in America soon.

It was cold and dreary that day.  The sun had not shined in days.  He thought his departure would be quick but as usual that was not the way.  Kosta could hear his sister calling his name.

"Kotsta, Kosta"  Cecil's voice carried loudly.  No doubt a gift she had earned taking care of their brothers.  "Kosta, look at me...I know you hear me" " Kosta!"

He  could not pretend any longer her turned to face her.  "Cecil you should not be here", he held his head low and prayed she could not see the fear in his eyes, his voice he could hide but not the eyes.  Cecil would notice the eyes she always did "You belong at home with the children."

"So should you," she seemed to screech.  "Why must you leave?"  He could see the tears swelling in her eyes.

"I must there is no one else," His voice started to crack.  Time to make this conversation short.  "It is my duty you must understand......I must go!"  He jerked away and ran to the nearest ramp.  

Kosta was going to America ,the land of opportunity ,the place were he would make enough money to support his family.  Enough money to make sure that they never lost their land. Kosta would suceed were his brothers had failed and he would save the family name.  H e would make sure that tradition never left him or his thoughts.  He would make sure his children always knew and his grand children or great grand children.  He was gonna let the world know just what it meant to be an Angeloff.  The respect that it carried and the privelge it was it call it your own but first he had to go to America.  The date was September 11th, 1911.

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