The Sad Story of Nel

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Past of Nel

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



He was like me

many years ago

He stood by me

A best friend, my only one

He was kind

And stood by my side

He was the leader

And i the sidekick

One day though

He made some other friends

In our gym class

And they were rats

They disliked me

But liked him

And we walked together anyways

For we were like Tom and Huck

Until the horrid day

The teacher had him

Both cleaning up after the game

The rest of us into the locker room

With the the fangs spread wide from the rats

The grabbed me

Throwing in a punch or two in

My eyes seeing stars

And too painful to open them

Pain sufficated me

Like a wave crashing down in the ocean

The sea of Wretchedness was apon me

And wouldn't let go

Soon water hit my face

Looking up to see no pipes

Instead it was the waste of a rat

Who laughed in delight

Soon he walked in

And he jumped them

But they overtook him

And began to hit him

Demanding to not stop this

That this needed to be done

In order to break me

To break me in

He could join me

and be violated as i have

Or join them

And become one with the wave

Against me

He choose the latter

And began to kick me

Screaming at me

Of how pathetic i was

The music began to play

The boys all left

Except him

He stayed to punish me

He yelled at me

Asking why i was me

Why i was a loser in front of his friends

That he didn't want to see me again

That i make him sick.

He punched me

And i blacked out

to sleep in darkness for the first time

And to be lost

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