The Sad Story of Nel

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Forbidden Fruit of Nel

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012



So life moves on

I watch as the wretches carry on

Thinking of only themselves

And i sit in that classroom


Then she walks in


Her again

She sits next to me

And is quiet for a moment

Then she looks at me


Before turning back


As if i look revolting

Even though it is true

That i am a vile beast

Filling in the husk of my former


But looks at me again


She opens her mouth,

Trying to say something

The words not coming out to the surface

Instead they are trapped


As if forbidden


I do not mind

She looks funny to me

As she struggles to even utter a sound

To me


She cannot though


She finally looks forward

At the instructor

Ignoring me

But i got the message


She is forbidden to tell me anything

For they are watching

To see what i will do

For i am a terrorist upon the status quo


I am a rebel for freedom


Within this threshhold of conformity

Where voices are damaged

And all individuality is lost

To those who hold power over the weak


I promise to change things


And all the while 

I watch this girl

The one who was like the forbidden fruit

To eve in the land of eden.

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