The Sad Story of Nel

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Her Court of Nel

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012



I walk outside

The sky is painted

As if she went up into the sky

To decorate it for our special meeting

In order to celebrate

This new budding love

That shall florish along with

The rest of the flowers in the court,

Her court.

She comes forth

Wearing all white

To contrast from the black hair flowing freely

From her gorgous face.

She smiles sweetly

Hiding her true purpose

She comes forth

A bit bashful

For she blushes

Her cheeks turning into roses

Her hands like thorns

As she digs into me

In urgency once more

For she needs me,

She must have me.

We embrace

But too soon are we seperated

As he blindsides me

WIth a wicked left hook.

Blood comes flowing from my nose

Like the water fountain in the middle of this court.

Hate and fury pour out of him

As he kicks me

She being too shocked at the new development to do a thing.

The damage is done

Her heart cannot take it

And blocks him from me

So his anger turns on her

And she is on the ground next to me,


He runs away

She helplessly lies there

As pale as the moon

The red as dramatic as her death

And i cry a tear with my ears ringing

For this love was not to be.

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