The Sad Story of Nel

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Death of Nel

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



He stumbles forward

Shock filling his mind

With endless posiblities

Of what new horrors

He could fill this wretched 

World with.

I run towards him

Rage overflowing me

With anger over

His intallerible

Actions taken out

Against her life.

He looks back 

To see me

Fear clouded his mind

I yell at him to stop.

He moves quick

And a flash of light blinds me

As my ears ring

From a horrific explosion

That rocks me.

Into darkness

Where i shall fall into

The abyss once again.

There is no hope this time.

Tsubasa isn't real here

It isn't here to help me

Escape this dark hole

That i fall into.

I failed her

Her death will go

Without any action

Against the thief that ripped 

Her heart out of her chest

And consumed it as it still beat.

And i wasted my life

For i did nothing

And didn't destroy

That dreaded sea of wretchedness.

Instead i was consumed

In its wake

And to sink under the current

And the moon disappearing

As its light cannot reach the depth

Of despair that i have reached

As i fall into my grave

That i dug myself.

This is goodbye

so i shall my final line

here and keep my peace:

Goodbye cruel world

With all that you have done to me

For you killed me

You destroyed me

And made me suffer

For so long 

Without help

Or even hope.

Goodbye, syren

My beautiful syren,

With your black hair

And beauty


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