War of Virtual Worlds

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A young child who is in high school cannot escape from his world of pain and misery, even in 2066. David struggles with the social norms of communicating online, perferring face to face interaction, and still unable to do that. Then there is a new game called "Clan Wars", a new game that allows players to custimize an avatar and urges players to work together to become the strongest clan. The game has been out for a year, gaining many millions of players, but no one going against each other. The game is at a stalemate. Then David recieves this for christmas, family urging him to join and become better at being with people, being worried that he will become a failure in life. So join David as he dives into this virtual retreat.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The End of 2066 and an old life

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



The snow began to fall onto the ground as I sat in my room readingInvisible Man. I felt I could connect to the main character, not with the racial conflict, but infact with the thing of disappearing. I could hide out in my bedroom all day, reading my books and nobody would notice. They would call for dinner, I would eat, then disappear again into my bedroom.

The room was dark, except for the blast of blearing sound from my laptop. But my room was sound proof, and it was built so I could hear nobody outside, and nobody could hear me in hear. It was pure isolation from the outside world, which felt fine since I felt like an outsider.

I had just finished my homework for Christmas break and everything looked good for me. My grades were good, as I was within the top twenty in my class and didn't really try in school. Life was just simplistic then, at that moment. I had no friends, didn't talk to anyone, stayed to myself. Sure, I did sports, but the sports world was dying out in the year 2066. Technology replaced it all, allowing people to look fake, to look slim and fit. I fit in for I was that size naturally through running. That was what I was good at, reading and running. I could outrun anything, including my problems. I could hid from them within my bedroom and everything was just fine.

My sisters were banging on my door then at that moment while I thought of all this things, dropping my book to the floor. Finally, they burst in, demanding that I go down for dinner.

Tonight was pizza for me, tablets for everyone else. They were into these new supplements to actual food, but I still perferred this. They were watching andriods on the tv fighting in Jeopardy!, and then a detective show of a robot version of Sherlock Holmes. I ate my slice and left for my bedroom, at which point the tv went mute on the commercial. My sisters both began to wail out, whinning about me and how they should forget me, that I was a lost cause.

My mother started to speak then. "Enough, out of both of you. He is your brother, and he is a part of this family. Now, David, we need to talk, we needed to have done this a long time ago. You need to stay and socialize. We all know of how well you do in school, but we have also heard of how you opperate in, we went to the parent teacher conferences. All of your teachers told us how you have done all the group projects on your own, that you advocated to do them alone, and when you are in a group, you just do everything by yourself. Your classmates try to do things, and they may be wrong, but why work alone? You need to be more with those around you. So you are to stay."

I looked down, uncaring of her words. They were all true. I hate group projects since nobody is reliable. Looking up, I spoke " So you want me to stay, watch this garbage and be with you? I know how this ends, this is based off a book I have read, and the pattern they use in the show helps point out all of the different things they would change. Why stay and watch that? I should be challenging myself. So work with others? Ha, don't make me laugh. How can I work with those who hate me, who dispise me, who wish that I was dead? This world makes me laugh, and so do you. It is sad what you have done to yourselves, you are not even human anymore. I don't even know what you are. So leave me alone. That is all I wish for, why does everyone want to ruin this single request of mine? Now, if you don't mind, I will leave before I spoil then end to you."

I got up at that point and went into my room. The sad thing was, I know how it would end. It was already on tv, an old show from the early twenty first century called Elementary.All they do these days is switch people with robots, having run out of new ideas. That is the problem these days, all the good ideas have been used, and all new ideas are garbage. So they rework the old works and throw in robots, claiming it is new, when it is just old and outdated.

After the outpour of ideas in the first thirty years of the twenty first century, people had lost interest on progress, even given up on progress. The U.S. has lost its power, having virtually become nothing more than a bunch of consumers. We absorb, and give back nothing, being usless to the rest of the world.

So here I sat again, wishing that I lived in the past, before we stopped being humans, wishing to even be the main character in my book, who had no identity to live with.

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