War of Virtual Worlds

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Christmas Eve and the Game Begins

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



The next couple of days dragged by sluggishly, not wanting to end. My family ignored that night and carried on like nothing occured or happened. We all went shopping for each other, I in the end getting all of them gift cards to Apple, since they were still the world leader in music and electronics in all areas. I loved Apple myself, having a mac laptop and all. I only hated the earbuds, never worked for my ears. Skullcandies were amazing, expecially there gamer headphones, which are the best in the entire world.

Once done with that, I went to the video game section. I loved video games, was very fond of them. The problem was they focused so much on having to be a hacker to be good. Besides, they bored me to tears. None were challenging enough to make it worth my time. Another reason I had no friends. They hated all the hacking that I did, and how I would wipe them out within seconds. Only running and books challenged, made me think, and all the good books were published half a century ago at least.

My sisters came out of nowhere, looking for me. They wanted to see what I was interested in, afterall, they had no idea what I was into and were at a lose for as to what to get me. I showed a few of the games that I was questioning, telling them about all the flaws and loopholes within the game that I could foresee and abuse. Then they took me to the computer games, the virtual reality games in piticular.

They showed me all the hot games, and time and time again, I would point out all the flaws with the games and how pointless they were. In the end, the two gave up any hope. I honestly didn't care. I knew deep down if I told them what I wanted, they would change it into something they thought I would want, or need for that matter.

Dealing with people was difficult, even frustrating.

Then it was christmas eve, and we went up to Detroit for my fathers side of the family got together. It was a tradition that started about seventy years ago and it never changed location in those years. Always the same place and the same day. I hated it, I couldn't relate to any of the family, except for my clinically insane grandfather, who knew more about gaming then I did. In fact, he was the only person to challenge me in anything with another being. That was the only reason that I went, so I could disappear with him into the virtual gaming world for some real fun, and some of the only fun I would have in an entire year.

So there we are, inside the house, the girls off with all the other cousins. The annoying uncle that seems to always want to talk to you and get to know you better, even though this is the only time in the year that you will meet comes over to me as I enter the house. For thirty to fourty five minutes, we dicuse these topics, and how I was duel enrolled in high school and college, and of how I in general was fine, even though I was just plainly bored out of my mind with these simple topics.

Then a voice entered my ear, "Ready for some real fun?"

Looking up, it was my grandfather. He was holding up a new vr game that was gaining some attention. It was only out for beta testers. Forgot to mention, that was what he did for a living, he tested out new video games that were to come out onto the market.

So into his gaming cave did we venture, where all the other children were, playing all different kinds of games. He lead me to two beds with helmets connected to them. Strapping into one, I lied down onto the bed and went into the virtual world that he was testing.

It took me into a custimizing page where he stood in his outfit. He looked like a elf, but extremely tall.

"Curious as to what I am? A cross-breed between an elf and a treefolk. A powerful kind in the game. This is Clan Wars, were you join a creature pool or a power type pool, whatever best represents you. The endgame goal is to be the most powerful and remaining clan in the game to conqure the city in the center of it all, Kamalot."

"Sounds cheesy if you ask me." I responded.

"It can, but it is a lot of fun to play. It takes after D and D, and other games like it. But nowadays, the gamers demand working together to complete tasks and all that jazz."

"So what? I just choose what I want to be and then join a clan?"

"Not exactly. You need to take a tutorial in order to understand the game. Have you played any virtual games?"

"Grandpa, I have played plenty to knew that I am suited to play the solo as I am a cheater."

"Well, I work with others and I am a beater, so don't give me that load of crap."

"Fine, so what now?"

"Again, what are you good at, what do you like in a avatar."

"Well let's see, it needs to be my size but then transform."

"Good, so a transformer type, they can be some of the more complicated to control, so let me warn you about that."

"Grandpa, I am fine with that. Also want to be fast, as fast as imaginable."

"That is always a plus, especially in this game. Fine, that is your special ability. Most choose to fly however, why speed?"

Think of the battles. A single second could make or break you as a player. The faster you go, the quicker one can react. If one flys, send yourself into the air and reaction in the air can defeat them along with the envirnment. The look of this world is to have all kinds, with the fly types putting on the most restrictions. With speed, there is only the human condition of tiring. In this world, with plenty of practice, one can endure the longest of battles with well thought out planning and scheming. Thus speed is my vote."

"You thinking of being more of an acrobatic player, right?"

"Yes, so my moves are more fluid. What kind of being will I be is the question."

"Well, there are all kinds. Of course you have removed the bigger ones from your pool of choices."

"Why though, I can transform, correct? So size isn't the matter. It is you mind set grandfather. Our minds are our own prison, and with these games, they try to encorage players to break through this barrier. So, that is why I choose to be this."

I pointed at the firgure, that was it. No face, no hands. It was just a figure that was orange with a cool hat. It was a cowboy hat, but with the brim being floppy. It pointed downwards, especially the front. It was split into three corners, with only side being slightly pointed upwards. I went to the color pallete, making him red, as that was my favorite color, and everything feel into place. I liked how he looked, then it came to the name.

"You don't get to choose, the machine does it so you can get to the playing quicker, unless you perfer a name, but you only get one shot, and if it is used, it will choose one for you."

"Then it is pointless, for it will choose anyways. Fine, I am done with it."

I then hit complete and entered this new world.

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