War of Virtual Worlds

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Dumah is Born

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



The screen went black. Then an explosion of light rushed past me. A sign said 'Welcome to Clan Wars Dumah! Then I saw my stats, which told me everything about my character. It was a very fast avatar (even by my standards) and used air pressure to fluxuate the air around me to move even faster. I had a thousand ideas running through my head, but then I landed into a desert arena. Grandfather stood in the center in front of me.

"Ready to take it for a test drive? Besides, you look like a robot or an andriod. What is it?"

"I have no identity, other then my name. I am the lone ranger for your information."

"Fine lone wolf, show me your skills."

Then there was a countdown for the showdown. I looked around as many other avatars appeared. I could hear them gasp and sqeal with excitement.

"Do you see that?"

"Yeah, its the elf sage."

"Dude, the king of elves is fighting this noob, how is he by the way?"

Things of this nature were being said as well, as more and more filled the stadium.

"Ready, Begin!" The scoreboard annouced, beginning the fight.

Grandfather took a step back and began to chant something. I had to move, and quickly. I jumped up into the air, using my feet to make me fly through the air when I was pushing it out of my way.

Without warning, a tree sprouted out of the dry ground. Then another and another, as I quickly ajusted to the new challenges and moved forward. The crowd was in an uproar with excitement. I got through to a clearing and stopped. The arena was now entirely a forest filled with trees of all diferent hieghts.

I was looking all around, just hoovering in the air when a branch wacked me upside the head, then another branch did the same thing. Soon enough, all the branches were doing the same as the entire forest was attacking me.

I reacted by shooting up like a rocket into the open air. The crowd was on its feet at this point, staring at me and pointing.

"Dude, he can move wicked fast!"

"Did you just see what I just saw?"

"Who is this guy?"

Scanning the area, I noticed that there was a really tall tree that seem to be still growing, and it was in the center of all the other trees. Using my right hand (more like a nub with a barrel at the end) I took aim right at it. The face began to clearer and I could see the eyes. Aiming right for dead center inbetween them, I took my shot.

It went through as an explosion occured. The tree snapped harshly and began to crumble to the ground. It soon fell over, shrinking in size. The field was then leveled, the audience departing right then, not wanting to be harmed in the wake of such distruction as what I had created.

I had won, and then it was game over as everything went black.

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