War of Virtual Worlds

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Departure from Reality

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Submitted: April 05, 2013



So the rest of the night went slowly, painfully slow. The others tried to play card games with me, but I got bored and easily beat them within ten minutes each time.

Then it was the gift giving and recieving time. We had a gift exchange, and our grandparents always gave us gifts as well. This year, each one of us got a new game, mine being 'Guild Wars'.

So now I understood what my grandfather had planned, but no shock there really. I could figure that both my sisters and my grandparents had this for my gift. Grandpa with that match and my sisters when they leaned towards this game as if they thought I would enjoy it. They all don't know me. They all try so hard to please me, but the only thing that would please me is the avoidance of the white noise ringing in my ears.

My sisters expressions were priceless as they saw the game. They noticed me staring, but it was too late. My hypothesis was correct.

One by one, from youngest to oldest we then would open our gifts we gave each other. When it was my turn, I opened the present, forcing a smile on my face. You see, I when my parents talk to me that one time a year to figure out what I want before they make a mistake. So I try to struggle with the question of what I want for christmas (even though I do for months ahead of time in order to be prepared, it helps whenever I am bored.) Then I tell them exactly what I want, and they are specific things too, not too general (can't be nice on the family for a single moment.) That is how christmas for me goes.

So I opened the gift to reveal exactly what I had asked for, and more. I got a pair of gaming headphones, and then I also recieved a headset for virtual games, like the one I had just recieved.

WIth all that said and done, telling those who had given me the gifts thanks as a sign of politeness and formality, I was ushered over by my grandfather as the rest of the cousins went back to playing only this time with their new toys. Grandfather looked at me now with sencerity as if he was struggling with something within his head.

"Look," he began. "I know that the other adults worry about how much time you spend with me and all of this other crap about me. I want to let you know that I am not the man that they seem to think or portray me as. I am different then that. All also know another thing. You are bored in life. It is clear, as you have not been challenged. But something in your life is about to begin, an adventure of a life time. One that many would wish for. You have a destiny, and I want to let you know that any choice you make with it is fine with me, for I know you will make the right choice. For now thou, it looks as though we have to depart, but be good. Promise me, you will think of this some more. You don't have to lie, for it is something that is bound to occur in every persons life."

I did promise him, as awkward as the moment was for me. Then again, I was used to this kind of weirdness shown to me from my family. They knew I was different, and that something was in my future that would shape the world. What I didn't know was that it was the virtual worlds that I was destined to change.

But enough on that. We left a little after that talk, and a few months later my grandfather died in the virtual world where he was happiest at.

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