War of Virtual Worlds

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The True Adventure Begins

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



Into the black void that held a white light at the end of it did I dive through, entering the world of infinite possibilities. The game having already my data on it as grandfather had put my avatar information onto it while I was still creating it. 

Then there I was. The world was that of a village, more like a bazaar then anything else within a rural city surounded by a forest. The scenerary of it all was something special and magical. The entire world of new possibilities rested before my eyes. And all I could wonder was what I would do first.

So many things to think of when you start a game, how to play, what the goal or pre-set expectation is, and how to accomplish it while taking the easiest but less traveled road for it is the harder one to spot.

And so I walked along, watching the other gamers within the confines of this new world begin their own adventures, each heading to different buildings with signs plastering everywhere. They seemed to have creature types designated on each building, with multitudes coraling to the one that looked to best represent them and their avatars. 

I didn't which one to go to, searcing through my information within my menu to only find that the avatar had no creature type as the line was blank, which in itself was odd. In fact, it was uncommon for the game to not recognize what kind of creature I had made the likeness to.

So I continued to wonder the streets to view the sights, which were more or less of people bartering with other characters, trying to buy and sell goods. Those that were selling, that was their job. It was common for the youth (such as teenagers) to run the shops for the companies that made the games and the game creators made a secter dedicated to checking these workers within the game in order to see if they were following protocal and doing as what their job description.

Nothing else changed, as I felt myself running in circles but knowing and understanding that I in fact was still going straight ahead from one end of the city town to the other.

Then without warning, someone grabbed me, dragging me away. Before I could even react a hood was placed over my head, and that is how I began this journey into the virtual world.

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