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"Good evening," Saskia murmured formally, plopping down beside Adrian with a small smile. The only other vampiric member of the comittee was one of her oldest-and closest-friends. "This...this is nice." She gestured to the room in front of them, unsure exactly why they had all been called here for an emergency meeting. Nobody seemed to bothered about it but it did not sit right with Saskia.

"I do not know." Adrian answered the unasked question with a frown, handing her the plate that had been handed down from the middle of the comittee table with a distasteful snort. Vampires could eat human food, of course and usually Saskia would be glad to eat but the nauseous feeling in her stomach was killing that hunger while feeding the other.

"Adrian, we do not just have emergency meetings. That is not how The Midnight Society works." She kept her voice low as to not show Adrian how much this unnerved her. She was meant to be Saskia Alanova-fearless, merciless, ancient vampire-for gods sake and she shouldn't haven't been even romately scared by anything-let alone this.

"I know that."  He hissed, lifting the cup of wine and whirling it absently. "Everyone knows that."

Saskia nodded, not sure what else to say, not knowing what else could be added. The whole situation was shitty and strange and there was nothing else to say about it. She dropped her head, black curls falling in her face as she shoved her meal around on the plate.

"You think somethings up?" Adrian whispered, his sky blue eyes darkening and Saskia nodded, slightly confused because she was sure that it was obvious to everyone how odd this all was. "Apart from it just being weird, the suddeness of it. Like, perhaps, something more sinister."

Making eye contact with Adrian and smiling sadly at her oldest friend, she nodded. "Yeah, that's what I think." That sat in silence for a moment, watching the happy crowd as they enjoyed the Society's festivities-singers and players and show magicians (though the last was more of a comedic relief compared to the witches in their ranks) seemingly oblivious to the sinister edge to the evening. "I think we're fucked."

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