Swear To Shake It Up

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My friends Sarah and Nicole wrote most of this, I added my own flair here and there. Enjoy...

Brendon Urie's meddlesome twin sister Isabella tries hooking Brendon up with her best friend Ryan Rose.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Swear To Shake It Up

Submitted: January 08, 2010

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Submitted: January 08, 2010



Isye and Ryan were laying in bed, talking.
"God, Brendon is so pissy lately." Ryan said randomly.
Isye laughed softly and agreed with him. "It might be that time of the month. I swear he's the one with PMS."
Ryan laughted, stroking her hair lovingly. "Na, he just needs a woman."
Isye smiled. "Ya think?"
"Yeah. That's what I needed. Plus, I've known him forever."
Isye gave him a look. "Yeah, you're right. You're his best friend, I'm just his twin."
"Right." Ryan laughed. "Sorry babe."
Isye smiled, looking at the wall. "You're right though, he does need a girl and I might know one to fit the bill." She rolled off of the bed. "I'll be right back Rybabe." She laid a soft kiss on his cheek.
"Okay." Ryan was only a little lost but smiled and laid back. Isye was his, every crazy inch of her.
Isye left the room, crossing the living room and knocked on her twin's door, fully aware that he was still awake. "Bden?" She heard a mumble and opened the door witha a smile. Her twin was sitting on his bed, laptop in hand-well lap.
"Yeah Is?"
She plopped down beside him. "I figured it out."
He raised a lazy eyebrow, not prying his eyes from the computer screen.
"Don't give me that eyebrow raise mister."
He rolled his eyes, taking a swig from the can on Red Bull sitting on his night stand. "Fine, what have you figured out, crazy sister of mine?" Brendon turned, set his laptop aside and stared intently at Isye, mock concentration all over his face.
She ignored his sarcasm and continued, "You need a girlfriend."
His back straightened. "What?"
"I said you need a-"
"I heard what you said smart one." He threw an irritated look at his meddlesome twin. "And no, I do not need a girlfriend."
She smirked. "Yes you do, bad enough that your denying it. Admit your feelings, Bden!!" She got up from his bed and began dancing around it.
He took another drink of his Red Bull. "Fine. And what do you plan on doing about it, Isabella Marie?"
She laughed. "We're going out tonight."
Brendon snorted. "My ass." He picked up his laptop and continued working.
Isye grabbed his laptop from him and carefully set it on the bedside table, then reached for Brendon.
"Fine, fine. I'm up. But I get to take a shower before we leave."
She pushed him out of his room, towards the bathroom. They both laughed when Brendon leaned back against Isye, nearly knocking them both over. Once Brendon was inside the bathroom, Isye walked back to the room she shared with Ryan.
"Babe we are going out." She said, smiling brightly.
Ryan blinked. "Now?"
She rolled her eyes. "Yes, I have to introduce Brendon to Ryro."
Ryan was now very confused. "Who are you talking about?"
"You will see. Although in retrospect, I don't know why I didn't introduce you guys to her earlier. She's amazing!!"
Ryan scratched his head and Isye smiled. "Get out of bed and get dressed." She ordered playfully.
He reluctantly got up and got re-dressed in black pants, ruffled shirt, a tie and a patterened vest. He turned to his side table where he retrieved two garters to pull them up his arms.
Isye dressed in tight pants and a white cammie with a loose black tie. She walked into the bathroom, finding Brendon brushing his teeth. "Bden, dress up a little bit. We will probably be going to a party."
He spit. "Okay. Now do you mind telling about this girl?"
Isye gave him a fake confused look.
"Isabella Marie, my twin, I have known you since forever. I know you are playing matchmaker. So, tell me about her." He looked at her knowingly, keeping a firm grasp on the towel around his waist.
Isye laughed. "No. You have to talk to her."
Brendon growled as she stuck her tongue out at him. "You, my sister, are a pain in my-"
"Hey!" She frowned. "That's not nice."
He rinsed his mouth with mouthwash before pecking her on the nose. "I love you anyways. Even though you pick on me."
He walked out. "I love you too!" She called to his back.
Brendon disappeared into his room for only a few minutes before emerging in tight black jeans and a black dress shirt. He walked into the living room to find Ryan and Isye engaged in a heated game of tonsil hockey. He cleared his throat. "So, who is winning?"
Isye looked at him. "What? Oh, I am of course! I am the master. I taught Ryan everything he knows." She squeaked when Ryan poked her side.
Brendon gave them a disgusted look. "I sooo didn't wanna know that!"
Ryan looked up at Brendon from Isye. "Why did you ask if you knew you were not going to like the answer?"
Brendon made a face. "Good point."
Isye laughed at the face Brendon made. "Alright boys, enough flirting let's go!"
Ryan laughed and Brendon rolled his eyes. They were almost out the door and Brendon turned around as if he had forgotten something. He headed straight for the kitchen and the fridge.
Isye grabbed his arm. "No, Brendon."
"Why not?" He pouted.
"Because I said so." She pulled him towards the door and he broke away, running towards the kitchen before Isye could recover her grip on him. He hurtled over the couch, Isye groaned. "Brendon Boyd!"
He grabbed a Red Bull out of the fridge, pulling the tab. He took a long gulp and walked calmly back over to a silently laughing Ryan and irritated Isye. "What?"
Ryan rolled his eyes. "You have an addiction."
"No I don't!"
Isye smiled, pulling the door open. "He is in denial."
Brendon frowned. "Am not."
"Whatever." Ryan said.
Isye pulled out her phone as they walked down the hallway. She dialed Ryan.
"Hey Ryro."
Brendon looked at his sister, then at his best friend in confusion.
"Where are you?"
"At home why?"
"Company?" Isye asked into her phone.
Brendon grew more and more confused as the conversation progressed.
"Do I have any? No. Do I want any? I'm not sure. I was working on something though."
"Wrong. There is a party tonight. Me and you are there. Plus I've got someone I want you to meet."
"Isye." Ryro pleaded.
"Ryro." Isye mocked her.
"Fine." Ryro gave in, knowing Isye would not have taken no for an answer.
"Good, we will be there in twenty."
"See ya Ryro." Isye hung up as they got to the parking garage.
Ryan jogged ahead. "We are taking the Mercedes!"
Isye rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I call shotgun."
Brendon gave her a shrug when she looked to see his disappointment in having to sit in the back. "Duh, you have to give directions."
"You take all the fun out of picking on you, you know that?"
Brendon smiled triumphantly and slid into the back seat. Isye and Ryan both got in and they were off. Isye gave directions and they ended up at a nice apartment complex with a classic-looking black Cadillac out front.
Inside the apartment, Ryro was sitting on her bed, typing on her laptop. She had just gotten out of the shower, she had a towel wrapped around her head and one around her body. She'd gotten out of the shower and was inspired. She nearly slipped, running out to her laptop to write "Important Words."
Her apartment was a studio, small like she liked it. Her bed was next to the wall at the foot of ther bed with clothes strewn all over in true artist fashion. The kitchen was separated from the rest of the apartment by a small island. The was were a deep red with black furniture and trim and covered with posters of her favorite bands, like her best friend's twin's band: Panic! at the Disco. Also Papa Roach, Hawthorne Heights, Fall Out Boy, Paramore and Three Days Grace.

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