The Runaway Girl - Eden Maratsa

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The first night

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013




Eden walked down the neat street that had fancy written all over the houses. When she reached the end it was a matter of going straight forward, to her grandma's, going left, towards school, or going right, towards the road that lead to the highway. She wanted to get as far as possible from this place so headed down Morghan road which took you to the open highway. As she walked, careful as not to leave any marks or footprints, she was deciding whether to hitchhike or walk. Eden thought walking would be easier as no one would have seen her and she can stick to the shadows. 
As she turned to the highway bright lights drove up behind her, was it her father, did they know she was gone?! Her worries passed as the car took no notice and glided onto the open road. Eden began to run but did not know where. She just ran on and on. 
Part way through the night she had collapsed, exhausted, and she woke as the sun was crawling over the smoky horizon. She looked around and tried to figure out where she was. She walked towards the road and found a track worn by bikers and hikers. Eden followed the track and as her feet grew weary a small town seemed to grow bigger and bigger in front of her. With a sigh of relief she headed towards the little town, unaware of the peeping eyes that followed her until she was a small blur next to the highway . . .

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