The Runaway Girl - Eden Maratsa

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Lakspuur

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013




Eden reached the town still not knowing where she was. Lots of people looked at her because she was a foreigner and towns like these grew unsettled around new people. Eden finally found a pale wooden sign with Lakspuur written on in golden italics. In geography at school they had learnt about this town's strange cultural activities. She also knew that she had run quite far because Lakspuur was 10miles from her home town of Olpren. But it was not far enough if her dad did 60 on the highway he would be here soon and she might not survive the punishment he would set for running away. The town had an inn so she went there hoping for a room. She walked up to the lady at the desk,
"Excuse me miss, but do you have any rooms available?"
"No, you little mite now scram!" She hissed in a thick Scottish drawl. She wasn't from around here.
"But miss, I have come from far away and I am tired and weak."
"Och, you're a foreigner aren't you," she spat, "We don't like your type 'round here."
"Surely you are foreign to as no one else has the Scottish accent like yours!"
"You wee little cow, get out of my inn now or I'll get the mayor and the police." She screeched.
Eden backed out and ran to the borderline of the city. As she threw down her bag she noticed a pair of hazel eyes watching her. 
"What do you want?" She yelled. The eyes disappeared and she sat down nibbling on a sandwich. She closed the bag and flipped it over, laying her head on the navy blue material. It wasn't very comfy but it would have to do seeing as the lady at the inn had dismissed her so rudely. It wasn't even midday yet and Eden felt bored, she dove through her bag for something; any thing to do. She found her mum's old scarf, she imagined what Mr. and Mrs. Maratsa were thinking. Her mum was probably sat on the sofa with her father pacing and yelling, he would be white with fury. Or maybe everything was normal, maybe they didn't care if she was dead or alive. As she thought she realised she was tired and cramped from laying on the floor when she had passed out. Eden rolled onto her side and shut her eyes, sleep would swoop her away from reality - cruel, harsh, unforgiving reality.

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