The Runaway Girl - Eden Maratsa

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Kathrine's house

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



Eden sat up, puzzled, she could hear fierce rain but couldn't feel it. She had been outside only a while ago. Looking around she found herself in a small room, she was in a wooden framed bed with woolly covers. Across from the bed was a large window with black panes, in front of the window was an oak dresser with three large drawers. A mirror hung on the whitewashed walls so she could see her reflection. Her hazelnut hair was sticking out in large spiked patches and her face looked like she had just ventured up a chimney. She sighed and lay back down, above her the ceiling sloped from the door to the window. She felt seriously worried for the first time since she stepped out of her door onto the street. How did she get here? Who did this room belong to? Seeing the door slightly open she got up and crept out. When she reached the top of the steep stairs she could hear a lady scolding someone,
"Don't get your clothes dirty Maybelle!"
"But momma I was just playing with Bertie!"a small girly voice complained. Out of habit she expected to hear a sharp sound as someone got slapped. Eden waited, waited for the sound of contact and someone screaming out. None came. Instead laughing, like the sound of bells, drifted up the stairs. Perplexed she slowly walked down the bare steps made from dark planks. She looked in the kitchen to see a slim lady with rosy cheeks tickling a squealing child in a golden dress with little specks of mud down the back. The child had chestnut brown hair and green eyes. The girl must've inherited the hair from her father and the eyes from her mother. The child must have seen her because she stopped laughing and looked towards Eden worried.
"Mommy someone is at the door and they look scary," the girl whined.
"Hush now. That is our guest, you are to be nice to her ok. Now go and play with Bertie but don't get too muddy for once!" The mum said.
The girl jumped up and ran outside her eyes glistening. The lady looked at Eden, who expected some sort of warning about leaving her property.
"Hello love, do you want something to eat. I'm Katherine by the way you can call me Kath if you want," Katherine beamed.
Eden nodded in appreciation and stepped through the doorway. Katherine gasped looking at the grime covering her outfit.
"And I thought my Maybelle was bad!" She chuckled. Eden blushed a deep crimson. Katherine gestured for her to follow. Eden walked after Kath and was lead to a bathroom that consisted of a toilet, a small sink and a freestanding bath. She was thankful for the fact she might get a bath but what about clothes, she hadn't seen her bag in the small room. Soon steam was swirling from the bath, making her desperate to relax in the soothing water. When Kath turned off the taps the bath was nearly full to the brim, a luxury which was forbidden at her old house in case any were to be spilled. Katherine smiled at Eden and swooped out of the room giving her some privacy. Eden peeled the grubby clothes from her body. She caught her reflection in a wall length mirror and gasped in fury and disbelief. All across her stomach was a deep purple - bruises! Her FATHER had done this, and now she had bruised. She ran her hand over the bruise, wincing, it was sensitive and would take a long time to heal. Eden didn't want to look at them anymore so slid into the porcelain bath. At first the water scalded her but then she grew used to it. After relaxing for a while a soft knock disturbed the silence. She sunk down so to be decent and said for them to come in. It was Katherine who came in and she had some clothes and a fluffy towel folded in her hand.
"Thought you might need these," she said. Eden nodded in response.
"Do you need any help?" She asked, embarrassed. Eden knew how she felt so she said,
"Could you help with my hair."
Eden didn't do it to make her feel helpful but she generally needed it, her arms had cramps at the joints from a weird sleeping position. Kath smiled and grabbed two colourful bottles from a shelf, one conditioner one shampoo. Eden sat up folding her arms over my chest, She wanted help but needed her decency. Kath slowly washed her hair and stood up when done. Just as Kath left and shut the door Eden stood up and draped the towel around herself. Without warning Kath opened the door to remove the dressing gown that had become caught. Katherine gasped when she saw the bruises and Eden covered and turned around, her cheeks flaming. The door shut and she heard Kath's heavy breathing. When Kath had gone she ran to the bedroom with the clothes provided. Falling on the bed she began to sob, what would happen now? Would they send for a home? Would Kath feel ashamed for letting herstay and send her back to the streets? She didn't know, but she had to be prepared, prepared for the worst...

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