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the most unexpected destiny of love with twist and turns....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - CHOCOLATE LOVER

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



She just came inside the dark room.tired of the college schedule,tired of the hook-up parties she have always attended. she lit the lights of her room and collapsed on her bed without bothering to undress.she kept on looking at the celing and the repeated motion of the fan above her.she desperately needed a smoke,so she bothered getting up from the bed and turned to the table on her right hand side.she opened the wardrobe n searched for a cigar. she lit it ,took few puffs and heaved a sigh of relief when suddenly her phone rang. initially she thought she won't take the call but it was Sonia after all...

"Ola",she said

"Helloooooo,where the hell have you been sara.i was waiting for your reply.tommorow is our school reunion party.would you bother to come???...m speaking to you girl...what are you up to i don't know nothing.i want you sharp a 6 in the evening at ruperts...u der???"

" it compulsory...its would be not so rocking if there is no music"

"There is all what you you want n u r coming....bye take care,adios...n be on time.."

She hated reunion parties and was determined to complete her homework tommorow. But Sonia was her best and the most close friend so she was compelled to go.She finished the cigar and went to have a bath. Soon she came out and changed into her night clothes and went to
bed not even thinking about tomorrows party, not even having a bit of idea that her life was about to change into something she have never thought about, her life was going to give her all and nothing she have ever had a dream about....

Sara woke up at 10.00 in the morning. last night she had a dream which was quite disturbing. she use to get this dream always almost every night and she would wake up feeling guilty and hurt. It use to always hurt her that her father was totally alive and all he care was whore and businesses he keeps. He was a rich man with lots of money to buy any damn thing for his wife and daughter but it hurt her that all he cared was a business meet on the day when his wife was giving birth to a 7 months old baby in her womb and died for her. Sara never saw her mother but she always loved her. Her father never had time for her and she hated him for sending her to boarding. She decided to live independently, decided to fight her own demons. Two years ago at the age of 16 she abandoned the big house, the lavish and luxurious limousine the Kate spade and Vera Wang wardrobe and settled in a silent suburb city where her junior college and so was her school built. She got the best of everything except for time, attention and love. And now she was habituated to live without all this stuffs. Infact she hated attention and places where she would be called 'SARA CLIFTON'.....she hated her father and all the things related to him all the things which would connect her to him......?Sara's thought process took most of her homework time. Suddenly she remembered about the reunion party. As a habit she use to hate parties but she knew she cant avoid going to this one. Her school friends were going to meet her after all. She made some toasts and oats for her and sat for the college project work. When she was finished it was 3 and she was not hungry. So she opted for a walk. She changed into white shirt and rusty blue jeans, took her cell phone and went for a walk. The party was at 6 there was still lots of time to get ready after all........

He hired a cab outside the building of Grand-merry restaurant and took a route to his friend's house...Allen was Gerald's best friend. Form childhood they played, sat, ate and enjoyed together till the time they went to 7th grade where Allen was sent to the boarding school....Gerald and Allen shared the most special bond of friendship. Allen was good at cricket and Gerald was good at football. Allen was tall,fair with water green eyes to add to his looks while Gerald was taller than Allen,dark in complexion and deep brown eyes to add to his manlyhood....all was well with their friendship..... when Gerald knocked the door Allen opened the door....all Gerald saw was lots of clothes and stuffs covering the floor and the costly ancient furniture.....Allen was ready to go outside....after all it was his boarding school reunion party......he was equally excited to meet his friend Gerald as well....they both hugged and Gerald smelled the Gucci perfume from his friend.....

"its so nice to meet you after so many years....",said Gerald

"same hear....but their is one big problem."

"and what is that???"

"well i have to go to my school reunion party....mmmmm care to join???"

"no you can enjoy alone.....i have some work to do..."

"ok you at the breakfast tommorow place......"

"yes ofcourse."

"i want to share with you so many damn things.......boarding school totally changed my life man...and i want to listen everything after my departure stuffs......"

"yaaaa....sure....bye then and do enjoy......"


Not even a single one of both knew that their life was going to change again....

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