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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Friends and Spies

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



K2 cleared her wet lips gently with his fingers. It was still as wet. He seemed to have kissed her too much on the lips. His passion for Cherry, his beautiful wife never exhausted. She still looked as hot as she was when he first met her. No wonder she had a separate cosmetic room. Being the wife of a rich scientist had its advantages.

K2’s muscular body almost covered her entirely like a strong blanket thus making her body sweat. While she was struggling to let herself free, K2 trapped her head on the pillow and planted a deep kiss.

“Do you still love me?” K2 asked her

“More than ever” Cherry replied

“Even as I am growing old and bald” K2 quipped

“A wife loves her husband's soul, not his body” Cherry replied “Lets go another round”

Knock Knock Knock

“Dad it’s me DX. We need to talk”

K2 was in an erotic mood after many work days. He didn’t want to miss this night.

“Let’s talk tomorrow DX, go to bed” K2 said in a lulling tone

“We need to talk now” DX said frantically “Tormod called me few minutes back”

On hearing the word Tormod, K2 immediately sprang up from bed and started dressing up. He was not worried much of Tormod but he sure was worried about what might happen to DX.

“Don’t leave the bed honey” he kissed Cherry as he left

They enter the hall.

“What did he say?” K2 questioned

“He asked me to come in exactly an hour to Proving Grounds… alone” DX said nervously

“Oh, that is just 10 miles from here. Listen; turn your camera eyes on, load your weapons and go” K2 said in a commanding tone.

“B-But… he asked me to come without weapons” DX cited

“I love you DX” K2 said “…and I hope you love your life”

DX nodded

“But, isn’t it dangerous to go alone?” DX asked in a demanding tone

“Take it as a practice DX… in future, you will be surprised to know in what sort of dangerous missions you would be sent all alone. Don’t fret. Your are completely trained to fight any type of enemy” K2 encouraged him

DX felt a little odd when he heard the term enemy. Tormod spoke in a very friendly tone though. It seemed very odd for Tormod to actually conspire against him. But DX realized that Menna could bring people to do just about anything for it.

DX nevertheless got ready. He took a mini-plasma gun. This gun would effectively kill or disable the enemy permanently by electrifying them with raw electron spray. Plus the temperature would rapidly consume the skin and tissues.

K2 was operating DX Cube on his laptop

Camera on…  DX said

His vision appeared in the laptop.

“Wish you luck DX” K2 said

DX got in Peugeot [citation needed: Get a more advanced car]. He got in the backseat. A monitor appeared in front of him with a map. It was a touch screen monitor. DX was able to move the map by touching the display with his finger and dragging it around. He zoomed in around Los Angeles outskirts. He couldn’t find proving grounds. He typed “Proving Grounds” to search box on top right.

Immediately the map relocated itself and showed Proving Grounds with a picture of it. There were a series of options on the right side. DX selected “Drive me there” option.

The car’s auto-driver mode started driving towards Proving Grounds. It was able to use Frames Data Structure internally to drive without even a slightest probability of an accident while DX relaxed himself with a mango milkshake.

After few minutes, the car stopped suddenly. DX got down looking around strangely. There was a Jatropha filling station ahead of him. Far off, he was able to see a disbanded concrete floor with a street light.

A bum was standing with a beer bottle in his hand. He looked tiredly at DX.

“Lookin lost. Mae be yeh are lookin for provin groundz” he said half drunk

“Yeah” DX said exploring around completely ignoring the bum

“Itz the concrete floor yeh were lookin at” he said gobbling another mouthful of beer “The besth place forr suicide”.  He almost fell down but was able to get up slowly.

“Thanks” DX said “I advice you to drink less”

He raced off to proving grounds wading through grass and darkness. He was able to hear movements down. Fearing snakes, DX started running towards Proving grounds. He reached the concrete floor. It was completely deserted.

“Torms…. Torms!”  DX tried calling but with no response.

The pole of street light had a small device attached to it. Suddenly a voice spoke from it.

There is no Tormod. He actually sent me to talk with you.

It was a feminine voice. It was a very comely voice

“Where are you speaking from? Why don’t come over here?” DX asked looking at the device.

Switch off your camera eyes… then I shall pop up”, the voice said

Pop up! Did he hear? DX was unsure. He acted as though he was poking something into his eyes and then turned back

“It’s off” he said confidently

“No it is not. We can detect signals being transmitted from your body” the voice said again

“Camera Off”. DX said turning back. He then turned back only to see a young short lady. She looked quite homely with a soft face. Her hands had the hour glass symbol…assuring DX that she is from Mystique.

“Where did you come from?” DX asked looking around.

She completely ignored his question and started speaking on her own.

“I am Kristina Angelica… you can call me Angel – Evangelist of Mystiques”

DX couldn’t control a wide smile over his face

“What’s so funny?” she asked with a smile

“You look so homely and nice to be a terrorist” DX said frankly “You wouldn’t even hurt a fly”

“It’s true. We are good people. We wouldn’t hurt a fly” she said proudly

“You were successful in launching a bioweapon and an extremely addictive narcotic, Menna. Now that hurts more than a fly” DX said as though it is obvious

“Do you believe we could do all this? Just now you said I couldn’t hurt a fly” angel remarked

DX felt this annoying. Like Vidimus, she repeated his dialogs to him

“The news papers, the TV channels and the people, everybody knows this. I’ve heard painful testimonials of people” DX countered

“So… what do you think about the rescue order?” she asked with her eyebrows raised

“I want to bring peace and happiness back to the world. I will destroy them” DX declared

Angel looked around. There was no one.

“I see that you are here to spy” she said

“Yes” DX replied. It was obvious and was of no use to counter it.

“Good. Now let me accept that I am here to spy too. Now let us set a protocol. You and I shall forget for a while that I work for the Mystiques and you work for Styx and become friends. In that way, we can share information as spies” Angel offered

DX thought for a while. Angel extended her hands. He shook it almost instantaneously.

“We are friends” he said “But with a distance. Remember, we are still enemies”

Angel gave a smile

“Enemies are temporary DX. Friends are forever. We are not enemies” she said “All that is needed is a change in organization to change enemies, but you will still remember friends”

DX nodded in approval.

“Sit down” she suggested

They sat down leaning against a derelict wall.

“Remember” Angel said “We are friends and try maximum not to blame others. It is a personal contact that we have here”

“Yeah” DX said. This was getting more interesting to him.

“So, tell me something about yourself and your life?” Angel asked him

“I am a partial android as you must have heard of. Many of components inside me are replica of humans so I am partially android not totally” DX said in a relaxed tone “Frankly I myself didn’t know what my body is capable of… until yesterday where they installed bio-modules in my body. I can handle any type of enemy now”

“Nice to hear that” angel said pressing her fingers together “How do you feel to be with Styx, the defense order”

“I feel so happy to be in the defense order… frankly because of their cause… “DX replied almost instantaneously “a feeling that leaders of the world can get together to solve world’s greatest problems”

“Hmm…” she nodded

“Tell me about you” DX asked

“My history dates back to when I was a kid… I was quite aloof from many other kids…” she said rubbing her forehead with her fingers

DX found this natural. Many terrorists are those who stay aloof from others and gather devil’s ideas

“...times when I sit at a place for hours together and understand human nature…” she giggled uncontrollably “… and it makes me laugh”

DX was bemused

“Why is so funny about human nature?” he asked

“Simple DX. Let me just give you one example. Suppose you are leader of a particular area… and suppose there are riots in your area, how will you handle it?” Angel questioned

“Hmm… send police to deal with them”

“No wonder” she said “You are a replica of humans. Humans tend to find cure for a problem, ignoring the cause. But if the cause is destroyed, there will be never a necessity for a cure…”

DX kept a puzzling look typical of him

“For instance, cause for riots is because of conflicts in people’s thoughts… these thoughts are instilled in people by the very people we call leaders…”

“Why would leaders want to do that?” DX interrupted

“Idea… followed by riots… makes the idea more popular” she said “It is a tool they use to increase emotions on an idea and embed it into people’s heart”

DX had a pause

“It’s just my advice to look into the cause DX” she said in a soothing tone “Only if you understand the cause of a particular task assigned to you, undertake it”

“Right” DX said “What about your cause?”

“My cause, as you believe is not to destroy humanity as the defense order or the press told you… you will not believe this now, but in course of time, you will understand slowly” she said in a brave tone fighting DX’s accusation

She browsed her pockets and took out a needle. It had a spherical ending. She gave it to DX proudly as though presenting a diamond.

“What is this?” DX asked looking at it in every possible angle

“Before that, answer this question” said Angel fixing her gaze at him “How many Styx soldiers lost their life while fighting against the Mystiques?”

“Zero” DX replied proudly

“It’s because of this…the soul saver as we call it. All our weapons are equipped with it. When we shoot this at someone, they instantaneously go unconscious for hours together”

DX felt a little moved

“This is how we save life” Angel said compassionately “Enemies are temporary… we have no right to take away other’s life”

DX tried hard to control his giggle when he imagined the complex plasma fusion gun he had with him. This simple weapon Soul Saver is amazing and saves life. He decided to propose the solution to Styx.

“Ok… DX” Angel said looking at her watch “It’s time for me to move… listen again, for everything in your life, go with the cause”

DX shook her hands

“Nice meeting you Angel” he said. She asked DX to turn around for one minute. After half a minute, he heard no noise and turned back. She was gone, nowhere to be seen. DX couldn’t understand where she could have disappeared. He didn’t even hear her running footsteps. He looked at the light pole. There was no device.

DX felt lazy to ward through the darkness to his car. He dozed on the concrete floor.


DX woke with a start. Before him, K2 was staring with a smile. His mother was besides him. It was early morning. He looked around; he was still in Proving Grounds.

“What happened?” K2 asked looking concerned

“How are you feeling dear?” his mom asked in a troubled tone

“A bunch of unknown guys of the rescue order injected anesthesia into me” DX said

“Until the camera eyes were on, a woman was conversing with you with a device” K2  said

“Yeah…” DX replied “As soon as I turned it off, the attack took place. There were many of them… I was expecting you to send reinforcements”

K2 patted him

“I am sorry. I didn’t expect a woman would do much harm” K2 said “I guess they wanted to check your anatomy”

“Maybe” DX said

DX preferred not to leak anything about Angel to Styx. He wanted to keep her as a personal friend and as a spy. They got into Peugeot and the car drove them home at a rapid speed in the empty road. DX, felt still tired and he dozed off on his bed.

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