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Chapter 11 (v.1) - UN under Siege

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



It was a bright open field in Proving Grounds. The whole view was fuzzy. It was a procession. Angel was holding the mike. There were little kids sitting below listening to her. All of them were very young around 8 to 10 years old. DX was standing besides her with a plasma gun.

“Welcome to the rescue order dear children” she started speaking “Those who want the happy world of money, lust and drugs come over to one side”

DX felt this stupid. These kids were too young to even understand the meaning of these words.  A half of the kids came over to one side with puzzled looks

“Start the drugs” Angel commanded

A group of Mystique cadets marched forward with syringes in their hands.

“That must be Menna” DX thought

They were about to administer drugs to kids.

“Kill the cause” DX thought and immediately started shooting the cadets. They were invincible. Immediately they turned back and started shooting him

DX woke with a start only to find his mother waking him. It was a bad dream. He cleared his eyes. His mom was looking troubled.

“What happened mom?” DX asked in a concerned tone

“A stealth copter is waiting for you DX” she replied in panic “You have received an emergency mission. Get ready soon”

DX entered his bathroom and took a quick shower. By the time he got out, The Styx team was in his room in their uniform. They had a common badge.

Styx Operations Team – A21

DX was given a uniform. They gave him a bag to wear as the team moved towards the terrace. A huge copter for operations was standing ahead of him. DX had no idea what the emergency mission was. He thought of asking

“DX… your mission will be briefed on the way” a senior looking guy said rushing him.

DX bade his mom goodbye as the copter took of his home.

“I am Wang Tee, head of this operation” he said in a friendly tone on the way “Meet the rest of team… Hugo and Victor”

They waved at him in a negligent manner. DX could clearly see the nervousness inside them.

“What is the operation? I heard that it is an emergency” DX asked

“The united nations is under siege by the Mystiques. The general secretary, Frizzy Max is held captive” Wang replied

“When did this happen?” DX asked

“We received information about malfunctioning of security yesterday night itself. But we were unable to contact you…” Wang said rubbing his balding head

DX felt that the whole Mystique meet might have been a pre-plan to remove his presence on the spot. Damn it he thought.

“Where did the terrorists hold the hostage?” Hugo asked suddenly

“In the 14th floor [citation needed: no of floors in UN] according to last report” Wang replied “But it could’ve easily changed now”

“So it implies we need to attack from terrace” Hugo said

“Negetive” Wang said dismissively “They must be waiting with heavy arms there”

“Any great ideas” he asked

“I’ve got one” DX said looking around “This seems to be a stealth copter. Isn’t it?”

Victor nodded

“Oh… drop it” DX said “They must be watching the outside view in TV”

DX pictured how every news channel must be pointing to UN from every possible angle.

“No… no one knows about this” Victor said looking at Wang’s eyes

“Yes… we asked the press to withhold the news until further orders” Wang confirmed

“Cool… the idea is if the driver is skillful enough, he can drive the copter parallel to the building. People on the terrace would be busy looking up and thus fail to notice”

“Hmm…” Wang replied stammering “It seems a bit risky…… hmmm… right, lemme talk with the pilot”

He opened the deck door and went in. After a while he came back and showed thumbs up.

The copter lowered its position several yards away from the UN building. The copter moved parallel. People below were bemused to see a copter moving so close. The pilot dodged the copter through several billboards and finally reached the UN building. When it reached the 12th floor from bottom, it halted.

The defense order cadets threw wires and hung to a glass door. The copter moved down and swept off parallel. There was no noise around.

“I think we achieved stealth” Wang said smiling

“I hope so” DX said

Hugo opened the glass pane first and entered. Slowly the whole team entered in and locked the glass panes.

Hugo went ahead slowly. He looked below.

INTERCOM: Hugo: There is a rescue order cadet below. Let me deal with him…

Hugo slips down. A gun shot was heard followed by a shriek

“That sounds like Hugo” Wang panicked and went below. He saw Hugo down. A rescue order cadet was investigating the body. Wang pointed his stealth pistol at him and shot him. The cadet instantaneously died.

INTERCOM: Wang: Hugo is down. I am in disguise of Rescue order cadet here. They are taking Turner to a floor below… into a room called Syndicate room

“Roger” DX said

“I need a floor plan” DX said

INTERCOM: Vidimus: I have an electronic version of the floor plan. Get it…

Received UN Floor Plan.pdf

DX was able to open the document in his brain. He went through the current floor plan.

“Cool.., the room exactly below us is the syndicate room” DX said jubilantly

“We have drilling tools” Victor said removing his bag.

“No…” DX said “We can get caught… they are directly below us dear…”

“Hmm… how about drilling adjacent room” Victor suggested

“I have a better idea… the floors have a uniform layout. If we drill the bathroom floor, we can directly enter the bathroom of the Syndicate room…”

Victor started walking towards the bathroom. They entered in. Victor drilled a very small hole.

“Victor… we need to get down… stop joking” DX said sternly

“This is not a joke…” he said “It is for sending a grasshopper first to survey”
DX did not understand. Victor took a PDA and kept in an angle so that DX can also see it. He took a toy that resembled a grasshopper.

“It has an inbuilt camera in its eyes for monitoring around” Victor said

DX nodded. Victor released the grasshopper through the hole. They were able to see the video transmitted by the grasshopper on the PDA. The toilet below was empty. But they were able to hear noises outside. Victor was able to control the grasshopper through controls on the PDA.

“We need to get the grasshopper out of the bathroom” DX said looking at the video

Victor tried finding gaps through the door but failed to find one. Suddenly the door opened and a rescue order cadet came inside. The grasshopper slipped out.

DX received the shock of his life. In the syndicate room, Tormod was shaking hands with Frizzy Max.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: DX, this is most shocking moment of my life, Frizzy joined the global terrorists… this means the terrorists now control the United Nations… something must be done immediately

DX continued seeing the video. Tormod suddenly asked all his troops to move outside. He perhaps wanted to discuss some confidential matter.

“Victor, this is the right time to attack” DX said urging him to drill

Victor drilled a hole fast and opened it. The rescue order cadet looked up. DX shot him with his stealth pistol. The got down slowly to the bathroom. They rushed out of it. Victor fixed Tormod in a gun point while DX locked the door from inside.

“Mr. DX, stop this atrocity and surrender to the rescue order. I have joined them to foil your play” Frizzy threatened

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Special order from higher senate of Styx DX. Kill Frizzy… I repeat, kill Frizzy. Styx troops have started moving in and are exchanging fire with the rescue order troops

DX started thinking. Killing a UN general secretary seemed too much for him.

“Kill him DX” Victor said “I got the message now… or else I will kill him”

DX instantaneously shot Frizzy with his gun on the heart. Frizzy’s face widened as he fell down on the floor. A stream of blood started flowing from his heart. DX couldn’t believe what he just did. Another intercom streamed in

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Sources now indicate that Tormod is head of the Mystiques. Kill him too

“I will kill him” Victor said pulling the trigger. DX acted as though he slipped on floor deliberately shaking Victor’s hands as the pistol fell down.

A copter surfaced outside the floor. Few rescue order cadets broke the glass door by firing at it. They pointed the gun at DX. Tormod ordered them to cease fire and started running towards them. As DX and Tormod were seeing each other, the copter took off.

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