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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Aftermath I

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



The copter landed amidst the scenic view of Styx River. DX turned his camera eyes off. He felt people might look glum because of Frizzy’s death. And worse, he killed him.

No sooner did the doors of copter open, than people surrounded them with cheers. They lifted DX in air and cheered him up.

Lot of people shook hands with him introducing themselves.

“I’m Josh” a slim guy introduced himself “technical researcher on bionic data integration”

“Gosh...!” DX said rubbing sweat off his forehead “I thought people here would have me murdered for killin Frizzy”

“You did a great job” Josh encouraged him “If you didn’t kill Frizzy, the world would have landed in danger. Imagine the United Nations supporting terrorists”

That very point struck DX hard. How could someone with as nice ideas as Frizzy, someone who dedicated his whole life for development of world, suddenly change directions towards the Mystiques, towards terrorism?

It took quite a while for DX to shove through the little crowd and enter the headquarters. DX sat down at the reception. The whole room was modified. Now the water clock was replaced with normal clocks. DX felt this bad.

On his left corner, a painting depicted a woman dipping her baby into a river holding his legs. DX was surprised. He kept staring the painting for a long time

“Tea please” he heard a voice. He turned around to see a fabulous young lady offering tea.

“Thanks” DX said taking tea. He then continued staring at the painting.

“What do feel so surprising about the painting?” she asked him

“Oh…nothing special. From the looks of the lady, it seems she’s the mother of the baby… but she is in turn drowning her baby into the lake… does she hate him?” DX asked puzzled.

“Didn’t you read Iliad?” she asked popping her eyes

“Yeah… I did” DX said

She wanted to test DX’s ability to apply textual knowledge to paintings.

“The painting is related to that book…” she hinted.

DX thought for a while…

“Ok… I get it. It is Thetis dipping her son Achilles into Styx River, to make him immortal…” DX said pointing a finger to her

“Gotcha…” she said with a smile “I am Macy by the way, personal secretary of Dr. Vidimus”

DX shook hands with her. He couldn’t remove his gaze from her.

Tring tring tring

Immediately Macy checked her PDA

 From: Vidimus

Message: Allow DX to enter my office for personal discussion

“DX… Vidimus wants to see you… go on” she said wading off.

He got up walked across the narrow passageway. Synergy Simons came out of Vidimus’s room. He had a serpentine smile.

DX skeptically entered the room. Vidimus had the look of a bulldog. On seeing DX, his looks worsened [back citation needed: Someone warns DX of Vidimus’s lousy behavior]. He scornfully asked DX to take his seat. He sat down with a sulky feeling.

“Are you out of your mind DX” he started scolding “We missed a golden opportunity…”

“What happened?” DX asked unsure of what they missed

“You left Tormod alive…”

“But I slipped….” DX interrupted

“But after that both of you were simply looking at each other like lost lovers…” Vidimus scorned

DX didn’t know how to tackle this. Vidimus was looking at him in anticipation. DX didn’t know what exactly he wanted

“I want an answer DX” he said fixing his gaze intently at him

Stuck with the wrong boss DX thought

“Hmmm… but he ordered his troops not to harm me… it is only logical that I do not harm him…”

Vidimus moved a little back.

“I still do not think you are clear about your vision…” he said a little calm this time

“I still can’t understand the purpose of killing Frizzy… he was … he was such a great person” DX said fixing his gaze on Frizzy’s picture across the room [back citation needed: in DX’s previous visit to Vidimus, Frizzy’s pic must be mentioned: front citation needed: in DX’s next visit, Frizzy’s pic must be removed]

“DX… imagine what would have happened if you did not kill Frizzy… he has maximum power over UN and he could well lure many important officials into terrorism…”

“But sir… his former actions all were for benefit of the world…”

“That was no guarantee that his future actions would be” Vidimus stressed

DX was unsatisfied.

“You kind of saved the world from a possible hazard. Congrats for that” Vidimus said save a smile

He gave DX his office room number. 101.

“Tommorow is the day of your oath. That is where active duty starts” Vidimus said shaking hands with DX.

“Wish you all the best” he said as DX turned to leave

“Thank you sir” DX said with a smile. He left towards refreshment room. DX didn’t want to rush to his office. He was wobbly hungry having not eaten anything from morning.

DX had the guilty feeling of having killed two people. Perhaps he was not born to do the killing. He always figured himself to be a scientist sitting in a complex laboratory and doing research on nano-genetics.

He entered the refreshments room. A robot came walking near him. It had a panel in its hands.

Select your order please it said in a robotic tone

DX selected chicken-pepper pizza with garlic beef and coffee. Macy joined him after a while. She looked very slim compared to what she ate.

“Can you direct to my office?” DX asked her

She took him through another narrow corridor and then another. DX was doubtful if he could ever find his way back. Finally, 101 appeared.

“Come in… let’s talk” DX invited her pressing his hands against the finger print recognizer on the door.

“Oh no… Viddums must have some work for me…” she said in a sorrowful tone

“No problem” DX said entering in “Thanks”

“Welcome… do call me if you need anything”

DX nodded. He felt private at last in his room. It was beautifully decorated with dynamic paintings. The paintings were changing constantly. DX sat at his desk. His PC was connected to internet. DX logged onto – The Merger of All major Mail Service Providers

Press your right thumb on screen for finger print scanning

DX pressed his right thumb on screen. His finger print was detected.

1 new mail message

Sender: 999911290012@einstos.threadA-90Mail.xworld

DX, hi… this is your friend Tormod

I just wanted to inform you about a new war machine Russia has manufactured. It is called the SEER. No, war machine is not used as a literary sense. SEER truly is a single machine that is capable of winning a whole modern war. Yes it can.

It is made of highly indestructible materials known to resist even high power lasers. It is equipped with all possible modern weapons, from plasma weapon systems to destroy enemies nearby to guided missile systems with dual core chips to destroy combat crafts and ships.

If this didn’t seem enough, it has a star force shield over it which can absorb incoming bombs and missiles. It has a powerful AI to control it.  There are still many mysteries about this magnificent machine. I will email you them.

If the defense order ever tries to put you against the SEER, by all costs refuse the mission. It seems you told Angel that you can face any enemy? I can tell you, you definitely are not powerful enough for SEER. So take care


Tormod Guldvog

The Rescue Order

DX couldn’t reply back. He couldn’t understand what his email address was. Tormod seemed to have masked his email address with IP Spoofing, a problem left unsolved since the 90s. It was required so that he couldn’t be tracked back.

“May I come in?” a voice came. It was a very calm voice.

“Yes…” DX said pretending to concentrate on his monitor. Synergy came in with a typical smile. He switched on the TV on the far right of the room.

“Let’s watch some TV…” he invited

DX had no other work now anyhow. He went and sat on the adjacent couch. Simons turned on the illumineNews channel

The United Nations building was shown.

Flash News: The Rescue Order – Mystiques murder Frizzy Max, general secretary of United Nations.

Flash News: Bravery by team lead by DX, the bio-kid saves vital documents at the United Nations

DX couldn’t believe what he was seeing

“It was I who killed Frizzy Max… the rescue order had them on their side…” DX revolted

“There are a lot of people who love Frizzy. If we tell that you killed him, opposition may arise for the defense order. Now they will hate the rescue order even more” Simons remarked calmly

“I feel it is an insult to his memory… people…” DX stammered. He really didn’t want to be the one people hate

“DX… understand that you are the chosen one… we here at defense order want to make you an icon. A people’s hero” Simons replied

DX wore puzzled look.

“I suggest you leave home. You seem tired” he said

DX was thinking of the same thing. Anyway, it was a very hectic day. Alice’s copter was waiting outside

“Can you take me home?” he asked her

“Sure… hop in” she said. The copter lifted off skillfully from the scenic view of Styx River

“DX… when were you born?” she asked sensing his silence on the way

“That is a difficult question… because I was created… not cloned… but my dad says I was tested OK” he said

“Hmm… let me see” she said letting go of the controls and opened her PDA.

“Hey!” DX screamed “Careful… you might lose balance”

She immediately returned to her console.

“The astronomy calendar on my PDA says you are a rabbit” she smirked.

“But I am an android…” DX said taking the PDA from her

The copter landed in front of DX’s home. His mom was waiting with a jubilant smile. As soon as he got down, she hugged him. DX bade goodbye to Alice. The copter took off

“My dear son… you saved vital documents from the UN…” she said proudly. Groups of people around the neighborhood clapped. Some kids came around and started taking his photos and autographs. DX entered in.

“God will never forgive the rescue order for the murder of Frizzy Max, he was such a great man” his mom said dropping a tear. DX couldn’t imagine the consequence of what could have happened if Styx told media the truth.

DX was programming some games on his PC in his room. This was his favorite pastime. He heard some noise downstairs. Two people were talking. One was the voice of his dad. The other was a familiar voice. DX immediately raced down.

He saw Dr. Fermann with his dad. On seeing DX, his face brightened.

“Ah….” Fermann said “DX… the handsome magnificent lad who saved the day”

DX smiled guiltily.

“I think I must take leave now professor” he said to K2 “I will send you the report soon”

“Goodnight DX” Fermann winked and left majestically.

DX and K2 had coffee in terrace. He suddenly remembered Tormod seeing the empty terrace of the Guldvog Family. Tormod and he used to play a lot on terrace when they were kids. Lucky no-one ever fell down from there. He saw an old lady hitting her head on a stone in a corner of the road. ` “She must have been inflicted with HIV2” K2 said

“Dad… should I have killed Tormod?” DX asked remembering the atrocities Mystiques were doing

“Not as of now… but once you take the oath… you will be forced to do so. Remember, duty first, relationships next”

DX remembered the oath scheduled next morning.

“What is this oath about?” he asked looking at stars above

“It is the most intense programming of duty inside you… to make you ready for any kind of mission” K2 said “You will find about it tomorrow”

DX sat in front of TV and switched on illumineNews. He was surprised to see Synergy Simons on TV.

Flash News: Simons is the representative for next UN election of general secretary

Flash News: Simons is a Nigerian by birth, not American.

“Dad…” DX called “See this…”

K2 came and had a glance on the TV

“Do you know him?” DX asked

“Synergy Simons… yes…” he said rather unsurprised

“He is an American right? Now he is being shown as a Nigerian”

K2 sat near DX.

“Very few people if any actually know Simons. The UN needs a representative from US… to actually maintain world peace…but the world will reject a representative from the super powers… so it is a lie for world peace” he said sipping black coffee

“But to me…it more or less seems an attempt by America to dominate world politics” DX said dismissively “By lying”

“It is natural DX…” K2 said proudly “America is an antidote for the planet. See how they effectively protected world peace single handedly… fighting Talibans, German Nazis, Al-Qaeda terrorists… and now the Mystiques”

DX felt that completely true.

“DX…. The defense order has an amazing goal not only for Mystiques, but also for future world peace. By being an active part of eradicating the rescue order, you have an opportunity to become a world hero” K2 said patting him “But for that, you must work hard… and be loyal”

DX nodded. He yawned.

“You seem to feel sleepy” K2 said yawning himself

“Yeah… good night dad” DX said as he left for his bedroom.

Being on bed signifies the most important part of the whole day. It gives time to recap what happened today. DX thought of his dad. He knew a lot about Styx. But he was just an ordinary professor. Tormod’s image appeared in DX’s mind. He missed him. In a way, Angel was correct. Friends are forever. What on earth could have tempted Tormod to such a haunted place… where he has to hide from police, from people, from the defense order? He ordered his troops against shooting him. Though the bullets wouldn’t harm his prefabricated skin, Tormod was concerned for him. DX smiled.

I will never hurt you Tormod He thought


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