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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Beyond Duty

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



The board room had too much of air conditioning. DX felt dried off completely.

He sometimes felt his over excitement bad which made him arrive fifteen minutes early. He played around with his mobile phone. The mobile made little sense. All that communication was now done through DX Cube.

Few disheveled papers were lying on corner of the room. DX went to pick them up

“Please… they are confidential documents” A camera from above the room spoke.

“Damn the surveillance” DX thought. Styx was so much of surveillance everywhere that staying in an isolated room is equivalent of being watched by 10 people in a room. He relaxed back to his seat.

He browsed his mobile. The RSS news reader updated automatically

Flash: Suspect Involvement of Russian PM with the global Terrorists

DX couldn’t believe the news. The news was from a trusty source, The word trusty never mattered to him anymore especially after he was falsely portrayed to be a hero who had nothing to do with Frizzy Max’s death. He nevertheless clicked the news to know more… – News Flash

Suspect Involvement of Russian PM, Volkanov with the global Terrorists, the Mystiques.

Styx intelligence in Russia recently identified Russian Administration led by Prime Minister Volkanov incline towards the benefit of the Mystiques, global terrorists.

The news came into flash when few rescue order cadets were allowed entry into Russian Advanced Defence Research Facility, where the SEER, war machine was being secured.

If this plot unveils to be true, it could be chaos plus Russian domination of the planet. ‘Immediate solution would be overthrow of Volkanov’s government before it goes too far’, Styx intelligence strategists identified.

DX felt this incomprehensible. Mystique’s plot so far seemed to be a bunch of teenagers doing serious shit for fun. He felt this reason shit. Now truth seemed to be unveiling slowly. Maybe it was all a well organized terrorist plot behind which Russia secretly hid. Before he could think more, an elderly man entered in…

“Hello… I am Andy…” he introduced


“I know you DX” he smiled “It took me almost a week for me to get an appointment with you”

They sat down. This guy seemed pretty ordinary to him. Definitely a non-Styx guy, DX thought.

“You might be wondering who I really am” Andy began speaking crossing his fingers “I am just an ordinary citizen…who lost his children… and wife… to Trapdeath… I feel lucky not to be infected”

DX listened patiently

 “But every second of my life… I spend like I am almost dead” Andy continued. A little tear formed near his eyes “These bastards, the Mystiques defaced the whole society. What do you think?”

“Hmmm….” DX thought “I think them to be a bunch of unethical youngsters… we shall curb them and protect the society”

DX wanted to be diplomatic when talking about the defense order.

“It is this very society that is responsible for Mystiques… too much violent games… too many murders on TV… drove these kids” Andy hit his hands to the table.

DX listened closely. He felt Andy had a point. The tear in his eyes accumulated but never fell.

“When I found out that defense order hired you… I felt finally things were going to get all right… and when you bravely saved documents of the United Nations, I knew you were more than capable…”

“Thanks” DX said with a pleasant smile

“…my request DX… please destroy the Mystiques at any cost… because… I don’t want anyone to suffer the same fate I face… imagine being cut off from your loved family forever…” Andy said as a tear drop fell down. DX consoled him. He could understand the pain.

Andy turned to leave.

DX felt reality drawing closer to him. Several people had their hopes on him. He must not let them down.

Vidimus entered in with two more officials.

“DX…” he said “Meet the Men in Black, secret intelligence from Area 51 base camp… US military division”

They shook hands with him. They were completely dressed in black coat, black neck tie with black goggles. In contrast to their clothes, DX felt an absolute idiot to have come in t-shirt and jeans.

“Today, you are going to take the oath of Styx” Vidimus said. He handed DX a bond paper. DX went through it carefully. DX couldn’t help reading some major points again and again…

A1: The defense order is not responsible for any damage to my life

A2: I solemnly vow to combat terrorism and bring peace to the world


A32: I agree that I would be tried criminally if I try to escape the defense order in middle of a strategic mission


There was a column below for him to sign. DX called his dad. K2 read the bond paper through DX’s camera eyes.

Intercom: K2: its fine DX… it’s just a formality. Sign it.

DX signed it and gave it to Vidimus.

“Camera Off” he said disconnecting K2

“I had a discussion regarding accusations from court relating to murder of Frizzy Max that you committed…”

DX felt this super awkward.

“Hey… I was ordered to kill him…” DX smirked

“Yes… but you are not police… or member of an army…” Vidimus repented “So, we have decided to give you the post of Styx special agent…. A very coveted post DX… which only top officials like Synergy hold…”

“What is special about special agent?” DX asked puzzled

Vidimus handed him an identity card… DX received the shock of his life


Styx Special Operations Agent

As per Styx agreement with nations, DX as a special Operations Agent with his team is Licenced to Kill or Arrest

He was licensed to kill!

“Is this a part of Styx agreement?” DX asked

“It was also a matter of huge argument and many nations wanted it to be removed… But they accepted later fearing retreat from UN. Any team led by you is licensed to kill anyone you feel fit to kill”

After getting few more documents signed by DX, Vidimus left.

INTERCOM: Angel: Hi DX… can you come to coffee shop. You know the drill… camera off… alone… for a friendly meet

“What the fuck?” DX thought. How could she get access to his intercom? This was super invasion of his privacy.

“How could you access my secure intercom network?” DX asked

INTERCOM: Angel: Foot Secure… Xalo in our team had it decrypted in minutes… anyone from the rescue order can contact you now…

DX thought of reporting this to Styx authorities.

INTERCOM: Angel: Are you coming or not?

“I am coming” DX said immediately and went towards the coffee shop.

Angel was sitting in a corner of the shop with a cup of coffee in front of her. On seeing DX, he face brightened like a candle that lit automatically. She smiled profusely.

DX smiled back. He sat near her.

“So… what’s interesting?” he asked.

“This” she said handing him a huge sheet

Trapdeath after Styx’s arrival

Gradual increase at an average rate of 17% per year

Drug abuse since Styx’s arrival

Gradual increase at an average rate of 23% per year

Source: XWorld.einstos.thread67.survey7



“I think it must be inability of Styx to curb the Mystiques that led to these numbers…” DX said confidently “But now that I am in… these will change”

“Hmm… what else could be the reason?” she said cornering her eyes around DX

“I don’t see any other reason” DX said looking around

“Maybe….maybe Styx has some hands in this business” she suggested

“This is beyond limit” DX shouted. The whole café was looking at him “Since I am a powerful agent, you are trying to lure me into your side… I think you yourself drew this graphs… wait I never heard of that dummy source”

Angel gave a smile and beckoned DX to sit down.

“First of all…” she started “the survey is from a trusted source… and next, how do you know we are the ones who are drugging and spreading Trapdeath?”

DX replied this already…

“I saw archive videos in TV channels… shows your sick cadets injecting lethal virus in common people. These were captured using hidden surveillance cameras in subways…”

“Hmm…TV channels…” Angel remarked “I think it makes no sense now right? They gave false information regarding Frizzy’s death”

“That was to protect integrity of Styx…” DX stammered. Angel started taking advantage of the situation. She handed DX a flash drive.

“It contains some vital data… check in some remote system using open source OS like Linux” she said

“Why only linux?” DX asked

“All proprietary operating systems have backdoors in them to transmit your information to NSA. So take care” she said with a sharp look

“Hmm… all right” DX said at last “I will go through this”

“By the way… I am head data interpreter of Mystiques”

Immediately two guys with huge plasma guns came from behind and put her in a gun point. Four guys from behind in turn put the two Styx cadets in a gun point. They dropped the plasma guns. Picking the guns, the rescue order cadets started walking away

“Angel” DX called her back “I don’t know who sent these clowns… I really am innocent”

DX hated this feeling. He was sitting alone in Vidimus’s office waiting for him to come from the toilet. Another barking session would start in few minutes.

Vidimus came out. He looked quite angry. He sat down in a majestic way and stared at DX

“It’s time for interrogation… follow me” he barked.

While on the way to interrogation room, DX suddenly felt he might be arrested if he did not give proper answers. The room was semi dark with a table lamp in middle of room. Simons was already inside the room.

“Doesn’t this guy have any work at the CIA office?” DX thought. He sat down as in a corner chair

 “Our troops indicated your refusal to attack the rescue order cadet who is a head data interpreter. Given the fact that their bullets could do no harm to your prefabricated skin… why didn’t you attack?” Vidimus questioned

“I wasn’t in any mission…” DX quoted

“Sometimes” Simons said calmly “You must think beyond your duty DX. Your goal is to destroy the Mystiques at any cost”

“I hated the idea of a bunch of soldiers following me” DX said sternly

“By sending you alone, you ended up getting hit by a bunch of rescue order cadets… we can afford any risk to you agent… you cost us several billion dollars… make sure you are worth it” said Simons as he left in a huff.

DX hated Simon’s way of speaking. He felt trapped among a bunch of idiots who knew nothing but yet reprimanded him.

K2 Villa
Los Angeles

K2 used the automatic razor too often these days. The door bell rang. He opened the door cautiously. It was Vidimus.

“Hello K2” he said brightly “Is DX inside?”

“Yes…” K2 said “Sleeping…”

The external view from K2’s Villa seemed awesome. Vidimus had no mood to leave the terrace. K2 was thinking hard.

“DX…he has been a little emotional these days because of killing his own icon with his own hands…” K2 said in a sad tone

“Hmm… I understand” Vidimus said in an ignoring tone “We are thinking of sending DX to Russia for a strategic mission…”

“It’s ridiculous” K2 interrupted “The SEER could take his life!”

“Calm down K2” Vidimus said sharply “DX is the best strategist we ever had”

K2 looked confused

“DX… is everything to me” K2 said in a calm tone

After few hours of persuasion, K2 reluctantly agreed by his mind. His heart still thought of DX. But after all, evil needs to be eliminated and if DX is the chosen one, so be it, K2 thought

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