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Chapter 14 (v.1) - A mission you just can’t refuse

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



DX had not much work in office these days. He tried freelancing for extra bucks. It was not as if he wasn’t paid enough. He was given a total salary of 5 million per month in addition to free travelling allowances in a black beauty copter. DX guessed it was just for the sake of fun.

He registered himself as coderdon. The first project he received was…

Project Title: XCrossword

Description: Create a program that can generate crosswords from a standard Oxford English dictionary for varied sizes of board (n X n)

Duration: 1 week

Payment: 5999 Worlds (Auction)

Company: Anagram Association

DX auctioned for the project for 6000 Worlds. A company representative connected to him. He had the name l00d. DX wondered funny names people tend to keep when they reach online… names that contain combination of alphabets and numbers.

He immediately fired his Python editor and started coding the program.

SecureChat: Illumine.ChatSecure.FreeLance21

l00d: Max time one week man… think and tell

coderdon: You have given me too much time…

l00d: That’s wat jazz_coder boasted dude. Lol. Can you do it in a week?

coderdon: I need just 20 mins…!

l00d: Stop fuckin me man…

coderdon: Jus wait and see…

l00d: I don’t wanna waste 20 mins to wait… for your joke dude…

After 20 minutes

l00d: This is crazy shit… my goodness……. Take 8000 Worlds…

l00d: How cud yo do it in shit time man?

Coderdon: Keep your Worlds with you… and tell everyone around that DX coded for you

DX logged off.

l00d might have lost it now, DX imagined. Before he could celebrate something, there was a knock at the door. Before he could say come in, they entered. It was Fermann and the Geeky looking scientist.

“Hey I thought my augmentations were complete” DX quoted.

“Greetings” Fermann wished “I have a good news… we have got our augmentation kits here. Few new modules needs to be loaded into you”

The geeky scientist came and eagerly shook hands with DX

“I find it very cooool to see our augmentations work wonder in UN mission” he said adjusting his huge glasses

“Thank you” DX said excitedly “What are the new augmentations?”

“We call it Bruce Lee Package… a collection of 80 martial arts… including Karate at topmost level, Judo etc…” Fermann said sternly.

DX almost fell down from his seat. Knowing 80 marital arts seemed too much for him. He must be much powerful than any other person.

“So where is the room?” DX asked getting up and starting to remove his tie.

“Hey… there is no need to strip” Fermann said closing his eyes and beckoning DX to stop “I got the device right here”

Fermann removed a headphone sort of device with something to cover the eyes and handed it to DX.  DX wrapped the device around his eyes and put the googles.

Suddenly a semi-transparent menu opened up in DX’s eyes with a message

No modules available

The geeky scientist removed a disc from inside which showed something flying on the outer disc and handed it over to Dr. Fermann

“What is this CD-ROM?” DX asked looking amused

“This is a nano ROM. Has nano encoded genetic data inside. It has the required modules” Fermann hinted as he placed the ROM in a holder on the right of the head phones.

The menu refreshed itself to display

80 modules foundselect_allinstall



Kung –fu


“Select the Select-All option on the top right of the menu” Fermann suggested

DX maneuvered using his palms and clicked the select all button and then install button. Suddenly he felt his head whirl… his eyes had the message

DX system shut down

He fell down flat on the floor.

“Are you sure it works?” Fermann asked the geek

“Yes… all integration tests were successful” he replied affirmatively.

DX woke up in a haze. It looked like an empty room with a lazer illuminated bulb on top. DX looked around in amazement. To his surprise, a really monstrous looking guy was facing him. Seeing the hour-glass logo on his hands, DX realized he was standing face to face against a rescue order cadet.

Seeing DX get up, he came closer and raised his legs to kick him. DX suddenly caught his legs and turned him around. DX was able to use a combination of marital arts without giving the 7 foot monster a chance to even hurt his shadow. In few seconds, the terrorist was down.

The door on the right opened up and two more monstrous guys entered in with Mystique logo in their hands. DX was able to jump and combat both of them without getting hurt even a little. Soon both of them were down, bleeding with broken bones.

The lights opened up and in came Dr. Fermann and Vidimus clapping.

“That was crazy” DX responded

“We wanted to test you” Vidimus said brightly “… in a real situation”

“I had half of my soul lost there” DX said panting

“Real life situations will be worse than this DX” Vidimus said in a warning tone “Come over to the briefing room… you have a new mission tonight”

DX had absolutely no idea where he was. So he followed Vidimus. When he came out, a board read

Styx US – Training

“What is the mission about sir?” DX asked Vidimus on the way

“Read the new hype in the newspapers today?” Vidimus asked amusingly

“Yeah…” DX replied “The rescue order started planting secret bombs in public locations… the bastards…”

“More to it…” Vidimus pointed “Russia is joining their bandwagon”

They entered an elevator. Fermann took leave of them and disappeared into the other end of darkness wearing goggles. It must be night vision goggles, DX thought. Vidimus pressed the UP button

“Has it been confirmed?” DX asked feeling absolutely unsure of what media said these days

Vidimus looked at him with a proud face. DX was sure something cool about Styx was coming this way

“100 percent confirmed” he said “Styx intelligence at the United States hacked into Russian defense website. The logs clearly indicated a close bonding between them… unfortunately”

The lift door opened. They went around few corners and DX found himself in Styx main corridor. He felt he needed to explore the defense order office properly.

They entered the briefing room. He saw an armed forces group. What was more surprising was that all armed forces had the hour glass logo tied to their hands with The Rescue Order written neatly. DX feared it he would be forced to fight these people. Handling 3 to 4 seemed OK but a whole army seemed ridiculous.

His doubt was cleared the very moment when he saw Wang Tee and Victor among the forces waving to him. They smiled at DX. He sat near them.

“How are you feeling Wang… I thought they shot you!” DX asked in a surprised tone

“Er… they actually shot a needle called soul saver. I just made me unconscious” Wang said

DX remembered the soul saver needle Angel showed him. It has become a big confusion to him about aim of the rescue order. On one side, they seem to be good people not hurting a fly on the defense order side. On the other side, they are masterminds in mass genocide due to virus, drug abuse and now bombs in public places.

But it did not matter to DX. It seemed clear to him that they were actually trying to lure the defense order cadets to their side. For instance, Angel was trying to get him to their side by showing fake statistics.

DX looked around. There were no Russian soldiers.

“What’s with the uniform… why are you all wearing Mystique coats?” DX asked bewildered

“We are as ignorant as you are” Wang said raising his brows. Obviously he expected DX to know about this.

 Vidimus’s slide opened on screen…

Attack on Russia: Operation Inca

Overthrow of Volkanov’s Leadership

Primary Goals:

  • At any cost, assassinate Russian Prime Minister, Volkanov Betteridge
  • Keep DX alive till the end

Secondary Goals:

  • Recover secret documents as an unofficial mission

Mission Hints:

  • Evade the SEER War machine at all costs. It is powerful and indestructible

There was chaos in the room. Protests rose from many people. DX felt

extra brave and got up. The room became calm and focused on DX.

“Do you have a problem DX?” Vidimus enquired “We didn’t even start the briefing… I am on the first damn S-L-I-D-E”

“It looks like Russia vs Rest of the World and the assassination part… I can’t do it” he said sternly and sat down

Neither can we. This is stupid…. This is political terrorism… came shouts from different corners of the room.

“When will you guys stop looking at the smaller picture… look at the big picture… Russia is joining hands with the rescue order… this can spell trouble to the whole damn world” said Vidimus in a rhyming tone

“What would happen after we assassinate him?” an Indian guy from corner questioned “What will happen to the world’s view on Styx?”

Vidimus looked at him sternly and replied…

“We put the blame on the rescue order”

Now they got why they are given rescue order coat. Few people felt this utmost stupid as they started rising from their seat…

“If you try to leave… you will be arrested under attempt to escape an armed force in between a strategic mission… Styx Employment Rule A32” Vidimus said with a mischievous smile.

They came and took their seat.

“This is no force…” Vidimus said still knowing that he was forcing them “You are all children of the world. We need to stay together to combat terrorism and bring peace and happiness… to our children”

Several people in the room became calm.

“The world needs us…” Vidimus said now almost stumbling upon words “… they trust us… it is not Russia vs World… it is World vs Volkanov… a person who is aiding Mystique a group who have already caused more than a billion casualties and stop at nothing to destroy the innocent ones… the high adrenaline youth… bastards”

Vidimus looked around and asked…

“I won’t force anyone into this…” he said finally “Are you with me… with the World in this mission?”

“Yes...” came the answer in chorus.

“Is it fine with you DX?” Vidimus asked

“Don’t worry sir” DX replied “We will win… Operation Inca will be a success”

Vidimus gave a wide smile. Rest of the slides discussed tactics and common tips. He then left

“All right” a tall guy with Styx uniform spoke “I am Mr. Alex Wayne, special coordinator of this mission. Helicopters are waiting for you… board them… you will be escorted to a secret Mafia group under cover from Styx headquarters. You will receive mission strategy there… MOVE … MOVE…”

A guy came to DX and made him wear rescue order coat. He went to the courtyard where copters were taking the cadets in. All copters had the defense order logo painted to them. This is primarily to make the other nation believe a peaceful Styx force is arriving.

DX boarded his personal copter with Alice.

“Do you know where to take me?” DX asked half closing the door.

“Yeah…” she said “Your de-briefing will be today evening… lot of time… so I am taking you to meet a very special person…”

“We don’t have time… but we can meet if time is short… who is it?” he asked shutting the door.

“You’ll find out soon” she said lifting the copter

Alice took the copter off the scenic landscape of Styx River. The copter landed half an hour later. It still must be America DX thought. The landscape seemed familiar to him… it was Proving Grounds!

He got down and looked around. A familiar girl approached near him. It was Angel. She looked enthusiastically at his coat from bottom to top and then fixed her gaze at the hour glass logo DX was sporting.

“Hmmm… an hour glass logo… and what does it say below it…. Ah…The Rescue Order” Angel said with a wide smile “So when did you guys join Mystiques?”

DX put his head down. Alice was a spy for the rescue order.

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