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Chapter 15 (v.1) - The XWORLD

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



DX and Angel walked down the lane towards the light post at Proving grounds. To DX, Angel looked much bright today. A copter flew above him. It took him a moment to realize that it was Alice’s copter. It was better she took it off lest she be spotted by defense order cadets.

DX had his camera eyes off. So it was safe for Angel. It was important to be friends and spies together.

“It is a big surprise to me…” DX said revoltingly “Alice, my personal pilot is a spy for the rescue order!”

“Hmmm… if this knocks your head off, you will be amazed to know how deep in defense order hierarchies we have spies… we know every step your order makes!” Angel said proudly.

“That must be a rotten lie. Every communication channel in this planet according to your flash disk data is owned by Illumine Corp that established the defense order. Any spies within us would have been caught long back” DX said dismissively

Angel gave a short laugh and then replied…

“Then what about us? We are spying on each other. Nobody is able to track us” Angel quoted. DX was thinking of an answer and abruptly replied…

“If you are so much satisfied with spies in the defense order hierarchy and if you do know every step that it takes… then why do you have this mutual spying with me? It’s useless right?”

“Ok… let me accept… I am not trying to get any info from you, I am just trying to get you on our side” Angel said frankly. They had reached the light pole.

“I knew this…” DX said “Even the soul saver is a conspiracy to get many defense order cadets to your side”

“Then why do you promote my interference into your time… why not just take out your gun and shoot me off?” she asked

“Because…. Because…. You are my friend”

Angel first felt DX was evading her question. But from his voice, she felt this to be true.

“DX… do you know where I come from?” she asked suddenly

“Yeah… Atlantis buried 300 miles underground… some mythological shit you want us to believe in…” DX said humorously

Angel became stiff.

“It is true… didn’t you observe how I just appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared into nowhere the last time here?” she reminded him

DX thought about it. Did she just run away? No, then he would have easily spotted her. And from where did she appear all of a sudden the first time they met?

“May be you hid in the dark?” DX said after a big pause “That’s the best guess, but that seems impossible”

Angel smiled tactfully.

“Do-Do you really come from underground?” he asked giving up.

Angel sighed as she pressed her finger on the device on the light pole. Immediately it glowed in florescent colors and four slabs opened on the concrete floor revealing an opening. There was a room with certain electronic devices inside. Angel got down and beckoned him to get in. They sat on adjacent chairs. She operated on a computer and the slabs closed.

“What exactly is this?” DX asked looking golly around him. The computers looked quite unique with hologram based user interfaces. He virtually felt himself to be in movie setting of Star Wars. Angel was able to pick and play with virtual objects on the hologram.

“DX...” Angel said looking at him intently with her green eyes “I need a promise”

“Go on…”

“Today’s meeting will be NO POLITICS… friendly meet only” she said strictly

“That’s easy”

“And you just have to enjoy tonight… and do not tell anyone what you are going to see 300 miles underground” she said a little low in tone

“I promise… where exactly are we going?” DX asked unsure whether she was speaking the truth.

“To a place called XWorld… a wonderful place only next to heaven… 300 miles underground”

DX wanted to shout but Angel’s eyes were speaking the truth. Hologram of an ear appeared on the hologram monitor. Angel spoke to it…

This is Angel with DX… he is here for a peaceful visit

A 3D Text appeared on screen


A feeble voice came back…

You are authorized… countdown starts… 5…4…3…2…1…

The box started moving down.

“Hey are we going underground?” DX asked

Angel nodded with a pleasant smile. DX decided to sleep guessing the amount of time an elevator can take to go down 300 miles. But no sooner did he close his eyes for relaxation than she woke him up.

“Get up… we have arrived” Angel shoved him with her almost dimensionless palms.

“Huh… its just been 10 minutes… we couldn’t have travelled 300 miles underground…are you units different at XWorld?” he asked feeling lazy to get up

“No… actually the elevator’s drag is balanced by a buoyant flow of liquid that surrounds it… so you don’t actually feel it going that fast underground” she said

INTERCOM: Vidimus: DX where are you… turn your camera eyes on

DX knew Vidimus couldn’t  hear what he says unless his camera eyes were on. The camera subsystem acted as a transmitter of both video and audio in front of him. He decided to let Vidimus guess his location. XWorld seemed more interesting to him this moment than burning his ass trying to kill some famous personality

She pressed on some holograms. The lift doors opened up and a street shopping corner showed up. For a while DX was mesmerized by the appearance of street.

Laser lights glowed on top of shops. DX went to first shop. The keeper was selling some robots. He ventured and asked what exactly these stupid looking machines were.

“Don’t judge by appearance, these are powerful machines” the shop keeper replied. He was old with white hair and beard. He looked too slim wearing a half open shirt exposing his bony ribs.

He got out one robot from the top and placed it in front of DX. It had a very complicated mechanism but he was able to understand how it was fixed. It definitely was hand-made.

“You just have to place a milk pack, a coffee pack and it will take care of giving you coffee” he said proudly.

“Hey we already have this in our world… coffee maker” DX said dismissively

“Oh… I will show you something that you would have never seen” the shop keeper said in a challenging tone and went in. DX turned to look at Angel, but she was busy seeing some flowers on the other corner. The shop keeper came out with a big giant robot following him. It must be at least 8 feet tall.

“Introducing…. Robo Cop” he said.

“How does this exactly work?” DX asked looking at the magnificent robot which was covered with a cool shield.

“Just try taking any item and running away with it” the shop keeper challenged. DX took the most light weight robot and started running away. Before he could cross across the shop, he felt himself lifted high up. He turned around to see the robot’s hand extended like a spring and was holding him up.

“Get me down!” DX commanded. The old guy went near the robot and switched some wires behind it. It dropped DX on the floor and the robot he was holding broke

“Oh… are you all right…” the shop keeper asked lifting DX up.

“Yes…” DX said “It was an amazing bot…. wow…. But teach it how to drop people safely”

“Naah” the shop keeper quoted “you definitely don’t want robbers to be dropped safely”

“I am Vrota from Spain… but people call me Vroom” he said shaking hands “And you?”

“I am DX”

“Coool name… never heard of that one” Vroom said as he continued cleaning his shop.

“Cheerio” DX said as he went towards a waiting Angel. Apparently he realized he wasn’t popular in XWorld.

“Let’s go to my apartment” she said. DX followed her.

“Hi Angel” a tall Indian man wished on the way.

“Hi Ravi” she grinned

DX looked around the underground world. It seemed as if it was there for at least the last 50 years. XWorld seemed like normal world with restaurants, houses, Software corporations etc, but something seemed very different to DX. People looked more cheerful and joyful than anywhere else. And they definitely didn’t look like a terrorist gathering.

“What is the relationship between the Mystiques and XWorld?” DX asked her suddenly

She looked at him and raised her eyebrows

“Oops… if forgot… No politics” DX said with a smile

Angel nodded majestically and proceeded.

“What is the difference between XWorld and normal World?” DX asked “Everything seems similar here too”

“Very simple. XWorld is secure… you can’t have someone rob you or murder you. ” Angel said

“Is it because people are good here?” DX asked

“For the most part, I would say it is because everyone here has great religious principles and particularly… no concept of bothering other people’s business” Angel remarked “We stay calm, do our work and let other’s do theirs. No politics please. We don’t need someone to rule or so. We know how to rule ourselves”

They entered a small staircase on the road that led to a door below.

Kristina Angelica

Angel of all Abodes

“So is XWorld free with no government?” DX asked “This can lead to chaos”

 He felt he was dwelling into Politics. Angel pressed a code at keypad attached to her door. The door opened

“Yes, we do have a neutral all time government. That neutral government is a gigantic AI computer. We have microchips installed inside us that monitor our every activity” she said. DX felt this unbelievable. Below the Earth that we know, there existed peaceful townsfolk called XWorld who had an AI based government!

They entered in

Her apartment had a beautifully decorated hall. DX guessed almost all girls are good housekeepers. A huge photo of Nikola Tesla hung in the middle of her room.

“You like Tesla’s invention?” DX asked

“Yeah… but I kinda like him more than his inventions… you know, he looks quite handsome”

DX raised his eye brows. But he felt it was useless. Many women fell madly in love with Tesla during his period. But he ever remained married to science and led a life of chaste.

“Do you love someone?” DX asked suddenly.

Angel looked at him strangely and said…

“No… why do you ask?”

“I was curious” DX said unsure himself of why he asked “I thought you loved only old and dead scientists”

“We must” she said sitting on the couch “It’s because of them that we live such a wonderful life today”

DX felt the need for a debate. He sat near her and said

“If that is case, what about the missiles, atom bombs…don’t you think life was great when we were monkeys in jungle?”

“That is where a line comes between XWorld and normal World. XWorld is purely wonderful uses of science alone. We have an exclusive module in our government to decide if a particular technology is good from an ethical point of view”

The table had few papers that had Math equations.

“What are all these?” DX asked

“Hmm… I am a head data interpreter of XWorld. It’s my duty to see all statistics” she said

“It must be a boring job” DX said sighing “I hate statistics”

“No it isn’t” she replied instantaneously “It’s about collecting data and visualizing it in various forms… and get some meaningful information from it!”

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Where are you DX?

“Damn this intercom” DX said in little frustration “Hey I got to leave”

“Ok… I will accompany you” she said. They left her apartment towards the lift. On the way, DX saw a beautiful bird with long beak. It looked like a Dodo.

“What is this bird?” he asked Angel

“It’s Dodo”

DX felt astounded.

“I know what you are thinking…. Dodo was extinct centuries ago right? At XWorld, we preserved many species yet”

DX was mesmerized. This meant XWorld existed centuries ago. Before he could ask anything else, they arrived at the lift. Angel again operated the hologram device. The door shut down and the elevator started moving up.

Angel accompanied DX until the copter arrived.

“Thanks Angel for the trip… but it all seems to be a mystery for me…” he said

“DX…” Angel said catching his hands “You are a very nice guy… kill no more … Volkanov is a revolutionary”

DX was surprised as to how she knew his mission. It might have been an easy guess, DX thought. First off all, Mystiques had tie-up with Volkanov and above all, he appeared in Mystique uniform in front of her.

“I will try Angel” he said “But I can’t go against my duty”

She nodded. DX boarded the copter as it took off Proving Grounds in a stylish way towards Moscow


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