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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Stalingrad Mission

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012




1 A.M

It was getting too cold. Russia must have arrived. DX could guess it easily. Even his fabricated skin felt resistive to cold. Russian cold even stopped the determined swastika army of Nazi Germany.

The black copter stopped in an isolated corner. DX got down.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Good DX. Now Ramenstien, member of your team is approaching from far left. I am loading a map. Reach the back of parliamentary building… I repeat, reach the back of parliamentary building

DX’s retina displayed the message

Received AlphaMap.pdf

A transparent map appeared in front of DX allowing him to both look at the map and move to his destination.

DX suddenly saw a red dot in map and a tag showed him to be Ramenstien. Suddenly the red dot disappeared. DX roamed the deserted street looking for him. He lost him. On the map, he was able to spot a way to reach the back of parliament.

He suddenly sees wobbly movements of a blue dot near to him in the map. A tag near to it clearly showed something that shocked DX.

The SEER – War Machine

“What the fuck is SEER doing here?” DX thought. For a while he wanted to see the magnificent machine. But loving his life, he took a side step to an alley to escape its path.

He was unfortunate, as the SEER also seemed to converge into the same alley. DX clenched to the wall hoping for the last moment that SEER would take a detour. How wrong he was when he saw a bright stream of light. He just hoped that the machine would go straight. A huge tanker sort of machine entered into his view.

It was coated with a glossy material which effectively hid its interiors. The most amazing component was it’s wheels. It was made out of rubber thread gearing metallic tyres. From the flexibility of tyres, DX could guess it was made of nano rubber tubes. What shocked DX more was that it had a 360 degree camera on top. It identified him and effortlessly turned towards the gully. DX could hear the War Machine speak.

Contact Found… Moving in… Scanning Contact…. Unidentified Contact

It was moving slowly towards him. DX looked up to see if he could cross the wall. It was a huge wall. But SEER had no weapons in any angle. He thus remained clenched.

The SEER stopped near him and suddenly two little holes opened on its sides. DX guessed that to be laser gun inset.

It spoke in a machine tone


“I am Thomas, a rescue order cadet” DX replied gathering courage


DX knew his fabricated skin can’t resist laser bullets. He could be blasted to death

“I – I am a new comer…. Yeah” he said






A device came out and it scanned DX’s face.


The SEER moved off very fast across another corner. DX stared breathing hard. He was scared to death. That was one hell of a machine. It was noiseless in motion. DX could guess it’s weird shape was because of its anti radar capability.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: All right DX?

“Fuck you” DX said “You were quite all this time!”

INTERCOM: Vidimus: DX… if I intercomed u in front of SEER, it could trap signals and identify you.

 “That was close” DX said rubbing sweat off his forehead

INTERCOM: Vidimus: You were lucky. There really was a new comer called Thomas among the Mystique

“Yeah… more luck was that he did not have a photograph” DX said

DX knew it was not total luck. He saw Thomas’s name among the data sheets in Angel’s apartment. The sheet was entitled “New recruits”

Seeing SEER not so hostile to him now, he moved out. He started moving towards the back of the parliament. He heard noise of someone walking fast. His map showed Ramenstien coming behind him. DX immediately turned back. Being in pairs gives more courage.

The SEER was passing in front of Ramenstien. He started firing at it. A blue energy shield formed immediately and effectively absorbed the bullet. A laser light blasted Ramenstien off leaving him shredded into several parts.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: SEER might become suspectful. Run now.

DX ran through the deserted streets trying to find a way to back of parliament from the mazy map. He saw a group of rescue order cadets waiting in a corner. First he thought of shooting them.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Good DX. That is team alpha. Go and join them.

DX was amazed at how well masked they were. He recognized Wang and went to them.

The team first uses a Wi-Fi scanner to scan all Wireless hotspots. Most of them indicated the cameras on top of pillars that surrounded the parliament. They hacked into it and replayed the video feed.

The team then started moving towards the gate with masks as is customary with rescue order cadets. A guard stopped them.

“We are cadet A32. We are here to meet the PM” Wang said

“Wait a second… aren’t you guys supposed to come from the front?” he asked now clenching his gun more tightly.

“Yeah…” Wang replied instinctively “But there are mobs on the front”

“Ok…” the guard said “Check in… in the meantime I shall verify”

The team entered in. Wang looked around and spotted another guard on a watch tower above.

“Steve…” the guard talked in his mobile “the rescue order cadets are entering from behind…”

A bullet stuck the guards’ head and he dropped dead. At about the same time, the guard from the post dropped down. DX turned back and saw Wang showing thumbs up.

“That was cool Wang” he said


“Can we go up?” a masked girl said. Her tag read

Carla Watson – Operations

“Are you crazy?” Wang replied “The batch of Mystique must already have arrived”

INTERCOM: Zeino: Team alpha. Go to basement on left corner. Check if the guard has key to it… I repeat… check if the guard has key to the basement

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Trust Zeino. He is a very important contact.

“Did you all get intercom from a guy called Zeino?” Wang broadcasted around

“Yes” came the reply in chorus.

“Did you get the trustworthy intercom from Vidimus?” he broadcasted again

“Yes” came he reply in chorus again.

DX didn’t wait a moment and took the basement key from the dead guard. They headed towards the lower left corner. There indeed was a basement with a small shutter. They got inside and locked the shutter

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Team beta. Surround the parliament backyard perimeter… I repeat surround the parliament backyard perimeter.

“Is there a team beta?” DX asked this team

“Yes” Wang replied “They are just for holding perimeters behind us”

Wang looked a real dacoit in mask and Mystique uniform.

“I wish I was in team beta. Easy life” Carla mumbled.

Team alpha from the basement dug a hole to reveal a kitchen. They shoot the chefs with silence pistol and locked the door. A fat guard tried to get in. DX opened the door remotely by hacking it with his PDA while he hid on top of a refrigerator. As soon as the guard enters, he shot him with his silence pistol.

They slowly enter the hall. One camera was scanning the entire room from a staircase above. But it could be hidden by someone standing under it. DX got an idea. One member in his team was fat. He asked him to dress up in the dead guard’s clothes. He does it. He then asks the guard to wear the cap and look down till he reaches below the camera. The fat cadet goes with his head down below the camera and acts as if he lights a cigar effectively hiding the camera’s view. In the meantime, the rest of team alpha entered the room above the staircase.

The fat guy was just roaming down. He felt it would be better to wait down. If any emergency comes, he could easily escape through the basement.

Suddenly a door on the side opened and a Russian soldier came. The fat guy took out his stealth pistol but it was too late. The soldier shot him and raised the alarm.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Alarm raised. Two guys take the front cover and protect the rest while the rest proceed to assassinate the PM.

Carla and another guy stayed behind the front door and hid behind two iron cubes. Their gun stretched above displaying a panel below. The gun had an attached camera and automatic targeting feature. They were able to view what lay ahead of them in the panel. The Russian soldier rushed up pointing his gun. Carla's gun above her was able to auto-target the soldier. She pulled the trigger as molten plasma fused his body.

All soldiers who entered so suffered the same fate.

Team Alpha enters the main hall.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: I guess people here are still unaware of the alarm. So use stealth.

“Roger” Wang said

There entered a side door where a guard was standing. Needless to say they shot him with the stealth pistol.

The side door led to another hallway with an array of camera on one side of it. DX checked the camera's range using the infra-red detector in his PDA. The cameras covered everything in front of it but missed the area below it. DX got an idea. He asked everyone to stick back to the wall. They agreed and stuck to the wall one after the other in the side of camera. DX then asked them to move rubbing the wall flat. They started moving flat avoiding the camera and reached the other end of the room. Carla locked the door. The Russian PM, Volkanov was having a black coffee jar in his hands. He was about to pour it into the cup when he saw DX pointing the gun at him.

Suddenly a masked girl out of nowhere kicked the gun off DX’s hands. She easily twisted the bodies of 5 other team members and threw them aside. DX tried to use his martial arts against the masked girl but it proved useless as she was able to counter everything. She had the hour-glass logo to her dress indicating she was a terrorist.

She continued chasing and twisting DX with her unique martial art. They fell down over the ledge and fell onto a glass platform. The glass broke as they fell to the ground. A piece of glass was pierced in her hands. DX thought of taking advantage of this. He tried to attack her with Jay-cu [citation needed: find some art like this]. Surprisingly, she was able to counter it and twisted DX again and flung him to a corner. DX took to heels as she chased him

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Wow DX… never saw a martial art like this… what is this called?

“Let me come over there and then I shall ask her to demonstrate that on you… hope you will find out what it is” DX said panting and running

He went to a corner and said

Invisible On

He ran around for some more time. The masked girl must have lost him. He decided to relax there for a while. The mission was however a failure. DX thought he should have become invisible once up. But who knew someone would attack him all of a sudden.

Angel removed the mask and looked around in desperation. She missed him.

“Tormod” she said taking her mobile “I think I lost him… Jesus…he can become invisible”

The SEER suddenly came few yards away from him around the corner. DX cursed himself to have fled towards the backyard. He could have ran along the side corners.

Suddenly Low bio feul… Exhausting in 3…2…1…

Invisible Off… Camera Eyes Off

The SEER looked very hostile. It’s camera detected him

Hostility Detected…..

And it shot a laser beam at DX. DX was quick enough to manipulate the path of the laser and dived sideways. The laser stuck a cylinder in the corner and it blazed off. DX ran for his life and almost fell over Angel. A whirl of shock swept across him when he discovered that it was Angel who was ripping him apart with her strange martial art. She never looked like it though. The SEER shot another laser as Angel pushed DX off and self maneuvered herself into a yoga position. The laser missed her.

They started racing away from the advancing SEER. Angel started jumping up and down a series of cardboards on the way to confuse the SEER’s AI. DX started jumping sideways. It tried shooting but in vain. Both were acrobatic enough to escape the laser.

“Move across the corner” Angel shrieked jumping upon a cardboard which was then stuck with a laser beam “Alice is waiting”

DX nodded and dodged to the corner. Angel jumped across and they both fled together. DX looked back. The SEER was far away from them. Alice’s copter was waiting ahead

“Tormod indicates it is gonna shoot a missile as we are at a considerable distance from it” Angel said “Any bright ideas Mr. 5 times intelligent”

DX felt this to be a move of kindness. Angel could have simply not warned him and move on to one side. In either case, the SEER is chasing him and not her.

“We kick each other” DX said running

“S-Sorry?” she asked puffing

“We kick and push each other” DX screamed. The SEER let out a missile.

DX and Angel quickly caught each other and kicked each other on the stomach. The fell on two opposite corners as the missile went straight towards Alice’s copter. She took it off quick enough to just escape the missile. DX and Angel continued running dodging lasers. DX climbed up a glass building. SEER let out a missile. DX let go. The building virtually broke. He was able to hold on to a window and climbed into it. Angel instead went to a dead end. The SEER was about to turn. Angel sweated on her soft skin. She hid behind a garbage can hoping something great might happen in the last moment

“Torms…” she said holding her talkie “I am doomed”

“Stop the talkie” he said “It might detect communication”

Angel looked above, closed her eyes and switched off her talkie. DX peeped from above the building. The SEER was driving close to the garbage can. He took his pistol and shot at it. The defensive shield effectively stopped the bullet but it sure did distract the SEER from the garbage can and it focused on the building. DX was looking through the window. It shot a laser which DX dodged. It raced towards the edge of the building. What happened next simply left DX’s mouth wide open.

The SEER physically changed its structure. It was a sort of fluid transformation. DX thought SEER’s entire components may be nano tech based to ensure such rapid changes to physical structure. The fluid started moving up by the use of anti-matter molecules surrounding it. Anti-matter reverses gravity effect on matter.

DX started running in the building for his dear life. The fluid landed on DX’s floor and reformed itself to form back the SEER. It looked a bit different now. It bent on several ledges of the broken building. DX performed several acrobatic steps to move on from one floor to another. The SEER found it impossible to move through little holes in the broken building DX was moving it. It thus had to fluidize itself and pass through it. Occasionally it shot lasers which DX’s quick reflex system easily dodged them.

The SEER, now completely stuck in the middle of a derelict building had no idea as to how to come out of it. DX proudly climbed out of the building. He ran on the other side of the garbage can and touched a frightened Angel. She screamed.

“We need to get out of here… SEER might come down” he screamed

“Alice” Angel said in her talkie “Come down here”

The copter landed as DX and Angel boarded it. It took off the violent street of Volgograd. The SEER unable to figure a way out launched a huge missile within the building. The whole structure broke off. But the SEER remained intact. It then fluidized and converted itself into itself.

Hostility escaped… The SEER failed it said

The copter now moved steadily out of Volgograd.

“Alice… can you please take me to Frankfurt?” Angel asked exhausted

She nodded

“Thanks Angel… for the missile thing” DX said looking at her kindly

“I don’t know how much I should hug you for saving my life” she said with a wide smile as she hugged him.

“What ‘s up at Frankfurt?” he asked her.

“Some mission… again” she said

“You look exhausted… might wanna take rest” he said

She smiled and nodded

“So… what are you gonna do?” she asked him.

“Get scolded… what else… a dog is gonna bark at me… I wish one day I would put that guy in front of the SEER naked” DX said thinking of Vidimus

Angel and Alice laughed

“I informed Vidimus that you are alive by the way” Alice said

“What did he say?” DX asked

“Nothing… he was disappointed about the loss of mission” Alice remarked

Angel sighed

“What happened?” he asked looking at her

“You know what happened” she said looking at him sternly “They don’t even care about your life… all they bother about is your mission”

This point stuck DX hard. He didn’t even think about it. Angel formed a special part of his life now however cruel terrorist organization she belongs to. It was because she treated him closer to heart than anyone else. So far he thought it was because of getting him into their side. But today after they saved each other’s life, he felt a special bond existed between them.

Angel got down at Frankfurt. She kissed DX’s cheeks and asked him to take care. He blushed. She bade bye to Alice and left into the darkness. The copter took off the streets of Frankfurt towards Styx Headquarters.

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