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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Aftermath II – The Game of Trust

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Styx- US Head Quarters

5:00 AM

DX looked at the watch on the corner of his retina. It displayed time to be 5:00 AM local time. He had his bio cell recharged due to his body heat in an hour. The copter landed gently just nearby Styx river near the backyard of the defense order HQ.

“This is to avoid unnecessary people ask unnecessary questions” she said with a smile

“Thanks” DX said

“By the way, I bought a koala bear toy for you” she said searching her bag “Oh…. I forgot it at XWorld”

“Hey... you know that place?” DX asked suddenly remembering the hazy place Angel took him.

“Never mind…” Alice said as he started taking off. She obviously wanted to avoid the question. XWorld seemed to be an operational place for the global terrorists. DX felt the need for the defense order to conduct a peaceful raid there to identify Menna.

INTERCOM: Angel: DX… as a friend, I need a promise. Please do not tell anything about XWorld to the defense order.

DX immediately decided not to tell anything about the defense order. Not after he saw athletic abilities of Angel. She alone could handle a 100 defense order soldiers

INTERCOM: Synergy: DX… it makes me extremely disappointed to know the failure of this mission. This is not why we spent so much on you

“Fuck off” DX said confident that Synergy couldn’t hear. He rather wanted to say that in front of him.

DX entered his office. Macy gave a pleasant smile in his seat.

“What are you doing here?” he asked demandingly

“On…nothing…  just checking out your PC” she said leaving her hands off the keyboard. DX came near her.

DX realized as he came closer to his seat that, Macy was not in her secretary dress. She rather wore a mini-skirt.

She got off the seat sensually. There were a few strawberries on the table. DX suspiciously sat down worrying whether she hacked into his accounts. The screen showed two women making love. was the title of the web page.

“W-What is this?” DX said turning towards her.

She took out a chocolate and put it in her mouth and started chewing it. She then sat on top of DX touching his pelvis with hers and her legs spread across his seat. She gently touched his lips with hers and slowly opened it and let out chocolate flow into his mouth. DX felt an erection as he received the chocolate from her mouth and started chewing it.  She slowly slid her naughty hands below DX’s navel and unzipped his pants. DX unbuttoned her tops and let off her melons free. She had no bra.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: DX… Alice reported that you arrived. Please meet me urgently at the refreshment room!

“Oh…” DX said spilling the chocolate over Macy’s bosom.

She got up and started cleaning her bosom with her kerchief.

“I-I’m sorry… I gotta leave” DX said getting up.

“The fire has started just now honey” she said lolling her tongue “Don’t you

want to get nasty?”

“Vidimus called me” DX said cleaning his chocolate laden lips and started

towards the door.

“Hey” she called back

“What?” DX said looking at her passionately.

She looked curiously below his navel. DX looked down and realized he did

not zip his pants. He zipped it

“Thanks” he said and left the room. That was completely unexpected.

Vidimus was sitting quite and sipping chocolate milkshake in the refreshment


He looked quite calm contrary to how he used to look in the previous mission that also failed. DX sat near him.

“I know” DX said before he even began “I failed… but I tried my best”

“I understand” Vidimus said patting DX’s shoulders “That masked girl was beyond any comprehension”

There was a pause after which Vidimus began

“It is very hard for me to imagine that you had coffee with a terrorist here” he said anticipating a reply.

DX felt offended. Angel was above all his friend. He dared not to mention a word about XWorld or Alice as per the promise.

“I am awaiting an answer DX” Vidimus said fixing his eyes on him

“We have already gone through this. She is my friend!” DX said loud save a scream “What do you want to know from me?”

“DX” Vidimus said asking him to calm down “All we feel is that you are not 100 percent loyal to the order. How can you make friends with an agent from our enemy territory? I just want to know if you have any problem”

DX thought for a while. Maybe he was just covering up with a word friend. Why did he really want friendship with Angel who belonged to his hardened enemy front? Was he emotional? A tear was about to form in his eyes. He gathered courage to answer

“I am not sure of the organization’s goals… it seems killing of important people everywhere….” DX said

Vidimus was listening patiently

“It seemed to me that something important was on their side when even a person like Frizzy Max decided to join their side… so I wanted to develop a friendship….”

“DX…” Vidimus began “Any so called great person can be lured by black money and drugs… forget Frizzy, he was on narcotics for the past one month”

DX gave a weak nod. This seemed fine to him and he ever decided to resist anything Angel might offer him to eat.

“I am not the one who frames policies here DX” Vidimus continued “Someone higher up does it for our own good. Name any mission and I will justify you!”

“This coalition against the Mystiques… I need a justification for that” DX said

“What? Don’t you believe that they are terrorists?” Vidimus asked him

“They never killed even a single defense order cadet in their operations even though they are capable of” DX stressed reminding Vidimus’s last statement where he claimed proudly that Mystique cadets were no match for Styx cadets.

“That’s part of their game” Vidimus said “First they lure Styx agents but not hurting them. After that, they make friends using soft social elements like homely women! And after that… easy information access”

DX felt this to be vaguely true

“What is this XWorld thing?” DX asked

“Never heard of it…. X-World??? What is it?” Vidimus asked sipping caffine

“Never mind… just a phrase few kids were using around… what about drug and virus statistics since the defense order’s arrival?”

Frizzy took out his PDA, typed something and gave it to DX

[a graph showing cool results for Styx: citation needed]

DX gives it back to him

“Clearance…” he said suddenly “I am not allowed to know certain things… especially about this Simons conspiracy… why?”

“In the UN… for that matter, in any organization, a hierarchical structure is followed. Even I don’t know what people above us are doing” Vidimus said

DX was stunned

“Above us?” he retaliated “I was stressed many times… forget me… people were stressed many times… that Styx was an autonomous organization… who are those above us?”

“Classified DX… you simply do not have clearance to know that!”

DX felt a little uneasy. Vidimus dragged his chair closer to him.

“You might feel a little uneasy about the clearance thing DX… even I felt the same, but all I can say is that you have to follow the oath. Doing stuffs against the order will harm not you… not me… not Styx… but the ultimate force of this planet, the common man”

There was a short pause

“Thank you… that relieved me” DX said getting up finally

“Contact me if you need anything” Vidimus said

DX wanted to ask Macy but fought back the instinct. He went to his office in a dazed condition. He was extremely tired of fighting the SEER. Acrobatics sure was hardwork. He lied on his couch, closed his eyes and started thinking about government, terrorism and people.

Suddenly he felt something soft fall over him and a wet sponge touch his nose. He opened his eyes to see Macy on top of him licking him. She had him trapped in a handcuff.

“Hey” DX said looking around “Someone might come in”

“I hacked the door honey… it shows your status to be home” she said looking at him with lust.

DX lied back comfortably as Macy unzipped his pants and freed his manhood out of his boxers. She took out the pink packet from her pockets. DX could read it’s title. Trojan - Extra Time, Extra Mood She chewed the cover open and dressed DX’s manhood with it. She slid her mini-skirt up. She wasn’t wearing any underwear so it was ready. It lasted for ten minutes. They rolled up on each other sweating.



K2 Villa

5:00 PM

DX reached home. He noticed his dad working on some equations in his home library.

“Oh DX” he said looking at him “How are you?”

“I am fine” DX said “I just want to know… what your role in the defense order is”

K2 looked at DX and realized it was not worth hiding any information anymore.

“It’s classified DX… you are not in clearance to know that” he said

“If Styx is for the benefit of people, then why so many things are kept classified?” DX asked him

K2 immediately rubbed the board clean and wrote fresh

Process in Mystique and Styx: A comparision

“The first point DX” he said “Is that they attract people to their side. They mesmerized many high quality engineering students to join them”

K2 showed DX a pamphlet


Order of Rescue – Mystique Corporate

CWP Division (Change World Projects)

Wanted Heavy Biogenetic Young Researchers – 35 break through projects

Compensation: 80,000,000 credits per month

Attractive Villa and Car + Free Dating Service

For Details contact: Krista Angelica (Evangelist – The Rescue Order):


“Imagine such a huge money per month DX… in these bio genetic research labs, they develop viruses, drugs etc… see, they are kind hearted outside, but very cruel inside. They speak soft outside, but they are harsh inside and they act kind outside and may even protect you from a possible danger… but all this with a selfish motive. Of course, they keep on brainwashing you that your organization, your boss etc are bad and don’t care about you” K2 said in a diplomatic tone.

DX looked at the pamphlet and identified Angel’s name in it

“Hey…… couldn’t you identify their servers and trap them” DX asked

“We tried…we even located their geographic location… but there was just a barren land there”

DX realized the server must be 300 miles below the location. But K2 hardly could have a clue.

“At Styx…” K2 continued “We are good inside DX… we work for people. But what you need to understand is that we have pyramid scheme here. The people on top are a secret force who want the nation to be just and kind and a wonderful place to live with no suffering. So you only need to know that whatever… and I mean whatever they say is good for the common man”

“How can I be sure of that?” DX asks

“For instance” K2 replied sitting on his couch “If you hadn’t killed Frizzy, he would have supported the terrorists apparently for narcotics… if you had killed Volkanov, a new Russian coup would have assured a terrorist free government with increased Styx support [Russia should waver in support of Styx (or possibly reject): back citation needed] Now isn’t world becoming a better place”

DX was thinking

“For another instance, I make many decisions for the defense order… Vidimus personally consults me before he could take any step… only then he can proceed. Now what does that say?”

It clicked on DX’s brain

“You are a very nice person” DX said finally getting up “So the decisions you make are good. I trust you dad and so I trust the defense order”

K2 smiled and replied

“I trust you son”


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