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Chapter 18 (v.1) - The Motivation

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Russia Under Coup: Volkanov’s Government is Overthrown

Due to heavy opposition by the people and extremely heavy increase in Drug Abuse and Trapdeath deaths in Russia and its neighboring countries, a grand secret coup has overtaken Russia last night at around 3 A.M.

Volkanov and his political parties have been arrested by the coup led by Mr. Zeino Kosovo. Surprisingly, their aim seems to be reunion of the former nations to form back the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republic.

“My dear brothers… do you remember how prosperous we were in the 70s and 80s! We were on par with America! And those days are going to come back” said Mr. Zeino, who could be the next PM.

It was also publicly disclosed that Volkanov joined hands with the global terrorists, the Mystiques and its overthrow was thus favored by the defense order


Madison Square Garden, New York City

8:00 PM

DX was never in heavy formals. The first time he is wearing this, it made him feel uncomfortable and he looked aged. Simons was leading him who himself wore a long coat. His tattoos made him a dangerous looking personality. DX personally felt that people at defense order looked more like terrorists than at the rescue order

“Where exactly are we going?” DX gathered the courage to ask

“A party!” Simons said as he dashed ahead towards the entrance. A horde of security was around them guarding them.

“I know it is a party” DX replied “What kind of a party?”

“A grand party!” Simons yelled with a smile and continued leading

DX felt it was useless to ask Simons anything. Almost half of the questions he asked him had a standard answer … no clearance. The rest half had meaningless answers.

They entered Madison Square garden. The auditorium was filled with several people in formals. The center stage had a huge screen….

Styx – Defense Order Anniversary

“Hey look it’s DX” a whisper came in a corner.

DX turned slightly and had a look at who whispered. To his surprise, it was Micheal Bough, his favorite Brazilian scorer. His joy knew no bounds when Bough came for his autograph. My fan is my fan! DX thought.

As Simons led DX forward, several eminent personalities turned to have a look at him in admiration. Miss Tamira, author of popular children magic books, Mr. Edwards Canterburry, founder of nano-computing industry and world’s richest man even took a signature on DX’s photograph.

“You are an innovation of modern civilization” he said. His words had a lasting effect on DX

Simons led DX to the first row and made him meet with the president of US, Mr. William Turner. DX felt astonished shaking hands with the president. For a while he felt that all these could be a dream. But he knew it wasn’t. He was made to sit in second rows just behind the president.

His dad K2 came from the side and greeted the president. He then sat near DX.

“So… how is it DX?” he asked him

“Seems like a dream” DX said still amazed “Why are all these people present here?”

“They funded the establishment of the defense order and coordinate its functioning” K2 said

Looking around, DX saw the number of people who actually help the defense order. He felt so bad to have been narrow minded and to have doubted the defense order.

The show started in a pompous manner with flashes of nano lasers everywhere. An animated movie by Pixar was shown first. It displayed Styx vs Mystique war land where war between the two forces was fought with modern warfare. The only difference was that the defense order army fought with vigor.

“We have truth… honesty …. And in particular… God on our side” the animated Styx commander said. For a while DX felt he saw this character somewhere.

“That is you DX!” K2 shouted

It stuck him. He felt a little shy as the crowd applauded.

The Mystique troops were shown to be cowardly and cunning. No one was willing to lead their team and they had a self centered organization. The brave defense order cadets immediately attacked them and had them captured. Finally the defense order characters were shown to leave the war-land as flowers fell from above. Flowers also started falling from above the auditorium as an extra effect.

Blossom filled the room. The center screen displayed…

Flowers will fall on the warland… peace and happiness will be restored.

The whole auditorium stood up and clapped. DX felt tears ready to come out of his eyes. It truly demonstrated how everyone can get together to solve problems of the world.

A poem was displayed in a central screen and simultaneously carol singers recited the song…

History is Vast

But they have bad memories that for an eternity, can last

Future is extremely hazy

Worrying about it might make us go crazy

In between History and Future, is the current

Where the infinite soul of humanity rises like a torrent!

The Soul of Humanity is STYX – The defense order

There were claps again.

The new general secretary, the oil faced Sandra entered the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ms. Nadia who wrote this poem…!”

A little girl almost 8 years old stepped on top of the stage. She received a diamond medal from Ms. Sandra. She sure is a genius DX thought

“In addition to this…” Sandra continued “She receives a life time scholarship to pursue her education funded by the United Nations Educational Foundation”

There were heavy claps as Nadia bowed to everyone. This according to DX was a perfect world, where everybody celebrates.

“Ladies and gentlemen, before we go ahead with our tonight’s show, we need to congratulate someone who saved the world from becoming a DOOM” she said proudly “Someone who protected my home, the United Nations from the terrorists”

Focus of entire auditorium shifted onto DX.

“…yes…. We are proud to present the Shield of UN to the bio-kid, DX!” she screamed in joy.

The flood lights now focused on DX. K2 urged him to move onto the stage. DX started walking upto the stage with pride. She gave him a shield. DX waved the shield to the crowed. The whole auditorium stood up and applauded him. K2 cleared the tears of joy that came. DX couldn’t imagine a more happy moment. The applause lasted 5 minutes as he kept on waving the shield. He promptly returned to his seat. K2 shook his hands

“I am proud of you DX!” he said

“Laides and Gentleman, please welcome, president of the United States, Mr. William Turner to reveal a secret” Sandra said as he got down.

Turner entered the stage amidst applause. 

“My dear people… in my career, I held two important positions in my life… in the past as a director of CIA, and now as president of the United States….”

He started walking around the stage

“In these two positions, there was one man who gave me two breakthrough ideas…. The second idea he gave me was the establishment of the defense order for world peace…”

There were buzzes among people…

“That’s right” Turner said with a smile “This is just one person who actually got this idea and architected the whole defense order…. And I invite him to come over to the stage…”

DX thought of asking his dad who this person was. But he saw that his dad’s seat was empty. He was not there. More astonishing was that his dad was walking towards the stage. There were applauses. DX couldn’t help clapping very hard. It’s hard to believe that the architect of the defense order was his own dad!

“Thank you” K2 said “I thank world for accepting two of my greatest ideas… DX and Styx”

There were applauses again

“I now invite Mr. Timothy Guldvog, my neighbor to the stage. He has a message for the world” K2 said. Timothy, a person in 50s entered the stage. He looked very depressed. The crowd could easily realize that something emotional was going to be addressed.

He took the microphone and looked at the audience

“I hate my son! I hate my son” he shouted. Tears were easily seen in his eyes

“My son is a terrorist. My son is a terrorist!” he shouted

“If I ever see him… I will shoot him… yes I will” he shouted even harder. But now his body was shaking because of heavy emotions

“But before that…” he said in a soft tone “I will ask him where the bullet would strike him soft and painless”. He was now in complete tears. K2 held him firmly. The whole stage stood up in respect for him. He was escorted back.

“I now invite the director of Styx – United States and Universal Strategist, Mr. Patrick Vidimus”

Vidimus entered the stage slowly. DX liked this feature of Vidimus. Though he was king of nagging, he took decisions calmly”. K2 returned to seat near Mr. William Turner. They started talking on some strategies.

Patrick spoke of Styx’s achievement of getting down Trapdeath rates down by as much as 20 percent within one year of operation. [date citation needed]

He then spoke about the 1000 prisoners of the rescue order they captured who are being held at a secret place. DX felt very proud. He felt a strong urge to get all nations adhere to the defense order.

There were heavy applauses. Patrick then spoke about over 5000 Drug and Sex rackets. In the background, seizure of drug shops was shown. There were claps everywhere. Vidimus left the stage with honor.

“Finally” K2 continued “The whole world has united to solve each other’s problems and get a better future for mankind. With this, I announce one more major move in the history of the defense order”

K2 went to the center stage. A small glass pillar rose near him. It had a button. He pressed the button. Immediately the screen started flashing colors and graphics…. After a while, 3D text started appearing and vanishing

Styx’s next big mission

3….2…. 1…

The Cure for HIV2 Virus….!

5000 Scientists from diverse universities and organizations have been recruited to work on the cure

The time to act is Now!

The Soul of Humanity – Styx

This was unbelievable news. The whole stadium was filled with roars. DX’s palms were numb and red because of heavy clapping. K2 had a wide smile

“That’s right” he said jerking violently “We announce to you the development of the cure for Trapdeath”

DX suddenly found someone pulling him away from the stage. He looked above and identified the tattoos to be of Simons

“We need to go away DX” he said seriously as he continued taking him. DX followed him to avoid people from thinking that he was actually being dragged.

“B-But the show is not over!” DX demanded

“You do not have clearance to watch the other programs” he said seriously “Now shut up and follow me”

DX was enraged. They reached outside the auditorium.

“I am a special agent” DX commanded with anger “What could make these celebs who have no idea about Styx intelligence have more clearance than me?”

Simons fixed his snake-like gaze at DX.

“It’s the clearance that makes them celebrities” he said calmly “Now please get into the copter and go home”

The copter rose silently off New York City. DX had no mood to go home. He thought of going back to office and do some hacking into Mystique portals.

“Take me to Kentucky… Styx HQ” DX told the pilot. The pilot was not Alice and this eased DX. She kept on pestering him with questions every time he was with her.

There were several portals online that claimed they were the official terrorists. But DX knew all these were crap. The copter landed near the HQ. DX went towards the front gate. The guard saluted him. He saw the poster at the notice board at the gate.

[change citation needed]Free Clinic, 10 Subway Street, Kentucky.

DX wanted to check out the clinic.

“Do you have a free car here?” he asked the guard. He gave him keys to a Mercedes. The car’s auto driver drove him to 10 Subway Street.

He knew his nano coated body and custom blood was immune to any known human disease. He bravely ventured inside the clinic. What he saw inside was virtual hell. Bodies lay astray on the floor. Most of them were dead. Few nurses were attending really sick looking patients. They wore protection clothes and mask.

Those infected with Trapdeath were kept inside small cages. They were roaring and screaming with red eyes on looking at DX.

“I will kill you bastard… come here… let me swallow your throat” a Trapdeath infected boy in one of the cages shouted

In another room, DX was able to see few parents who were looking sadly at a girl who was tied up. DX guessed it was their daughter. She looked angry and was vibrating. But she was tied up so badly that she couldn’t move a muscle.

A nurse came in and injected something to that girl. She almost instantaneously fell dead as her parents fell atop her and started crying. That must have been lethal injection!

DX in a rage stopped the nurse who was coming out

“May I help you” she asked in a very childish tone

“You just killed a young girl” he accused

“If I didn’t” she said with a smile “She would have died of extreme mental breakdown… and moreover, we are running out of cages… so we need more free cages”

DX let her go.

“By the way… do you need a cage too?” she asked

DX took out his gun. She screamed and ran away. He continued inside the hospital. Every corner showed up sick and wretched teenagers who were obviously severely addicted to the drug Menna.

A nurse was taking details of a patient in a corner. DX listened to their talks.

“Since when did you get this Trapdeath?” she asked him

“I don’t know you stupid” he screamed “Am I the doc?”

“For god damn’s sake, give him some cure” DX retaliated.

“There is no cure” she said calmly “Death is inevitable”

DX felt little relieved that at least now cure development has started thanks to Styx. He left the hospital with a very disturbing memory. On the way, an old lady caught his legs.

He bent down with pity. She was lying in rags.

“Son…” she said “Do you have 10 credits… I feel very hungry. I am suffering from Trapdeath”

DX felt a sense of pain rush his mind. He had a mother but seeing this old lady call him son gave him an essence of another mother. He took out 50,000 credits and gave it to her.

“You will recover soon mother” he said sympathetically “How did you get infected with this horrible disease?”

“The global terrorists… I am a street candy vendor for school children… one day… w-when I was selling candies in a subway, a-a group of terrorists having an hour glass logo attacked me. They were monstrous. They kicked me till I bled and when I was about to pass out… they injected me the virus” she said in tears

DX was in a fit of rage

“The defense order will bring back peace” he said pouring courage into her

“The defense order is of no use… all they ever did was to give us this rotten clinic where the nurse takes bribes… its just not free”

DX felt extremely broken down at the condition of people. He walked down the street with his head down. He looked back into his life… life of Mercedes, life of power, life of money… but he felt it was not necessary for him. What he really needed was to help the suffering people. Since the advent of Trapdeath, the city’s people became wretched and more people became poor.

On the way, in a corner, DX heard voices of girl cry. He went into the corner. It was semi dark and nothing was visible. He suddenly saw certain Mystique troops slapping a young 8 year old girl. She was howling in pain. One of them took a syringe and pierced it into her hands.  DX instantaneously took out his gun and fired at each of them. The plasma bullet at 20000 degree Celsius virtually turned the bodies of the rescue order cadets to black soot. DX went and hugged the crying girl. It was too late. The syringe contents were empty as the girl’s blood greedily swallowed to viral contaminant.

DX reached his office at 10 AM. and he bashed into Vidimus’s office.

“There is a proper format to enter my office… you have to contact my secretary…”

“Damn your whore secretary…” DX yelled ignoring Macy who was cleaning the paintings “People are dying on the streets… what are the defense order cadets doing?”

“Let us talk coolly on besides the river bank shall we?” Vidimus invited

They talked about the problem for an hour.

“So…” Vidimus asked “What would be your future plans?”

“I feel so sorry to have doubted defense order” DX said sadly “I want to go for it and destroy the Mystiques completely”

“Hmmm…” Vidimus thought “To destroy such unemotional people… you have to be unemotional yourselves”

“I am ready” DX said without a pause

“Not so fast DX” Vidimus said with a typical smile “Think of the word unemotional again. You must be ready to kill anyone for this purpose… even women!”

DX nodded. He observed that Vidimus had an expecting look. DX shuddered

“Yes DX” he said “Your third mission… is to assassinate Mystique head data interpreter and Chief Evangelist… Krista Angelica… we do not even have her photo… but you know her personally… you would be the right person to assassinate her”

DX thinks... Angel is his friend

“Trapdeath is killing millions DX” Vidimus stressed

DX remembered the hospital, the old woman on the street, the assaulted young girl…

“I accept it” he said at last. He calls Angel using his PDA.

Call Start: Unknown Gateway

DX: Hello Angel

Angel: Oh hi! I was just into my bathtub

DX: Listen… I need to meet you… alone at Proving Grounds

Angel: Is that urgent? I just had a heavy day today

DX: I want to meet you … it’s been very long

Angel: Oh… that is so sweet…. See you there in an hour!

DX: Bye

Angel: Bye!

Call End

“Roger” DX said to Vidimus “I will assassinate her tonight”

Vidimus smiles and starts leaving

“By the way” DX called him back “Alice is a spy for the rescue order”


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