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Chapter 19 (v.1) - The Centurion

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



“Oh… why couldn’t you have told this earlier?” Vidimus remarked “She needs to be questioned”

He called his secretary and asked to send Alice for an interrogation. Alice came walking towards Styx river bank in rage. She was wearing a sweatshirt.

“Ah… here comes the queen… the queen spy!” Vidimus scowled

“DX… you cheater…” she said in humility “You promised not to reveal this to anybody”

He hung his head in shame.

“You are under arrest” Vidimus said

She looked down.

“All right” she said raising her head up “But before that… take this” she said putting her hands inside her pocket

“Shoot her! Shoot her!” Vidimus shouted trying to run. DX was too shocked to respond. Vidimus immediately took out his pistol and shot a dazed Alice in her heart. She instantaneously dropped dead as the toy koala bear in her hands slipped down to DX’s feet.

“Oh…” Vidimus came with a smile “I thought it was a gun… anyway she deserved to die”

DX felt extremely ashamed of what happened. He took the toy and put it in his pocket. He was speechless. A copter landed near them.

“DX!” Vidimus shouted to get his attention “Listen… don’t just kill Angel blindly. First get some secrets revealed. After that kill her…. Keep your camera eyes off if that is the protocol”

“Oh… yeah” DX said in a haze.

“Now go! Board the copter” he urges DX. He boarded the copter as it took off the Styx River.


The Proving Grounds, Los Angeles

2:00 AM

Angel was in a pink pyjamas. She looked fresh. She gave a pleasant smile. DX got down looking disturbed.

“Where is Alice?” she asked looking back at the copter

“She is dead” DX said “Vidimus shot her”

Angel’s bright face suddenly eroded as she started crying. She became stiff and started slapping DX

“Hey stop” DX shouted holding her hands “Vidimus thought that she tried to shoot us”

“It’s a lie” Angel said instantaneously “She would never hurt a fly”

“Yeah” DX said hanging his head down “She was about to take a bear toy… which Vidimus thought was a gun”

“Alice made that toy out of her own hands… for a period of two weeks just for you” Angel said still in tears. DX took out the toy and he couldn’t prevent his tears. He lost a wonderful friend

“You are a barbarian DX” she screamed “You let killed an unarmed revolutionary, Frizzy… and now, you let Vidimus kill an unarmed woman, Alice”

“Will you shut up…!” DX screamed “You are the killers… I saw your cadets injecting virus and drugs on small kids…. And old citizens…. You have defaced the whole society like parasites… you are terrorists”

There was a brief pause. Angel then calls the pilot to come down. He got down. She takes out 10000 credit notes and puts them on ground. She then gives him a syringe filled with water.

“Inject this on the bum near the petrol bunk wearing this coat… and then I will give you this money…. ” she offers

He immediately wore the coat. It was Mystique uniform, took the syringe and raced towards the bum. He kicked the bum unconscious and injected water. He then came back triumphantly. Angel gave him 10000 credits and took back the coat.

“See… anyone can be bribed to act bad” she said “We are good people DX”

“I feel so confused” DX said “Alice was such a good friend… you are such a nice friend”

Angel catches his hands and rubs it.

“If you come with me” she offers “I can show you the truth… I can ward off your confusion. Let us go to XWorld again… but this time with…”

“Politics” DX ended her sentence

Few copters were in sight. Angel immediately caught DX and they enter the elevator. She operates on the hologram computer as the elevator shaft started moving down. He thought they might end up in the shopping complex. But the elevator opened in a subway.

“The path of the elevator is dynamic” Angel said looking at DX’s puzzled expression

“Wow” he said. The station was well crowded. Not one minded him. Seemingly they did not know about him.

They get into a subway train. The whole XWorld is a subway though DX thought

“Where exactly are we going?” DX asked her

“To meet your best friend” she said “Tormod Guldvog aka Torms”

Few tears fell from Angel’s eyes. DX cleared with his fingers.

“I am sorry about Alice” DX said “I feel as sad as you are”

Angel nods

Seeing DX’s calmness, she started

“XWorld is a world of its own. We have a different world here which has long back beaten your world on science and technology”

“It looks like a dream here” DX quoted “How could you build something so great 300 miles underground?”

Angel opened her purse and took out small box. She opened it. A bright crystal shone out of it. It was so bright that it lit the entire semi dark cabin of the train. DX had to close his eyes to avoid its illustrious glare. She closed the box and kept in inside.

“Wow!” DX said in utter amazement “What was that?”

“A centurion” she said “Non-radioactive, self disintegrating metal… it continuously is in the process of converting its mass into energy… on its own!”

DX had his jaws opened. He did remember making a research paper on crystal dynamics and conversion into energy in Learning Center

“Don’t dear Earthlings know about this metal?” DX asked her

“Nope” she said “It’s a well kept secret… we have millions of such crystals to supply us unlimited energy”

The train stopped. Angel leads DX through a small street. They enter a small room down the street. Tormod was on his bed operating his laptop. On seeing DX, he threw his laptop aside and hugged him. DX also hugged him tight.

“I feel this strange” DX remarked “You are the head of XWorld… I imagined heavy security and clearances to reach you!”

“Welcome to XWorld… quite different from your normal world huh” Tormod said with a laugh

“Muller!” DX screamed finding their doggie. The dog identified him and cuddled up to him. Love is omnipresent

Three more guys enter in. DX identified them to be his school friends Krishna Chaitanya aka KC, Rene and Rahul . They lift him up.

“Welcome to XWorld dear buddy” Tormod said “Welcome to the world of no fear and all science”

“You are too heavy” KC said “They must have stuffed a million transistors in you”

DX laughed for the first time in several hours. As he got down, Tormod hugged him again.

“I missed you the most” he said “Ever since childhood, we did so many things together”

DX turned back to Angel. She was smiling

“Thank you” he said with a smile.

Tormod takes DX to another room.

“This apartment is our head quarters” he said

“It looks like a disheveled bachelor home” DX quoted

“That’s right!” Torms replied “Imagine feeling home like when you are working!”

“This is Mr. Stevenson, Head of Military Operations” Angel introduced. Stevenson was bald man in his 50s. He eagerly shook hands with him

“May I know who this is?” he asked kindly

“I-I am DX….” he said

“And this is Robin Theodore, humanitarian head”

Robin was a teenager who looked like a bamboo stick. He smiled and shook DX’s hands

“What’s that position?” DX asked

“He manages XWorld humanitarian society, a society that preaches goodness” Angel said

“Wait a second” DX said enthusiastically “Is XWorld a religion?”

“Yes!” Robin said “We are a new religion… called humanity”

“Science and Religion must go together DX” Angel remarked “A fact your normal world forgot long back”

DX felt a chill rising in his heart.

“We believe in the existence of One God, who created heavens and earth” Angel continued “Idol worship is banned in XWorld”

Angel, Tormod and DX sat in the dining room.

“So…” DX asked Tormod “Mystique…. Drugs… viruses… what’s this all about… and where does XWorld fit into this picture?”

Tormod smiled…

“Mystique is an integral part of XWorld… trying hard to prevent viruses, drugs and reduce poverty” he said

DX was stunned. Tormod’s eyes were telling the truth.




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