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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Deep Blue

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Welcome to planet Earth! It is an amazing planet which is the only one known to support something called life. While SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is searching for more such planets, shall we look into how life is in this planet?

IBM Corporate Headquarters

Silicon Valley USA

April 1997

NOTE: The match described below is a FACT!

What do all software corporations fight for? Is it creation of amazing experiments or just trying to prove to the world that they are superior? Most of the time the latter seems to be true.

IBM’s amazing AI machine, Deep Blue is a wonder. It could perform 200 million moves in a strategic chess game. IBM sent an invitation to Gary Kasparov, then world chess champion for a bout with Deep Blue.

The handsome chess champion could make up 12000 different moves given a chess board. Yet he defeated Deep Blue in their first encounter. IBM was highly dissatisfied given the amount of publicity they made on this event.

How a machine that can make 200 million moves could be defeated by a human who can make out just 12000? Researchers call this human intuition. Almost 99 percent of the moves processed by the super computer program Deep Blue are garbage. Human intuition on the other hand thinks almost 50 percent of things to be useful ones.

IBM worked on the strategy module of Deep Blue and invited Kasparov for yet another match in 1997. This event was publicized even more. Nevertheless, Kasparov loved experiments and he accepted the challenge.

Kasparov (Russia) vs. Deep Blue (US) started with regular timings of chess game.

Kasparov took care of every move and strategy of his own and tried to guess Deep Blue’s own strategy. He found it little difficult to guess initially. As the game went on, predicting Deep Blue’s move became more and more difficult. Deep Blue won.

It looked more like IBM vs. Kasparov. Though the experiment was great, IBM showed off their superiority, typical of blue chip industries.

Many researchers predicted that the time had come when machines could think beyond humans and surpass all human ability.

On reading the incident on 1997, Professor K2 had a brand new idea, an idea which he never knew could change the world.

That very night, he composed a document thesis entitled “Project DX” and submitted it to US Government Department of Science and to CIA.

25 years later, Project DX was completed successfully.

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