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Chapter 20 (v.1) - The Media, People and Government

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



“If you can come with the seminar hall, I can show you some wonders on how people are carefully and secretly deceived by democracy” Tormod assured

“Sure” DX said. Truth mattered to him this time more than anything. They entered the seminar room just opposite to Tormod’s apartment. It was a small room that can seat only 10 people maximum. It was empty. They occupied the front row. Tormod went until the board cum screen and began.

“Media… that’s how the defense order lies to the people… using media”

“The defense order has no separate media division” DX interrupted

“Oh… the pyramid controls all the media!” Tormod replied instantaneously

“Who is pyramid?.... I was told many times that I must be loyal to the pyramid…” DX said bewildered

“Oh don’t say you weren’t told anything about the pyramid” Angel said gazing at him

“No… not a word… all they say is that I have no clearance to know about the pyramid” DX said relaxing in his chair

“He must be in the bottom most level of the pyramid” Tormod said. Angel nodded

“I am not clear” DX said looking at Angel

Tormod took out a device and he started drawing a 3 Dimensional pyramid in air.

“How could you draw on air?” DX asked

“Oh… this device…” Tormod replied showing the device on air “is a nano  projector. It automatically generates 3D nano grid within 1 meter cube of air. I can draw on this grid which is basically exciting the atoms on the grid”

Tormod then continued to draw lines across each face of the pyramid.

“Can’t you comprehend it” Tormod asked looking at DX “It is an organizational structure”

“I get it” DX replied “Fewer organizations are on top of the pyramid where as many organizations are in the bottom”

“Correct” Tormod said “Imagine if you were facing away from the pyramid standing at some level of it…. You can only see the part of pyramid below you and besides you. But you cannot see the part of the pyramid above you”

“So what does that exactly indicate?” DX asked

“It means, an organization at a particular level of the pyramid can see and control the organizations below it and besides it but it cannot control the organizations above it” Tormod said

“I get it” DX said “So you are trying to say that Styx is in some level of the pyramid and some organization above it is controlling it right?”

“As much as I can say, Styx is at the bottom but one level up in the pyramid… several forces and organizations control its functioning”

“Who is at the bottom most level of the pyramid?” DX asked

“Obvious answer” Angel said “We the people”

DX was stunned

“The pyramid is a mark of autocracy then….  But this is democracy…” he said with attention “people are supposed to rule the nation”

“People wanted democracy…. So the Illuminati made people believe there actually is democracy while secretly establishing an autocracy”

“You mean the owners of Illumine Corporation” DX stammered

“Don’t tell me that they did not tell you about Illuminati!” Angel responded

“Only you told me through that USB Drive” DX said shrugging

Tormod now sat near DX. This clearly indicated to DX that something important was coming his way.

“The Illuminati - 13 of the world’s richest families…..They have their network of business in every possible field. They are corporate dons” Tormod said

“You mean, their leader is Edwards Canterburry, NanoSoft CEO and world’s richest man?” DX asked enthusiastically. He remembered Edwards taking an autograph of him during the party

“No” Angel said instantaneously 

“Forbes…” DX began but Angel interrupted

“Forbes tell you that Edwards is world’s richest man for the last 10 years… but the Illuminati is 100 times more richer than him. In fact, Edwards himself falls on some level of the pyramid” she replied

DX now understood why celebrities at Auditorium had more clearance than him. They simply fell on some higher level of the pyramid and had the right to know other things. What were those other things which were being hidden from him?

“Here is the list of Illuminati Families” Tormod said showing a projection on screen using his pen.

Majestic 12 – Illuminati’s 13 Families

Reynolds Family

Du Pont Family

Rothschild Family

Rockefeller Family

McDonald’s Family

Kissinger’s Family

Morgan’s Family

Schroder’s Family

Disney’s Family


“Where do the Illuminati fall on the pyramid?” DX asked

“The very top” Tormod replied

DX was in a vital disbelief. 13 families were actually ruling this planet.

“This cannot be…” DX said

Tormod switched over some images on his PDA which then projected on to the screen.

“What about the new Israeli parliamentary building?” Tormod said. A building showed up with a pyramid on top of it.

“Here is a picture of the International Court of Justice” Tormod said switching to next picture.

A picture of front view of international court of justice showed up. It had a pyramid in front of it.

“The illuminati controls major world organizations… here are the list of organizations” Tormod said projecting a slide

New World Order – Illuminati’s Organizations

International Court of Justice

International Monetary Fund

United Nations Organization and its subsidiaries, NATO,STYX etc

United States of America

World Bank Corporation

European Union

“It’s hard to believe all this” DX said stammering.

“Oh yeah?” Tormod said moving closer to him “Then what about this one dollar US bill”

He projected back side of US dollar 1 bill on the screen

It started becoming very clear to him. He took out the recent one credit note from his packet. It showed the symbol of pyramid on the back too with the words

Novos Ordo Seclorum”

“Latin for New World Order” Angel said

“Is the United Nations is an Illuminati corporation? Hard to believe it” DX said

“The United Nations building itself was constructed in New York on land donated by the Rockefellers, a prominent Illuminati family” Tormod replied

“Oh yeah…” DX remembered this fact he studied in history at LearningCenter. [citation please]. It was a land worth 8.5 million dollar donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr.

DX took a moment to pause. He had a cup of water and then returned back to his place.

“Dear God!” DX realized “Truth is pain… The virus??? Who made the virus?? HIV2 virus”

“We believe, it was created at Area 51 bio-research facility on the order of the Illuminati”

DX remembered Area 51. It was a secret military installment near Nevada belonging to the US government.

“I thought it was US Military based installment… wait…. Is the US President in the pyramid too?” DX asked.

“Yes… almost in middle of the pyramid I guess” Tormod replied “He belongs to a special organization called Skulls and Bones”

“Skulls and Bones! Is it similar to Nazi’s SS Deathshead?” DX asked

“Yeah… they have the same base, symbol of devil” Angel replied “S&B is a secret society formed at Yale University. Almost 52 of the last 53 presidents come from this society… the list include Mr. Bill Clinton, Mr. JFK, Mr. George Bush and of course, Mr. William Turner, the current president”

“Who controls the president?” DX asked

“A better question would be Who controls S&B…?“ Tormod replied “Any organization above S&B can control it according to our definition… but primarily they are controlled by CFR / RIIA, Council of Foreign Relations / Royal Institute of International Affairs, a British society”

DX was shocked. America was working on British interests.

“How did the Mystiques come into the big picture?” DX asked

“Because of me” Tormod replied “I eavesdropped a CFR member talking on phone using a secret intercom… about their atrocities. I already knew Angel to be my classmate… I always felt something strange about her, an aura I guess. When I told her this one day in canteen, she asked to take an afternoon off to come with her to this secret place called XWorld… and I never returned that afternoon and dedicated myself to XWorld”

“Tormod is an amazing guy” Angel said. DX noticed him blushing “His extremely novel management skills and high IQ made him leader of XWorld. We then started Mystique, World Rescue order as a front end organization behind which XWorld can hide secretly”

“Then what did you do?” DX asked pressing more.

“We adopted a unique uniform with Hour-Glass logo…” Tormod replied “basically because it resembles Holy Grail, a symbol of Christhood who saved mankind once. We spread in subways and other isolated areas where the Illuminati Mind Controlled slaves, usually in civil dress actually inject Menna and HIV2 virus on passer-bys. We identify these parasites and make them unconscious before they could do more harm”

“Why don’t you kill them! The bastards” DX said gritting

“DX… they are mind controlled slaves… they do not know what they do” Angel replied “It has been our policy not to kill anybody even though they are our enemy. We get them down here to XWorld, and treat them by telling them the truth! Like we are doing to you know!”

“You won’t believe” Tormod said “Almost all of them felt extremely sad at what they did in hypnotic trance. They now hate the Illuminati and have joined hands with the rescue order”

“But the Illuminati weren’t quiet all these times” Angel said dramatically “Just when the public were slowly gaining trust on us, they used their most powerful weapon, a weapon that can easily control almost 95 percent of people all over the world”

“What is it? What can control people?” DX asked

“I told you in the beginning, the Media… almost all major newspapers and TV Channels are in control of the Pyramid” Tormod replied

“They made a copy of our uniform… showed to people in well recorded videos as though we are injecting HIV2. It was all made up shooting” Angel said in anger

“Look at the quality of video… it’s so beautiful… and they say it is from Subway surveillance cameras… so let me ask a question. Will any criminal taunt a girl in front of a police surveillance camera so clearly visible?” Tormod argued

DX was at loss of words for Tormod’s argument. The truth was getting clearer to him by the moment.

“All major Television network, CNN, Fox Networks etc are coordinated by the Illuminati” Tormod said

“How exactly are people controlled by media?” DX asked

“Remember Goebbels? Nazi propagandist…  he said, Repeating a lie hundred times makes it the truth” Angel said looking sharply at DX

“So they show the video of people being injected by the virus in subways continuously in the so called 24x7 news channels with a header – Mystique , Global Terrorists attack innocent people!” Tormod said “Obviously people will believe what the media says… because they trust them”

DX felt this to be true. The media can successfully show the good people to be terrorists.

“All right… Let us forget US for a while” DX said rubbing his forehead “What about other nations?”

“Every democratic nation has been controlled by the CIA, another Illuminati organization…. Even third world nations are not an exception to this! For instance, Swaroop India Party leader, Mr. Ankit Khandelwal was seen frequently with some the illuminati families” Tormod said as he operated on his pen projector.

Few photos whizzed past which showed Khandelwal with Rockefellers.

“And that is why under the order of Illuminati” Angel said moving forward “The United States under their order wanted a democratic planet… So they eliminated Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi who led the only autocratic nations at that time and bought democracy to them”

“Democracy is nothing but a tool used by corporate heads to control the whole population” Tormod said sternly

“There are all hard truth’s DX… people don’t represent anything” Tormod said pressing his voice hard “Remember, George Bush once said No matter whom people vote for, they vote for me

“How could George Bush, a war lover be elected for the second time? I see ballot box conspiracies here” Angel said with a wink

“What about Soviet Union coup led by Zeino?” DX asked suddenly “Doesn’t that bring communism?”

Again Tormod was instant to answer.

“Communism… Democracy… whatever you call it, Fascism it is to the Illuminati. Anything can be hidden from the people… we have records that prove Zeino to be in the pyramid” Tormod said “He belongs to the Round Table groups, just below the S&B in the pyramid to assure USSR cannot dominate or equal the US”

DX liked this. Tormod’s answers cleared many ambiguities in his mind. DX contrasted this to what happened in the defense order. People there hardly replied his queries in more than few words… most of which were no clearance. The cheaters.

“The illuminati hires celebrities and businessmen from various levels of the pyramids… these bastards willingly join because all they ever want is money, lust and power” Angel said bushing her soft hair “In return, they help the Illuminati in doing horrid projects like the Styx Project – An organization to centralize the military of all nations into hands of Illuminati”

“So now… is everyone under the Illuminati? Is everyone vulnerable to their horrific devilish plans?” DX asked a little nervous. He felt things had gone too far.

Both Tormod and Angel had a smile

“The only organization the Pyramid has never heard of…” Tormod replied “is XWorld”


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