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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Heaven

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



“Is what you said completely true?” DX asked Tormod

“Truth is a journey into itself DX….” Tormod said getting up “Truth evolves over time. Many things I said are subject to change!”

DX was pondering and fidgeting.

“I think you want to ask something” Angel responded looking at him

“It’s a silly doubt actually. Why would they want to spread this virus? They already rule the planet through IllumineNet” DX queried

“No! They don’t” Tormod said “Look at the world… chaos… huge population DX… and that in turn means rapid consumption of resources”

“So the idea is” Angel continued “When majority of poor and down trodden people and middle class families die, they are the only ones left for all the resources”

“And then…” Tormod took it from her “They will replace the working class with advanced robots that need no salary… no pension… no rest… and of course no union”

“Are the Illuminati immune to the virus? Have they already developed a cure?” DX asked

Tormod had a giggle

“Of course” he said “They are the virus creators… of course they have the cure…But they are never going to release it to the public. NEVER. They want those at the bottom of pyramid to die and robots like you to take that spot! Robots always listen to their masters”

“I do not always listen to my masters” DX said “I always feel something they do is definitely wrong”

“I personally believe” Angel said “That you are God sent. He poured a human soul into you though you are a robot. When I walk or talk with you… honestly DX… I feel like I am walking with another human!”

But DX couldn’t help but contrast other robot’s life to his. He was paid handsomely and was given a sense of home. Such things can obviously entice emotions in a robot too. Somehow he felt inclined to Styx for that.

Later that day, DX was in Angel’s hall. Day or night never really mattered at XWorld. There was no sunlight whatsoever. She was busy doing statistical calculations on the overtly stuffed couch. She was jotting something on papers on the table. Something very crucial was running into his mind. The copter must be waiting for him. Vidimus must be waiting for him. But now, he clearly understood that they were just liars who cheated people for the sake of power and money.

But a corner of DX took him to a different world. A world where gorgeous women like Macy made out with him. A world where people were made to believe that he was a savior. A place where he lived a kings life. That place was Styx to him. If he joined the XWorld… sooner or later, the whole world would accept him to be most wanted terrorist. Already several sections of people hated him for being DX… perhaps a race that is waiting to take over humans. He was going mad by the second. He felt a need for a big stress release. Angel was churning her lips looking at the complex data she had to digest. Her lips were luscious and her eyes were beaming green. DX slowly … smoothly slipped his hands below his navel.

Angel looked at DX and her eyes widened seeing what he was holding straight. It was pointing straight at her.

“W-Why do you need that pistol?” Angel asked gazing at DX’s eyes.

“My mission Angel” DX stammered “Is to kill you… now!”

For a while Angel did not know what to do. Maybe she might beg him to save her life. But DX seemed heartless to her. Maybe she could perform her martial art. But DX was on the opposite couch… a little moment by her and DX would run a bullet inside her. Tears just rolled from her eyes.

“W-Why would you want to kill me?” she responded in disgust “Don’t you believe in the truth and proofs you saw now?”

“Angel…” DX replied holding the gun even more tight “No matter what, in the defense order there is a feeling of heaven… imagine being applauded by a thousand famous people. Imagine being publicized in major TV channels… imagine being considered a savior by all”

“And for that…” Angel shouted “You wan’t to forget the truth… and let millions… and even billions die because of the pyramid? Huh?”

DX let out a heavy breath. His mind was thinking but he just could not let go of the gun.

“Even if you are hero now DX…” Angel continued “Once they gain control over people through you, they will simply hire an assassin to kill you and take total control… they don’t give a damn about you!”

DX was still thinking. He was thinking of drawing his gun back. Because even if he did kill her, he could not get back alive out of XWorld. He cursed himself as to why he did not bring a stealth pistol which made little noise when shot. He was unable to remove the gun.

Angel was almost crying incessantly now.

“OK…. I understand DX… you are influenced by power… by lust… while we are doomed to die… in any case Trapdeath will kill us here one day… kill me then”

DX was about to press the trigger. Angels trembling hand slowly signaled to stop it. She was sweating.

“Hold on a second…” she said “After you kill me, escape from the lift in bathroom. And later email Tormod to take my rose plant from my bedroom”

DX felt a unique tinge in his heart.

“Y-You want me to escape?” DX asked unsure of her ambitions.

“Be sure they will kill you … because they love me so much! We are a family here”

DX nodded. He pointed the pistol up and was about to press the trigger. Angel shut her eyes. He sweated for a while and got up still pointing the gun at her. He went to the bathroom looking front at her and back at the door continuously. He opened the door. On the hanger there was a collection of brassiere. He opened the door completely. On the corner, he saw a lift. DX was mesmerized. How difficult it is to love ones own enemy? But Angel was able to do that.

He turned back and suddenly saw Angel in front of him. She looked at his blue eyes sharply with her green eyes. She could have attacked him, but she did not.

“Y-You could have attacked me… “DX said in a puzzling tone

“I am sure you won’t kill me… because I believe that you have a soul…” she said with a smile

DX dropped the gun down and hugged her. He was crying wetting Angel’s shoulders. She slowly took him to the sofa, made him sit besides her and cleared his tears with her soft fingers.

“You truly are an Angel” he said

Angel blushed.

“Come with me” Angel called him as she walked across the hall. She took him to her bedroom. A huge rose plant was on the center of the room.

“These roses” she said “understand my feelings… when I feel happy, these flowers are blooming bright. When I feel sad, these flowers droop”

The flowers were bright and glowing red like a young Caucasian girl.

“Just few moments ago…” she said “These must be drooping down when you were about to kill me”

DX felt this was just her psychological feeling. There logically seemed to be no way for a rose plant to understand feelings of a girl.

“So…” Angel was staring at him expectantly. DX was puzzled wondering what she was expecting. He turned his eyes towards the comfy bed waiting with two pillows.

“Not that…” she said looking embarrassed “I was expecting you to ask the silly question”

“What silly question?” DX asked “About relationship between a stupid rose plant and a girl?”

“9 out of 10 new recruits here ask how plants survive underground with no sunlight” she said sighing

“Don’t be stupid… the whole world knows that any light that contains atleast 6 colors excluding green can cause photosynthesis…” he said leaving the bed room.

“Hey wait” Angel said coming behind him “Let’s go for a walk… you can learn more about XWorld then!”

“How could you get so much electricity?” DX said spreading his hands to face freedom in streets of XWorld”

“Actually, 65 percent of our electricity is from sun” she said proudly

“No kidding. You would need an exorbitantly large solar cell on the surface of the planet for that… and I did not hear of anything like that” DX said

“Only if it is in the surface” she replied instantaneously “It is in deep space near planet Venus, as closer to sun as possible. That energy is transmitted using wave guides into special nano-spy receptors on Earth’s orbit and from there…. They again use nano-wave guides to reach our station”

“Hey can’t they detect your spy-reactors and wave guides?” DX asked amused

“Not unless someone goes to every cubic meter of air… I told they were nano-spy receptors… plus the control center in these devices use custom protocols… so no one can break through” she assured

Space Solar Cell DX thought in amazement. He had actually designed such as system back in LearningCenter, but XWorld has finished its implementation

They entered an Indian restaurant. A beautiful girl in a blue sari came to their table. On her chest, an ID card hung with bold letters…

Amulya R

“I would like to have chicken pieces filled inside a turkey’s stomach… with lots of spices and chilly” he said

“XWorld is filled with scientists. In fact Amulya is part timer here. Hard to find a butcher” Angel said

“Then get a butcher from normal world then” DX replied stressing the word normal.

They had a laugh

“Get us two pepperoni pizzas” Angel gave the order.

“You guys must have become insane” DX said while waiting for the order “No sunlight for an entire lifetime”

“Actually, we like it that way… cool and damp” she said

DX noticed many XWorld residents were quite fair. Melanin Absence he thought.

The pizza tasted far better than any other pizza on earth. They ordered coffee. DX tasted perhaps the best coffee in his life.

“Incredible!” he screamed “it tastes so much better than Earth’s coffee”

“100 percent pure milk from dairy cows” she said confidently “Your normal world packed milk must have been adulterated and must have been at least 4 days old”

A cheerful girl in her mid twenties dived head along into Angel and started tickling her navel. DX also wanted to get involved and tickle her but resisted it.

Angel managed to acrobat her friend into peace.

“DX… This is Disgaea” Angel said still laughing from the tickle “The gift girl. Disgaea… this is DX”

“Disgia... Dis....” DX was trying to get her name right

“Dis-gai-ya” Angel helped out

DX smiled and said hi. He felt extremely attracted to her. Disgaea was staring at him with a smile. She searched her bag and took out a magnet and handed it to DX.

She then started at Angel as though she was reading something, searched her bag and gave her a kerchief. Angel swiped her sweat with it.

“Why did she give me a magnet?” DX asked

“I don’t know…” Angel replied “She can read your thoughts by looking at your expressions… then she gives you the appropriate gift… so we call her the gift girl

DX knew she had interpreted his mind correctly. He was attracted to her and she gave him a magnet. Get Attracted he said to himself

“How can she do this?” DX asked.

“It’s a technique her dad taught her. He was a professional face-reader in the CIA. Unfortunately he was killed by CIA during one of their operations to protect confidentiality, leaving Disgaea doubtful about the government in particular and life in general. She inherited fortune he earned at stock market. She became kind of mad….” Angel said paying the bill

They threw the recyclable cups into the recycle bin and continued walking.

“…She was quite mad and illiterate, but she had the notion of lifting downtrodden spirits with her words and wonderful gifts. Our intelligence told about this girl who was in a mental asylum till last year. We got her to XWorld. Even since, she has been our constant guiding friend”

“That was heart moving” DX said. Disgaea’s madness looked like a cure the world needed. Someone who can rejuvenate somebody’s mind was required of the time.

“You know what” Angel said as they walked through the colorful corridors of the compact street “We have recently been extracting Earth’s excess surface temperature for energy”

“No wonder” DX said realizing “Global Warming net effect came down to 0.2 percent last year”

Stevenson, Head of Military operations arrived. He looked too soft to be a Military operations head. May be that explains soul saver

“Hello Lassie” he said to Angel. A beautiful Indian woman was besides him “Hello Laddie”

“Meet Anjali” he introduced her noticing DX’s glued eyes pointing to her.

“Oh is she… she is…” he said lifting her hands and kissing it. He didn’t seem to move his eyes sidewards.

“Er... she is my wife” Stevenson said. DX immediately returned to his senses.

They continued their walking. A cool breeze always swept softly. DX guessed there must be provisions of an air conditioned fan on top to provide this comfort.

DX told this to her, and Angel hit her forehead with her palms and said something that vaguely sounded as what a geek!

A funny looking tattooed guy whizzed towards them. He had his hair like that of a porcupine only colored with extremely matchless colors of orange and green. He wore a sleeveless with baggies and his over slim body was covered with tattoos of electronic circuits. One look at the transmitter in his hands confirmed DX that he was a crazy geek. He was more irritated when he started to speak

“Whazzzup babezzzz….. Whoooz thiz corporate guy wid yah?” he said screaming and shaking his hands violently. DX swore he didn’t understand a word of hizzz.

“DX himself… a new recruit on our team” she said

“Ohhhh…wowwwwww mannnn” he screamed as he zoomed forward and hugged DX “But aaai willll never forgive ya for killin Frizzzz mannn….”

“See ya bot laterz… I’ve gatta work naaw” and he removed skaters outa his baggie pocks and whizzed awayyyy. DX felt relieved that he left.

“Isn’t any body in XWorld normal?” he asked. That earned a typical Angel’s frown.

“Hey…” Angel said suddenly “Tormod is calling us… we need to go”

“How did you know?” DX asked bemused

“Just like yours, my eyes… in fact every XWorld cadet’s eyes have an augmented PC”

“And how do you input…?” DX asked

“By thought!” she said “Neural heuristics are understood by our OS”

DX wanted this badly. He felt using palms and index finger extremely slow and trouble some. It ended up with people around thinking if he was trying to have foreplay with himself.

“Wowwww….” DX said “You guys are so much advanced compared to our world”

“Actually… normal world is already developed. But much of technology is held closed inside corporate research labs and accessible only to elite few… that’s rule of the pyramid… the people on top get everything… if you even knew what technology the Illuminati bloodlines have been using… I bet you would pee here” she said in a challenging tone.

“No use… I have no clearance to know that” he said sarcastically. Angel giggled.

“Here at XWorld…” she continued “Everything we do is open in our community… the technology… the idea…etc. If you buy a product, you are given every ownership of it including it’s implementation and reselling for second hand… this persists for software and robotic products also”

DX was stuck with awe. He could figure of how normal Earth was slowly getting divided into categories of the pyramid while XWorld stood united into a single category. No wonder, they have surpassed the intellect of the World.

“But don’t you think the World has now become a secure place compared to past” DX suddenly argued “I mean… no world war for the last 70 years [citation needed]”

“Don’t think just in terms of war…” she said “Speak in terms of what they are doing to your life”

She continued

“Look at the kind of movies they show…. Racial, violent, sexually immoral. Look at the kind of music … violent, disgusting lyrics… name one rap song without the word motherf***ker. Look at the kind of sports they show you… barbwire electric cage blood dripping street fight… uhhh”

“By showing these kind of things…” Angel continued “They spoil creativity and reasoning ability in majority of population… again using the powerful weapon… the media!”

DX’s mind went into deep thought. He felt this to be completely true. Especially when a teenager instead of practicing sacred geometry at home or visiting his religious place of worship on Sunday, brawls the Saturday night with heavy extreme music, drugs, alcohol, “temporary” girl friends… of course it all happened since media popularized this as “pop” culture.

“I contacted Tormod and asked him if we can come a little late… in the meantime, we can visit the Soul-Orchestra”

“How did you contact him…? You were with me all the time” DX said

“I just thought of asking him… my neural sensors were tapped by my OS and it converted my thoughts to words. I just thought of sending him. My OS asked for confirmation. I just thought yes. It was sent!”

DX almost fainted. They just implemented telepathy with technology! They entered a huge auditorium. DX was expecting this to be a bull fight or something. But XWorld didn’t seem to be a place for such things. The auditorium was built to emulate Roman architecture of the Colosseum but with acoustic technology. A band of 3 girls and 2 men sitting were sitting on the oval stage. One girl in the middle had a flute. The girl next to her had a violin. The third girl had a microphone. One man played the piano while the other had a guitar.

The orchestra started and the next half an hour was a ride into heaven for DX. The band played heavenly music and the auditorium was reverberating with perfect symphony. DX’s soul felt like dancing harmonically at the beautiful music. While coming out of the hall, DX said….

“Thank you Angel… for this place seems to be if not anything… heaven”

She grinned a cute one


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