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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Surrender

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



“Tormod says your first mission is ready” Angel said. They were sitting in her couch at her apartment.

“I haven’t officially signed any paper” DX said

“Apparently…” Angel said “he has other plans before actually making you sign anything”

DX wondered what his other plans could be

“Strip” she said

“Sorry?” DX questioned.

“You seem to be too much tight in that corporate dress” she said

DX felt extremely uncomfortable in his formals and tie.

“I have a men’s wardrobe in my room… get into your most comfortable dress”

DX wondered why she had a men’s wardrobe. He nevertheless wanted to get more comfortable. He wore a sweatshirt and jeans.

They boarded a subway express after taking a canister of  pepper steak noodles from vending machine. DX realized that most transportation of XWorld involved bicycles and subway trains. These trains seemed to connect any place to any place.

“Is XWorld all over the world?” he asked Angel on the train. The gift girl Disgaea was sitting opposite to them. She was meditating in lotus position.

“Yes… in most part of the world… especially below the capital city of major states”

“How exactly do we go from one nation to another nation?” DX asked

“Subway trains again!” Angel said “It’s free mode of transport too operated completely by robots”

“A21 has arrived” Angel said looking at the arrival station code on the display screen above

They got down a posh street. A neon board glowed in front of them…

XWorld Strategy Street


DX and Angel sat in the waiting room. After a while, Angel went in. After 10 more minutes, DX was called inside. It was a professional conference room with nano grid projector diagrams. DX felt he missed most of the presentations.

Tormod was sitting in a side. Stevenson was sitting in the focal point.

“Sir…” DX addressed him. There was laughter. DX couldn’t understand.

“Nobody here calls anybody sir. We just refer to names” Stevenson said

Realizing they were extremely informal, DX took the next empty seat without waiting for somebody’s permission. Angel had one foot on the table. Tormod was chewing gum. He spit it strategically. The gum fell inside the bin.

“Actually” Tormod began “Modern millitary systems in normal world teach you to respect seniors just for loyalty and control. This is how they keep you under control”

DX nods.

“Let’s begin” Tormod said taking out a note “Can you throw some light on Grand Cathedral DX?”

“Grand Cathedral?” DX asked

“Haven’t heard of it?” Tormod questioned back


“The pyramid is much stronger that I thought in terms of its secrets” Tormod said bending backwards “Never mind”

“Pass the Bluetooth” he asked Stevenson.

He opened a slide in his PDA and inserted the Bluetooth. Immediately, the projector connected to it and displayed a slide.

TOP SECRET: (Q-Blowfish Decrypted Text)

Grand Cathedral = World Domination

MachineThrough People Control


“It’s a machine to control people?” DX asked

“Yeah…” Tormod replied “This was message sent to a top layer in pyramid by some idiot who exposed his IP Address. We had to fight a month to get this encrypted message… and another month the decrypt the quantum encrypted message… and all we get is this… but any information is quite useful!”

“It also has an image…” Tormod said “That of a snake facing sun. I forgot to bring it”

“I do know a walking cathedral…” DX interrupted remembering the cathedral he and Vidimus visited during his first visit to the defense order. That’s where he met its bishop, Simons

“A walking what?” Angel murmured to Stevenson

“Err… actually it is a stable cathedral in Styx, but since we walked towards it… you know” DX said realizing he was blabbering

“Jesus….” Angel whispered sighing

“Hold on…” Tormod interrupted “Is there a cathedral in Styx office?”

“Yeah… and Simons is a part-time bishop there”

“Exactly…the same idiot”

“He is also the director of CIA… Synergy Simons”

“Is this world domination related to Christian movement?” Angel queried

“Looks more like Antichrist movement to me…” Tormod said “Never mind… I think it is beyond that. It speaks of a machine to control all the people”

DX fantasized that it might be him. Maybe after all the pyramid was planning to make him control the people. But his dream was beaten back when Angel replied…

“Definitely not DX…” she said stylishly shaking her legs leisurely “He looks human to me”

The idea was completely sealed off by Tormod’s reply

“Of course not” he said sternly “But DX can find it for us”

“Find what?” DX asked unsure

“The Grand Cathedral of course” Tormod said

“I guess I am far below the pyramid to know that…” DX said in a negative tone

“Dad’s love DX...” Tormod said “He can help you find it out”

A lightening struck DX’s head.

“Where is my dad in the pyramid? He never told me” DX panicked.

“Professor K2…Ah… I forgot to tell you” Tormod replied with an edged tone “He is the head of Council of Foreign Relations, CFR”

DX was speechless. His dad was the head of CFR that completely controlled the US Parliament in addition to being the Head Strategist of Styx Global Operations

“You go on as spy for XWorld… and keep on reporting to us DX” Angel said smiling

“I heard that your team hacked into DX’s transmission subsystem” Tormod asked Angel

“Yeah” she said showing Thumbs up

“You are my baby” Tormod said with a flying kiss to her.

DX felt relieved when he reached the surface of Proving Grounds. The morning sun poured life into him. He couldn’t imagine how XWorld cadets were able to stay underground without sunlight.

The elevator disappeared and a slab covered the floor. DX switched his camera eyes back on. He waited there for an Intercom. And sure enough it came.

INTERCOM: Pyramid: Did you kill her?

DX had no idea who it was.

“Yes sir” he said “Who is this?”

INTERCOM: Pyramid: Out of your clearance to know that

“Fuck your clearance” DX thought

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Ah… there you are DX. Congrats on killing Angel. The Pyramid told me. Did you get vital information?

“Yeah…” DX lied. He decided to cook a cock and bull story about what information he got from her.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Good! I am sending the copter.

DX played online chess game with Deep Blue premium access. Deep Blue, world’s strongest chess program was converted by IBM into multithreaded program for people to play online.

DX defeated it the 10th time. He acted as if he was an ordinary guy named Sid. Deep Blue went mad as no one defeated it so far. So IBM immediately erased the database about the matches all the 9 times to preserve their pride that their machine tops chess. They even offered Sid 10 million credits for not coming online again. DX didn’t care about this offer and continued to defeat it.

“Ready to move sir” a male voice came

DX looked up to see a stealth copter and a pilot just few yards besides him. He hated this stealth technology. It has become too much noiseless and stealthy that one cannot identity a copter that just landed beside him.


The copter took off the silent Proving Grounds. DX missed Alice. He felt extremely sad about what happened.

INTERCOM: Pyramid: DX! Come to Pyramid Prison Egypt

INTERCOM: Vidimus: DX! Come to Styx – US Headquarters for discussions

DX knew what he had to do. His loyalty went to the pyramid first.

“Take me to pyramid prison. Somewhere in Egypt it seems” he told the pilot

“Sure sir” he said “I know that location”

DX felt this might be the chance for him to talk with prisoners and get to know more truths. He had no idea why he was being called to Pyramid Prison.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Cool DX. That was actually test for your loyalty.

“I hate being surveyed” DX said blankly

INTERCOM: Vidimus: I assure you this would be the last time

The hot Egyptian climate though wasn’t felt inside air-conditioned copter, he could imagine seeing it outside. The copter landed amidst never seen before pyramids. They were much smaller than Ancient pyramids and were polished with marble.

Synergy Simons was waiting down in Hawaii T-shirt. He looked extremely funny

“Welcome to Pyramid Prison” he said shaking DX’s hands

“I never remember seeing these in any history book” DX said looking around

“You never will too” Simons remarked “These were constructed recently by the defense order for the rescue order terrorists”

“By the way” DX said to the tyrant “More good news, I assassinated XWorld Evangelist Angel”

INTERCOM: Angel: You seem to be very happy spreading this news around jackass.

Simon’s hugged him happily.

“This is one great leap for Styx” he said

“Did you kill Tormod?” he asked in a devilish tone

DX wanted to shout that Tormod was his friend but then controlled himself…

“No… he had heavy security. 10 Retinal scanners at different levels surrounded his work office” DX said. He contrasted this with Tormod’s actual office which was just another apartment around the street corner. DX missed the jovial street environment of XWorld.

“Where is his hideout?” Synergy asked

“300 miles below Proving Grounds” he said confident the Simons would become mad

“We will dig through it and kill them all” he said with a barbaric smile

DX felt sad at how he was unable to look at devilish side of these people all these days. They seem extremely happy to hear the words kill, assassinate, destroy etc.

Simons took his mobile and ordered his men to start digging Proving Grounds.

INTERCOM: Tormod: Synergy turns out to be complete nut. “Normal” world technology has never dug more than 8 miles.

DX couldn’t resist laughing. Simons was actually planning to dig 300 miles underground which will take millenniums to complete. At the same time, he was awestruck about the secret metal Centurion which actually dug miles underground.

“I need to know about the cathedral” DX suddenly asked Simons

INTERCOM: Angel: You blew it… Don’t tell them that we already know something about Grand Cathedral… they will become more careful then

“How do you know about the Cathedral?” Simon’s asked in bewilderment.

“That’s where we first met?” DX said successfully changing the topic

“Oh…” Simons said with a relief “What about that?”

“Remember, you made me take oath to the pyramid then [back citation needed]. Who is this pyramid?”

“Don’t say I don’t have clearance” DX warned

“You do have clearance to know about them” Simons replied “The pyramid, the aura, the all-seeing eye of Horus are different names we refer to the same entity. People who want to make this world a better and safer place with a secret hand”

INTERCOM: Angel: By spreading drugs… viruses… what a way!

“They act in secret and need no fame” Simons concluded

“Who are they?” DX asked

Simons gave a nasty smile

“No security clearance” DX himself answered. Simons nodded

“Why am I here?” DX asked looking around. There were armed soldiers of the defense order.

“I don’t know” Simons said “Lots of armed forces are here at the moment. Maybe they wanted you to monitor them on some big project”

INTERCOM: Angel: Something fishy. I don’t think you are supposed to be here.

DX saw several trolleys being dragged with some canisters on top of them in several different directions. All canisters had the same logo.

GC Garbage Collector - Showing a sun and snake


DX felt it was a bit too much to create a logo for Garbage Collection… GC. Suddenly DX realized what Tormod said about Grand Cathedral. He told about a snake facing the sun. Also, GC can stand for Grand Cathedral too. DX decided to follow the strange canisters.

INTERCOM: Tormod: DX! That is the symbol of Grand Cathedral. Chase it.

“Synergy… I guess I would like to roam around for a while” he told him

“Sure… But don’t enter any of these pyramids”


DX slowly followed the canisters. After a while, everybody seemed to converge together into an entrance of one of the pyramid. He slowly entered the pyramid without rising doubts.

“Camera Off” he said.

INTERCOM: Angel: Hey turn your camera eyes on!

DX knew it was useless to reply. When his camera eyes were off, audio was not transmitted so she couldn’t hear it anyway.

Inside he saw a horde of Egyptian workers doing recycling of garbage. He decided to leave when he suddenly saw officials in black coats appear from a corner. They went towards the canisters to inspect it. DX went to the corner secretly. There was a lift. He got into it. The elevator had a keypad that asked for password. DX decided to hack it when suddenly the officials came towards him.

“I am not sure if you are supposed to be here” one of the officials said in a synthetic tone. His voice must be augmented. He was 6 foot 5 inches tall dwarfing DX with black cooling glass.

“I am on some official work from the Pyramid” he said looking away.

The authorities got in and punched the code in keypad. The elevator started going down. After few floors, it stopped. DX got down with the authorities and took detour into a corner while they went straight. He started recording the events in front of him so that he could send it to Tormod for processing.

Quadra core servers, Huge Datacenters and workaholic scientists working in front of their computer terminals. Many of them stood infront of bio-genetic protein sequencing devices. It didn’t take that long for DX to realize that he was in the middle of a research facility. It was a grandiose project organization. There was a huge monitor on top that actually gave graphical progress of modules from each cubicle. If one area showed less progress, scientists from more progressed areas went to the less progressed areas rapidly.

DX decided to go to a cubicle and ask about the project. He looked up. He was able to see that the authorities were looking at him and plotting against him. He realized that very soon they would come down to get him. He had less time to investigate. He entered a cubicle with an isolated scientist who was working on genetic algorithms in paper seriously.

“Excuse me…” DX was about to interfere.

“Do not disturb” he said blankly and turned towards his computer screen.

“Marco” he said video conferencing online with his friend “Are you able to sequence the neural genes… they show lot of randomness in sequencing”

“Try to deactivate the genes in dendrites. Alex’s cortex has many of them still alive”

“Is Alex still alive?”

“No. The official stabbed him to death. Now we can experiment on his cortex and medulla. His brain is well stored in my freezer. Take a look”

The scientist ignored DX completely and left to see his friend. DX received the shock of his life. The monitor showed photo of a young boy around 8 years old, stabbed on multiple locations. He stayed numb at what atrocities they were doing.

The synthetic voice came again.

“You are not authorized here DX”

DX turned back to see the authority in black coat again. There was another guy besides him.

“It is advised you leave immediately” he said.

DX walked out of the pyramid as he turned his camera eyes on and transmitted the video to Tormod and Angel using the OS built in his brain.

After a while…

INTERCOM: Tormod: DX! What nasty bastards. They killed young kids to understand human gene evolution. I get it. Grand Cathedral is about manipulating human genes in nervous system. Are they trying to get us insane?

DX suddenly observed the unfriendly nature of soldiers around. They were looking at him strangely and murmuring something. They started moving towards him pointing their gun. Simons came in front of him.

“What happened Synergy?” he asked

About a thousand soldiers cornered him pointing their guns at him.

“It seems you switched over to the Rescue Order, the Mystiques” he said with a serpentine smile

“Impossible!” DX acted with an exclaiming look

“The pyramid confirmed it” he said shrugging “I got to follow the pyramid”

INTERCOM: Tormod: Seems like a spy did all this…. Surrender DX

“I surrender” DX said unconditionally.


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