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Chapter 23 (v.1) - The Great Escape

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



DX was sitting next to his dad in a familiar location apparently feeling dejected. His dad K2 looked very troubled.

“Why did you switch over sides DX?” he asked a pressing question

“I had no option” DX replied “They had truth and justice in their side”

“But look at what you are missing DX… we actually thought of making you a superior race…a race that descended from DX just like the Aaryan race,  far superior in thought and physique to any other being” K2 said

“I know dad…” said DX sighing “But my heart doesn’t seem to accept this”

“Such a heart is a donkey’s heart DX. Be a Lion, does a Lion ever think twice before killing its prey… no it doesn’t!”

DX was thinking

“Use Darwin’s theory DX” he stressed “Survival of the fittest. That’s why we decided to eliminate the poor and downtrodden middle class families so that only the rich, intelligent and famous people live…that too led by you and your new race”

DX looked at his dad’s greedy eyes. He didn’t know what to say. Darwin’s theory was something he didn’t like to oppose. He was the fittest in this theory

“Take your own time to think” K2 said “In the meantime, it is time for you to start multiplying your race”

“Sorry?” DX asked unsure of what he heard. K2 gave a smile and took DX to a room. There was a comfortable bed with three naked gorgeous women from China. K2 locked the door from outside. Next moment, DX found himself in bed naked with the three girls and a huge erection.

One girl got on top of him and started riding him while the other two caressed him. After few minutes, DX realized orgasmic inevitability. He was about to release his vital seeds into the Chinese girl’s womb. He came with an explosion.


DX woke up from his wet dream. He looked around twice or thrice and assured it was a dream only. The last thing he remembered was when he surrendered Simons injected something that rapidly made him unconscious. The OS in his body was still active, but he was unable to communicate with it. They might have disabled to communication links he thought.

It was completely dark. A shutter door opened suddenly revealing his little prison. The lights inside switched on as Dr. Fermann came in. DX hung his head in shame. He had to face another nagging session from Fermann. There was a surveillance camera up monitoring the prison.

“DX… you need to get out of here” he said sitting near him “Tormod told me that you were arrested”

DX was astonished. He looked at Fermann in bewilderment.

“I am a spy for the XWorld” he said realizing DX’s confusion

“Wow…” DX said “I can’t believe it”

“Yes DX” he said “I knew this day would come when you would be liberated from evil. Actually, they wanted us to make you into a robot that accepted commands. I actually programmed emotions secretly and made you judgmental”

DX felt extremely thankful to Dr. Fermann. An emotion in his view point was very important in every person’s life.

“I can command Synergy to release you. I have the authority. But I will be held responsible later and may lose command. You must attempt to escape yourself.

“How?” DX said looking around “The whole area is surrounded by defense order cadets even If I manage to escape the prison”

“Not just that” Fermann said in a sympathetic tone “This particular prison is located in deep center of pyramid. Very closed in many ways. It’s tough to escape dear”

“Then what to do?” DX asked

“This can be an advantage DX” Fermann said “They are over confident about you and sure that you wouldn’t escape. The surveillance room was empty. So go daringly but do not get over confident yourself”

“Well…” DX was thinking what to reply

“Let me help” Fermann offered “I got the floor plan of pipes. Here, they have pipelines to transport natural oasis waters. Before they built these pyramids, there was an old Sumerian pipeline hidden underground. They built the new pipeline from scratch without harming the old one”

“I got it” DX said “New pipeline has surveillance but the old pipeline does not…”

“Good!” Fermann said “I am transferring the schema through infrared”

Fermann got his PDA near DX’s eyes and switched on infrared. DX’s retina showed a message.

DX Cube Firewall: File Reception PipeSchema.pdf

Accept? Yes/No

DX said yes. He opened the schema and made it translucent so that the can see what is ahead of him too.

“Thanks” DX said

“I must leave now” Fermann said “Accompany me to the pipeline room and then escape”

DX went to the surveillance camera. Using his system, he was able to hack into it. He realized that the camera stored 2 hours worth of video into it. DX programmed it to transmit the past one hour’s video.

“Is it necessary?” Fermann said “There was no one in surveillance room”

“Precautions” DX said.

Fermann directs DX out by slowly hiding him from the cameras. At one edge, they came across a rapidly rotating camera. DX hid behind Fermann’s huge coat. Fermann to avoid suspicion as to why he suddenly stood there, took out a cigarette and smoked.

“Invisible On” DX said

Bio Fuel Depleted

DX knew it was a crappy idea. In any case, he had clothes. As an acrobatic move, while the camera turned away, DX ran and reached the other corridor. Fermann was shocked but realizing that the camera did not notice, he gave out a smile. DX then saw an opening to pipeline in the schematic on the other end of the corridor. There was no surveillance in that row. So he frisked fast. On reaching the opening which was hidden by a cardboard, DX took leave of Fermann and got down the pipeline. Typical oasis water filled up to half of his thighs inside the pipeline.

Fermann was on his way back. The guards at the surveillance room waved to him.

“By the way sir” one of the guards said “Smoking is prohibited”

Fermann smiled and cautiously looked at their televisions. DX’s cell still showed DX to be sleeping. He has an hour to escape before they realize this is replay video and raise alarm.

Surveillance cameras were scanning the area around pipes. DX moved carefully to avoid detection by any of them. He kept on moving according to the schema. He suddenly found a point in schema where the old and new pipelines meet. He decided to go there. He suddenly heard movements and immediately hid behind.

An automated military robot went straight unable to recognize him perhaps because of the dark area where DX hid. He cautiously followed the robot from behind and connected to its system. He turned the system into his favor and started receiving video data feed from it. He continued to the old pipelines.

At the entrance of the old pipeline, there were five surveillance cameras. But there were extremely reflective flood lights above the cameras hiding underwater details and water was up to his shoulders. DX dived under water and dived slowly underground. He reached the area below the 5 cameras and got up stealthily. He then entered the old pipelines. His camera started receiving signals again. He turned his camera eyes only to XWorld domain blocking access to the Pyramid.

There were carvings around the pipes and they were lit by lamps. DX was surprised how lamps could be lit forever underground. There was water flowing below.

INTERCOM: Tormod: Surprised? Actually, water, H2O can be converted to a fuel form, HHO. These Egyptian pipelines have an inbuilt ancient mechanism using which H2O can be converted to HHO. Hence the eternal glow of lamps.

DX was about to faint at this wonder. He felt funny how things like these are left out of the seven wonders of world. DX kept on moving

There were several drawings around the pipe. One of them depicted a reptile launching over a nude girl. There was a sun on top. DX saw the schema and moved to exit.

INTERCOM: Einstein:  Greetings DX. I am Albert Einstein, developer of theory of relativity. Please don’t exit now. Get the K2 doctrine from your Dad’s office. It is indicated in your schema.

“This has to be a joke” DX thought. He was worried whether the ghost of Albert Einstein got control over his systems. But even he had the interest to study the K2 doctrine whatever it was. Moreover, the INTERCOM must have come from XWorld as he allowed access only to XWorld.

“What does the doctrine contain?” he asked

INTERCOM: Einstein: It signifies the future prospects of CFR.

DX stopped. He looked through the schema again. He had to go back to the new pipeline to get to an opening close to K2’s office.

INTERCOM: Angel: Choice is yours DX. But K2 doctrine could be useful as well.

DX thought for a while and then rushed back to the pipes. Suddenly he finds that he cannot dive into the water as surveillance cameras were pointing forward. He had to expose to cameras and there was no option now. DX looked into the schema once again. Mr. Burtlon’s office and K2’s office were on opposite lanes. He got an idea.

He exposed to the cameras and ran towards Mr. Burtlon’s office. An alarm was raised as several bells started ringing. He immediately dived stealthily and went towards an area the could lead to K2’s office. He heard footsteps around Burtlon’s office. He commanded the reprogrammed robot underwater to shoot at sight. If Angel knew this, she would be mad. But anyway, she would never come to know of this, DX thought.

 He got up the entrance of the pipe and ended up in a corporate section. He entered his dad’s office which was luckily open. DX peeped inside… there was no one. He entered and searched frantically for the doctrine. He found it finally in a corner of the table. He suddenly heard familiar noise outside. It was noise of K2 and Fermann. DX immediately hid in a corner near the table. Fermann entered in, and on seeing DX, he immediately turned the lights off.

“Are you crazy?” K2 shouted getting in.

“I feel extremely paranoid of room lights. Let us use the night lights” Fermann said

K2 sat on his chair failing to see DX who camouflaged behind a vase.

“You are getting too old Fermann. Look at your phobias”

They talked for a while and Fermann managed to take K2 outside. DX immediately took the doctrine. He dashed back into the pipeline. He ordered his robot to stop firing. He went towards the opening. He saw few soldiers and immediately ducked underwater until his nose and ears was alone exposed in a corner. He closed his eyes and waited for them to move away.

One of the soldiers observed DX’s head immersed in water and immediately shouted.

“Hey… DX is in Burtlon’s office assaulting him… let us go now!” and took the other soldiers with him. DX got up after they left and wondered who gave them that false information. He nevertheless smiled happily and entered the old pipes and from there, started making a way to exit following the schema.

The whole pipeline arrangement looked like a strange riddle to him which when solved seemed to open some area. DX was more interested in escaping than solving any puzzles. He kept on moving with the doctrine document in his hand scanning paintings for later reference with his eyes.

INTERCOM: Tormod: Strange. These look like classic Sumerian paintings. Most of them depict Anu and Ki. Brother and sister who mated to create Anunaki, a reptilian. It remains a mystery for centuries till date.

DX found the exit path finally. But on seeing ahead, he got the shock of his life. The exit gate was controlled by three heavily armed robots and laser beams.

INTERCOM: Tormod: The pyramid is damn cautious.

K2 felt Egypt to be very hot. He went to the shower room with a towel draping his private organs. He assured himself twice that the toilet door is closed and then removed the towel. He opened the shower shrill, water gushed violently startling him.

“Must get these guys to change from old pipeline to new pipeline” K2 thought “Darn it”

DX roamed around. He knew that solving the Sumerian puzzle might give another opening. He started looking at various paintings and symbols drawn on the edges and started moving along the pipelines forgetting the schema. Inside his mind, he was able to identify the hexa-pyramidal geometry of pipes. Mapping his way, he was able to reach the central pipeline structure which had no water.

INTERCOM: Angel: Great Job DX. It was said that it took months for people to solve Sumerian riddles. You did this in just hours.

“I see three switches here” DX said looking ahead “They can manipulate the whole pipeline”

INTERCOM: Tormod: Good

DX moved the three switches.

INTERCOM: Tormod: Great… I guess the whole pipeline’s symmetry must have changed.

K2 applied soap all over his body. The water flow stopped from the shower.

“Darn this pipeline” K2 shouted in anger.

“Sire…” a voice came from outside “I’ve got some bad news”


“DX was found joining the Mystiques. He is arrested”

K2 felt a tinge in his heart.

“Oh lord” he said in sadness.

DX came out and he noticed that indeed the pipeline structure changed. He began to like this puzzle more. He moved towards the exit. Finally he climbed out. A copter with hour-glass logo was waiting several yards away. DX ran fast towards it. The door opened to reveal Tormod and Angel with a laptop. They smiled at him. DX hugged them and got inside.

Few soldiers spotted the copter but it was too late. It took off fast and escaped Egypt.

K2 tried to rub soap off his body to meet DX and get him out.

“Sire…” the voice came again “I got another bad news… DX has escaped”

This is good news K2 thought. His son was safe atleast.

“Sire…” the voice came again “Another very bad news. Few troops are stuck inside old pipelines and are unable to find a way out”

“Well send them the pipe schematic” K2 growled from inside

“Sire…” he replied “The whole pipeline structure is changed. Someone rebuilt it”

K2 came out forgetting he was nude and shouted…

“Are you nuts? How does the pipeline structure 'change' all of a sudden”

DX, Tormod and Angel reached the ruins in Giza.

“What are we doing here?” DX asked

“We have an elevator connecting to XWorld here” Tormod replied pressing on a pillar. An elevator came out and they entered. DX was still standing outside looking back.

“What happened?” Angel asked cheerfully

“Amazing engineering” DX said “The Sumerian pipeline”

“There is still more to this” Angel said “Ancient knowledge is powerful and sacred”

DX felt happy to have escaped the prison. In the beginning, he felt he couldn’t have escaped. He handed over the doctrine to Tormod as the elevator zoomed to 300 miles underground.



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