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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Albert Einstein

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX woke up after a comfortable sleep in a new apartment they gave him. The appointment letter given by Angel was still in the sofa. He was to receive a monthly income of 50000 credits and allowances. It was definitely much less compared to what the defense order gave him but he had mental peace here among friends. Last night’s escape was an adventure he would never forget

He opened his PDA and logged on to


DX declared to be Most Wanted Terrorist by the defense order. $3 Billon ALIVE Wanted

Click here to see Picture of DX in Jail

DX was caught joining hands with global Terrorists, the Mystique and reportedly arrived at defense order prison system to assassinate his adopted dad Professor K2.

He was caught at the nick of moment and jailed. He then escaped because of his extreme intelligence. If you find DX anywhere, do not involve in direct fight with him because he is more than capable. Just inform the local police.

Riots started everywhere around the world as people started burning effigies of DX and demanded his execution. He was immediately stripped off his citizenship and licenses offered by the defense order. Styx Director Vidimus requested cooperation of every nation for extradition of DX


Reading the news almost made DX cry. He loved his dad more than anything. By giving false news, the Pyramid effectively made people change their view on DX from a demigod to that of a devil.

This was news he would never forget.

Tormod entered in suddenly.

“DX today we will meet a person you will never forget” he said smiling.

DX went to have a shower. He guessed XWorld might have water supply from seas after removing all salts from it. When he came outside, Angel was also waiting in couch with Tormod.

“Who the hell are we gonna meet?” DX asked putting in jeans and t-shirt.

“The most intelligent person I have ever met” Angel said in a romantic tone

“Stop joking silly” he said sitting near them “me meeting myself seems strange”

:Not you” she said challengingly “I am more intelligent than you”

“Ok…” DX said “Let us have a challenge”

“Guys” Tormod said getting up “Have it later. Now let us go to meet Mr. Einstein”

“Yeah…” DX said “Einstein contacted me while escaping from prison. It couldn’t be. Is he still alive?”

“A sort of” Tormod said prompting DX to lock his apartment door.

“What do you mean a sort of?” DX asked

“You will find out…” Angel said as they entered the color lit street.

They walk for a while around and reach a small subway. On the entrance, there was a guard.

“We are off to see Mr. Einstein” Tormod said. He then opened the control room where there was a retinal scanner. It scanned the eyes of Angel, Tormod and DX. He then gave them the keys to a Mercedes car. They got into the car and drove it inside the tunnel.

“Cool. You guys have car manufacturing here?” DX asked Tormod

“Not many” Tormod replied “Few branded pollution free cars only that too inside these tunnels” Then went on and reached a deserted street with lots of electronic circuits wired around a central pyramidal structure. On the entrance door, there was a huge screen that said “Welcome to Einstein’s Villa”

Tormod appeared in front of the monitor. The camera on top recognized his presence and the monitor asked question

How many visitors?

He typed 3.

A finger print scanner showed up for them to authenticate. Tormod inserted his finger. Monitor glowed green and opened the door. He got inside. Angel inserted her finger. It again glowed green and Angel went inside.

DX put his finger in the scanner. It glowed red and an alarm was raised. DX screamed Tormod’s name but they had already gone inside. A needle came out, took DX’s blood sample by piercing his elbows and identified his DNA. The door opened and he went in.

Tormod was going ahead. He ran to catch up with them.

“You guys could have waited” he told them

“For the first time” Angel said “Your finger prints are scanned while you are authenticated with your DNA”

They continued walking inside a huge hallway.

“Such heavy security seems very ridiculous” DX said

“Of course it is required” Angel said “It’s Einstein himself”

“B-But… he was dead long back in 1955!”

“We resurrected him” Tormod said proudly

DX was shocked. A zombie Einstein seemed too much for him.

“Yes… he controls our projects here” Angel replied “Actually we only recovered his brain and augmented it with powerful processors and data-servers. From 1970s, he has been resurrected back to life in the form of a human brain with modern computing power”

“Oh my God!” DX said in disbelief.

A series of door opened up and simultaneously doors behind them closed. There were laser guns on top. DX could imagine varied levels of image processing their aspect and appearance at each corner was undergoing.

Finally, they reached a dead end. A voice came from speaker above.

“You have been image processed on all previous doors. Now as final step, Einstein himself will process your faces”

The room became bright with various colors. It was so bright that they had to close their eyes for an instant.

“Einstein can process Terabytes of image in seconds” Tormod said

“Wow” DX replied

The wall that seemed to be a dead end was actually a shutter based door which opened up. They entered and sat on comfy couches. A machine came rolling by and popped up a hologram of Albert Einstein.

They got up, bowed in respect to him and sat down.

“Greetings Angel, Tormod and DX” Einstein spoke in a royal tone.

They smiled

“We came to meet you directly actually to show where you reside to DX” Tormod said

“Ah… I get it” Einstein replied “How is the anti-matter missile Hidengenum going on?”

“A grand success” Tormod replied “reports of test will be emailed to you soon”

“Are you sure it will work on Area 51?” Einstein asked

“With a penetrator laser module, it will, but it is still in tests” Tormod said

“Good!” Einstein replied “Angel… do you have anything interesting to share”

“Yes sir” she replied “Statistics reported by United Nations department is false”

“Interesting… so the claim the Trapdeath decreased is…”

“Totally false” Angel said confidently “As per our statistics, it tripled”

“Then what are the Mystiques doing?” Einstein asked

“I am thinking of calling them back” Angel said

“This is cowardice” Tormod said

“This strategy doesn’t work” Angel argued “These defense order cadets just keep on increasing in their numbers”

“So… what do you suggest?” Einstein asked her

“A new strategy” she replied “To eliminate the cause first”

“The cause….?” Einstein said “We will come to that later. DX… asleep?”

DX shut his yawn which was becoming bigger by the moment.

“Er… no. I am confused actually”


“Are you planning to use Anti-Matter bombs?” he asked wondering. Anti-Matter bomb can destroy a whole Africa.

“In extreme emergency like when they decide to put all 10,000 famous people of the pyramid in a safe storage and kill rest of the world, we would kill these 10,000 people” Einstein replied

“Wicked” DX said “10,000 celeb deaths. I feel so strange to ask, but please tell me, how this wonderful place called XWorld get started”

“Hmmm” Einstein pondered “Good Question… Have you heard of Opus Dei?”

“Yeah” DX said “A secret society in Europe”

“That included Issac Newton, DaVinci etc, who basically managed secrets which if let out, would force the church to burn them alive” Einstein said


“Galileo, the famous scientist started his own society that truly was most secretive and it is called XWorld today”

DX listened enthusiastically.

“At the time of Galileo” Angel continued what Einstein concluded “in 1609, the church who were mesmerized by the teachings of Aristotle refused to believe Galileo’s teachings. He thus decided to form a secret society in the basement of his home with his group of interested students. They called themselves Sacred-Science or SS”

“I never heard of it” DX remarked

“I told it was a secret” Einstein scowled “A true secret. Unlike Opus Dei or Illuminati”

“Initially  there were only 50 people with headquarters in every home’s attic or basement. They transferred scientific documents with ciphers so that no one else could decrypt them” Angel continued “If the church found out, they would have been burned alive. Later, a particular highly intelligent group of guys discovered the Centurion metal, which had very rare properties”

“SS had laser back in 1900s itself” Angel said “Far ahead of your normal world which had the first working model in 1960s. Laser produced from Centurion is very powerful of the order 1055 Watts and it literally destroyed the 5 SS cadets and their labs where they first made it. We then started using it to dig underground and research on more metals”

“Then during the cold war” Tormod said “Raids started for National Security and so they started underground stations. The first station was 10 miles deep. The elevator had no security checks. So anyone could have attacked them. But they were lucky enough”

“Until one day” Einstein took over again “Farad, a bright scientist discovered water cycler. A stream of water runs on top of XWorld structure underground. It absorbs heat which is in-turn used to generate energy!”

“Wow” DX said with his mouth open.

“1970s was the breakthrough we needed” Einstein continued “We launched our spy satellite. Since our protocols were different, we by passed every other spy statellites and even extracted their own information. That’s when we got to know about Illuminati, World War II conspiracy etc”

“1970, when Einstein was resurrected, it was XWorld’s most critical time. His sheer processing ability enabled XWorld to enhance its security and expand globally by recruiting scientists who were sick of the war minded world. Mind you, the whole world was under cold war then” Angel said

“We needed money” Einstein said looking up “We thought of starting a corporate, but that was risky. Soon we started our own marketing system that dealt with US Dollars as currency. Now of course, we have also switched to credits”

“And 2000-2020 was even more important” Angel said “Because this is when Einstein became multithreaded and was able to manage all activities inside and outside XWorld. 15000 more vital scientists joined facing threat of being gassed”


“New concept DX” Tormod said “They make scientists work on a project that is secret. And fearing leakage, they take them to a chamber and leak cyanide into it”

“During 2020s” Tormod continued “XWorld started recruiting in small numbers and improving secret security. A new concept called XSpies were introduced. About 15000 dedicated people in various areas like business, arts etc normal people who couldn’t be in pyramid were identified and told the truth. They later became spies”

“Some of the defense order cadets are our spies. They might have helped you during your escape” Einstein said.

“I don’t think so” DX said “Maybe they were not in the search team”

“Having said this Angel” Einstein turned to her “Tell me about the cause thing”

“The cause” Angel said “is the virus. We attack the virus by developing a cure”

“What do you say Tormod?” Einstein asked him.

“I was thinking of suggesting the same” [back citation: Angel and Tormod must have fought about this at Elevator].

“If Tormod says… so be it” Einstein said “I will form a team schema and start basic plan for developing the cure”

“You are sweet” Angel said trying to touch the hologram in vain “Thank you”

“How many team members do you need? And who will be the team leader?” Einstein asked


“About 500 would be enough. I wish to be the team leader” she said smiling.

“With pleasure” Einstein said “Anything else?”

“No” Angel said “I will let you know if I need anything else”

“By when will the cure be ready” Tormod asked

“I can give you the date only after the analysis week” Angel said

They bade good bye to Einstein and started moving away. DX stayed back and went to the hologram.

“Einstein…” he said “Thank you for giving the world what it needed”

“What?” he asked


Einstein winked.

DX had some time to relax in BerryFruit Corner. He ordered a pineapple juice can. He opened it and started gulping big mouthfuls. DX was thinking about the cure. He wanted to be a part of developing the cure.

He wanted to ask Angel but he felt she might refuse it as this was not the job assigned to him. DX suddenly saw Disgaea, the gift girl sitting in her gift shop listening to MP3s.

He immediately purchased a florescent bag from a shop nearby. He noticed that she used an old bag to carry gifts. So he thought this gift might come in handy for her.

“Your bag looks old” he said giving her the new bag “Take this new one. Gift to the gift girl”

“Memory of my dad” she said smiling “It’s his bag”

“Oh… sorry” DX said

“But hey” Disgaea replied looking at DX who was a little dejected “I can keep my old bag inside your new bag!”

“Great idea” DX said in joy and gave her the gift.

She started reading his face. DX put up and awful expression. He felt awkward whenever she did this. She probed her bag for a gift.

“It feels a little difficult to find your gift” she said continuing her search.

After five minutes…

“Eeeeeee” she said “Here is your gift”

It was a battery operated toy which showed a man climbing a mountain. DX said thanks and left.

Suddenly he saw Angel busy with 5 people. He stood there and after they left, he sat near her.

“Angel” he began “I want to be software services developer for project Anti-HIV2”

“From your past experiences” Angel said “I don’t think you have any software engineering experience”

“I know cool programming” DX said

“Awww” Angel said “I am sorry DX. We do have pros here. I am really sorry”

“It’s all right” he said. Angel left with a pinch on his cheeks.

DX sees the toy. He presses the switch below. The man goes almost to the top of mountain and slips till center. He presses the switch again, and the man reaches the top. He got the point!

He chased Angel down the street

“Oh…” she said suddenly noticing him “DX”

“Yeah…DX” he said “The person who created Xole, the bio-informatics tool as a fun project. Now the whole world uses it”

“Oh…” Angel realized “I never knew this”

DX started whistling and started to leave. Angel quietly followed him.

“Err… DX” she called

He turned back acting as though he was unsurprised.

“That is great” she said “Will you be a part of Project Anti-HIV2?”

He showed her thumbs-up and left.



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