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Chapter 25 (v.1) - The Cure for HIV2 Virus

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



Albert Einstein through his creative mind acting as right brain handling new ideas and high processing power of data servers acting as left brain handled complex calculations and preliminary data analysis.

He organized in just terms of hours, a massive organization of scientists for the vaccine team. He chose carefully, scientists who actually innovated new ideas in fields of Virus and Anti-Virus design and development. He then gave higher design positions to those who were practically involved in HIV Anti-Virus project that succeeded in 2013

DX logged onto He just wanted to confirm whether the news he saw in the morning was actually real. He couldn’t imagine billions of people believing him to be a most wanted global terrorist.

The hero is always hated first he thought. But the headlines had changed with breaking news.

FLASH NEWS: Styx Declares cure for Trapdeath

Styx Global Research operations division achieved a break through early today morning when the research head of HIV2 Antiviral development division, Professor K2 having announced the cure they developed to be “Tested and approved by FDA for all people”

The release of Antivirus started with practical demonstration on five people in public coverage. If you are infected with Trapdeath, contact your local defense order office. They will transfer you to major headquarters. Expert neurosurgeons will inject you the vaccination at varied locations after they give you anesthesia. Injecting the vaccine without anesthesia or expert neurosurgeons can lead to instant death.

Professor K2 donates 500 billion credits for free scale distribution of Vaccine for economically downtrodden

Future: Any form of unauthorized neurosurgery is prohibited without supervision of defense order certified doctors. This is to prevent future developments of such horrific viruses.


DX scanned the news and emailed it to Tormod and Angel. They came chasing each other to his room.

“Let us connect to Einstein” Tormod said opening his laptop.

“I thought Einstein was busy…” DX said munching a huge burger which Angel was greedily watching “…organizing the cure development”

“Oh don’t you remember?” Tormod said turning his attention to him “Einstein is multithreaded. He can create multiple instances of himself, each one sharing memory but doing different tasks. When one instance of him is organizing the development, another instance might be controlling the elevators, while another instance is managing XWorld central funds. When you want to chat, there is always one instance waiting to be created”

DX’s jaws opened wide open. Thinking of one Einstein himself made his head spin. Now he hears that thousands of Einsteins can run together and interact with each other. He became so overwhelmed that he almost ignored it when Angel snatched the burger from his hands and started devouring it.

“Einstein is everything” Angel said munching “He is the government, he is the communication infrastructure, he is the system, he is the manager, he is the mega creative genius and everything that you can imagine him to be in XWorld. It is totally controlled by him”

DX tried to get his burger back but Angel turned over to face his opposite.


DX’s eyes OS started a new session.

“Last night I personally installed ThoughtWorks into your brain” Angel said gobbling the last piece.

“ThoughtWorks? What does that mean?” DX asked

“It is the same device that does what ever you think… just like mine” Angel said

“You did it when I was asleep in your couch?” DX asked

She nodded.

“Creepy” DX replied “Need to find my own apartment.

“And I do deserve at least a burger for that” she said

“Try thinking that you need to connect to Einstein with us as a group and focus on that thought” Tormod asked of them.

DX and Angel tried doing it. Immediately DX’s thoughts were converted into words. These words were parsed by his OS and it was sent to Einstein Server Networks. Einstein’s Programs understood the complex semantic meaning of words and generated commands to execute the requested service.

“You need not even speak anything” Angel said “Just think of something to speak and then focus on that thought”

After DX focused on his thoughts, his retina showed a chat window.


Connected to Albert Einstien Thread A4555-241D

Chat members: Angel, DX and Einstein.

Tormod: Mr. Einstein, please connect to and process the head news.

Tormod: I think we got to stop developing the cure and become immune first.

Angel: Me too.

DX: I think the cure should be developed by us. The cure announced comes from the pyramid.

Einstein: How can you be so sure it is from the pyramid?

DX: The heavy donation was made by my dad. From where could he have got so much money!

Tormod: I get it. He was never that rich

Einstein: Obviously he must have been funded by the Illuminati. K2’s genius spark is being utilized by them effectively

Einstein: What are your views Angel?

Angel: I have mixed views here. We need to look at their cure also. I mean a cure is a cure…!

Tormod: That’s the issue here Angel. Why did they release a cure… and that too after they released the virus. What is the purpose of the cure?

Einstein: As the question of purpose comes, moments ago, a multithread of mine got a message from Miss Estefana Colmenero. She and her group strongly recommended an investigation of Styx’s own cure.

Tormod: Do you mean reverse engineering?

Einstein: Bingo! They have started their team on reverse engineering. Go ahead, develop the cure, but keep in touch with the reverse engineering team also.

Einstien Thread A4555-241D  ended after successful logging.

Tormod logged off

Angel logged off.

DX thought he wanted to log off and focused on that thought. He was logged off. 

Later that day, the super trio boarded subway express all the way to nano-genetic research facility to start developing the cure with team organized by Einstein.

“Heeeyyy dudz”

DX wished it waszn’t waat he woz thinkin that person to be.

“Hi Kid Rock” Angel said waving her handz.

“Helllloo my sweet team leader. Aaaaem the prograamer of thiz projeckt”

“Meet your fello prograamer. DX” she said

“Hai” DX said tryin to avoid hiz gaze.

“How’re yah” he growled hugging DX


Fermann was sitting alone in his office. The door opened and a young pilot named Distelmo came in with another soldier.

“What is the matter?” Fermann asked

“He was the one who revealed DX’s switching over sides to the defense order” the soldier said.

Distelmo had his head down in shame.

“Thank you soldier” Fermann said “You may leave”

“What did they do to you for telling them the truth?” Fermann asked prompting Distelmo to sit down.

“The defense order bastards… they ordered this soldier to have me killed” Distelmo said “They said I knew too much”

“Why did you report about DX?”

“I-I thought he might be a threat to XWorld. He already killed Frizzy… you know. But I no longer consider this to be true. Not after he got us the extremely secret K2 doctrine”

“Are you sure?” Fermann asked focusing his glasses on him.

“Yeah” Distelmo said

“Let us forget this episode” Fermann said “return back to XWorld”

INTERCOM: Fermann (To Tormod): Distelmo has understood DX now. He trusts in him now

Kid Rock was whacking DX’s brain nuts.

“Wadz wid your accscent?” DX questioned

“He onze attended a rock concert in your “normal” world. The seating arrangement woz very poor. He woz made to sit right exactly beside the master booster for 3 hours. Blast! For ten dayz he was deaf, on the eleventh day… he continues to inspire generationz wid his accent” Angel said trying to imitate Kid Rock

“Yeah… by the way Tormod” DX asked “Did you find out that spy?”

“Nope” Tormod said pausing music he was playing in his brain OS.

DX thought it wouldn’t matter now. He wouldn’t go back to the defense order anyway now. The subway got down at station C81.

“The different alphabets indicate a different continent” Angel said “We are now below Africa”

“How could we reach so fast?” DX asked

“These trains travel at supersonic speeds between alphabets” Angel said

They entered a research facility with glass windows.  DX was amazed. Generally no research facility he saw had open offices with glass windows, a paranoid against theft of information the normal world has developed.

A woman with neatly combed hair came forward. She looked to be in her mid thirties.

“Hello” she greeted “I am Helen Sandra, maintenance chief of this facility”

“Please show DX around” Angel said “He is here for the first time”

Angel was carrying a huge bag.

“What’s in that bag?” DX asked looking at irregular protrusions arising from it.

“It’s my close to heart rose plant from my bedroom” she said “I am going to stay in an apartment nearby till we finish the cure”

DX felt this strange. Carrying a huge rose plant all the way seemed too much for him. She could have given it to neighbor. Then again understanding girls is his worst subject in life.

Sandra took DX to his cubicle. There were people who have already started working. There were two wide screen monitors in front of him. The first monitor showed him a variant of Linux OS with Al-390 7th generation programming language.

The second monitor showed him a 3D view of a human.

“What you need to work on is” Sandra said dragging a seat from the empty cubicle right “GenetiBase CADNA – Computer Aided DNA. It makes it possible for you to map Protiens and DNA searching Einstien’s DataCenter database for genetic information of any species”

She gave a sample search for human gene information responsible for heartbeat. She got results from the database and the entire protein sequence layout appeared graphically on the screen.

“I can now manipulate the protein layout to change the way heart beats”

She then changed parameters by writing a script in Al-390. Then she executed the script.

“I can now monitor the effect on his body in this monitor which actually is a specialized hologram based monitor”

As she activated it, the human body form gave a 3D hologram structure. She was able to zoom the body and various statistics appeared. Finally his heart appeared

Heart Beat: 129

Normal Heart Beat: 90

“Here are books of Al-390” she said sliding a rack on top open “Anything else?”

“I guess everything is fine” he said

“Good” Sandra replied getting up “Your task will be messaged by a thread of Einstein soon. Have a nice day”

“Have a nice day Sandra” DX said. He felt happy looking at hard bound books. It bought him memories of LearningCenter back.

At 9, DX along with his dog Muller enter Angel’s new apartment. She was not available. DX tried searching every room of the house to be sure. How could she have possible left her apartment unlocked? He sat on the couch. This couch was more imposing to sleep that the couch in Angel’s original apartment in street A43. They were more imposing to work.

The rose plant was in front of him. It’s flowers were drooping and almost lifeless. Angel entered in drooping. She has tear drops in her eyes.

“What happened?” he asked making her sit near him.

“Mike and Chiron…” she said “They have been set back… cut into pieces”

“How did they send it back?” DX asked

“They just put their mutilated parts into the lift that they dug up… and sent it down” she said turning pale and sad. [citation: sync with chapter on cure discovery… there DX learns some other method]

Tormod got in at the same moment with a young blonde girl.

She comes forward towards Angel herself and introduced herself…

“I am Estefana Colmenero… the team…”

“Yeah… you are the ones investigating Styx’s version of cure”

“Yeah…” she said “It is almost finished now”

Angel and Estefana went into the corridor.

“Let the gene leaders think” Tormod said to DX “Shall we watch cartoons?”

DX loved this. He was already very tired. Realizing his capabilities, Einstein gave him a lot of workload. But the advantage being, he got a 70,000 credit raise in his salary.

“It’s almost done” Estefana told Angel while they looked at the merry street below from balcony

“Finished?” Angel asked bewildered

“Actually” she said “It’s kinda blocked”


“Most part of the antiviral vaccine seems fine. But a particular series of amino acid sequence seems redundant. And such redundant series are available on all samples”

“It they really are redundant, I don’t see much trouble” a male voice came. They turned back to find Tormod.

“It is trouble” Estefana replied stressing on “is” “It takes a lot of pain to introduce such random amino acid sequences that too in every cell of the antivirus”

“Were you able to find its purpose?” Angel asked

“No” Estefana replied looking dejected “It needs a sort of code”

“A code?” Tormod said “Sounds like some computer stuff to me”

“A code Tormod” Estefana said “Is a trigger that can activate a particular sequence in a gene”


Simons took care enough not to let his robotic cranes dig too close to the lift at Proving Grounds

“You must be crazy” K2 shouted “Digging 300 miles underground will take not take just years… it will take centuries”

“What else could we do?” Simons asked slowly looking at K2 with his snake like eyes.

K2 remained calm.

“I have another alternative” Simons said going towards two Styx cadets who were seated together “We send these two veterans down”

The veterans got ready with their favorite weapon, the flamethrower.

“Synergy” K2 said laughing “First of all you enraged them sending chops of their veterans. Now you are gonna send your men to face their wrath?”

“Why not?” Synergy asked “They have flamethrowers to burn anybody alive. They have perfect armor that can withstand their so called anesthesia bullets”

K2 didn’t wish to argue. Simons wanted to get inside anyhow. He sent the two soldiers inside. They pressed the down button.  [citation needed. Scene describing how they actually sent the mutilated bodies]. The lift started going down.

As soon as it reaches level 5, the hologram gets activated and lift stops. A voice is heard

This is Einstein Thread 83A6: Proving Ground Access Security. There is no positive recognition of your faces.

“I know how to deal with this” the first guard whispered

“Errr… we are here to meet with Mr. Tormod for negotiations of peace now that cure has been established”

“You are supposed to be with an XWorld cadet and I must be informed by a core member. None of this is true in your case”the voice said

“A stupid AI” the guards said to each other “They pressed the down button again and the lift proceeded to go downwards. At 100 miles underground, the lift stopped again. The guards were getting impatient.

INTERCOM: Einstein (To Tormod): At 199 miles, some unexpected defense order intruders. Very aggressive with flamethrowers

“Kill them” Tormod said without a pause. The horrible picture of Mike and Chiron was still afresh in his mind.

“Kill whom?” Angel asked

“I ordered him to kill some intruders from defense order” he said “Who have come here to destroy us”


The impatient guards were now hitting the doors and computers. The voice came again.

The down button is disabled. 10 minute warning is given. Go to top by 10 minutes or you will be blown away.

“Huh?? Just open the fuckin’ door. We wanna burn you all alive with there” a guard said showing the flamethrowers.

They kept on threatening for 10 minutes. Then a laser gun showed up after an opening. They opened the flamethrower. They were safe because of the covering. The laser gun was still intact while everything else was destroyed. They tried in desperation to press the up button, but it was disabled.

Finally, two laser bullets were shot at their fuel tank hanging back. They were charred instantly. The lift then went up.

Simons and K2 almost frightened to the extent of fainting looking at the charred bodies.

“I suggest we drop a nuclear bomb here” Simons said

“Are you crazy?” K2 shouted “This place is just 10 miles away from Los Angeles” [citation citation]


As Estefana left for a German assignment, Angel and Tormod were strolling in balcony.

“Why did you order their killing Tormod?” she asked

Tormod made an uneasy expression.

“Didn’t you see what happened to Mike and Chiron?” he said

“Killing means death. Death means separation of soul from the body. And all civilizations and religions tell you that it is nature of a demon to separate a soul from the body… we are not supposed to be demons Torms…” she said calmly “We are supposed to be Angels who forgive and give life”

Tormod thought for a while and felt bad. He could have just sent them back up alive.

“I understand” he said “I feel very sorry about this”


The Tasty Girl Midnight Bar,


An alcoholic Germany was not something Hitler imagined for her future. But some people misuse the power of freedom offered by democracy. Freedom misuse practically gets them into claws of evils like drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

Estefana hated it as to why Fermann had to choose a night bar for secret talks. After a while she was satisfied by the choice. No one would actually expect two high end scientists to meet in a midnight bar. And no one would actually mind any surveillance in midnight bars.

The copter landed silently at the backyard of the bar. Estefana entered the pub. She looked around and found Dr. Fermann on the last table. She sat near him.

He immediately poured wine in her glass.

“Err… no” she said “We don’t drink alcohol in XWorld”

Fermann laughed

“If you guys come to normal world and face the stress and fear, you would more than like to drink” he said

She smiled and then started explaining the random sequence of amino acids found in Styx’s cure. Fermann listened intently forgetting the wine bottle in his front.

“Unfortunately…” he said “I was not at all assigned to this project, though I tried a lot. But yeah, human body can understand amino acid sequence in ways difficult to understand”

“Do you mean … it is shuffled?”

“Not just that” he said “It can also be transposed and substituted making it all the difficult to decipher it. Actually, this whole process was detailed in a break-through paper in 2032 by Bahrain, Anuj and Finora. It was entitled Human DNA and Amino Acid Processing

“Oh yes…” I remember Estefana said rubbing her forehead “It was declared blasphemy and all digital copies of it was destroyed”

“Yeah… except it wasn’t a blasphemy. And Area 51 scientific labs at level 8 recruited these employees. They definitely would have played a role in this cure to get these random sequences”

“Who did all this?” she asked puzzled “The Illuminati?”

Fermann nodded and smilled.

“The code to decrypt it according to the above paper” Fermann said “is called the Code of Orion”

“How could we get the Code of Orion for this vaccination?” she asked him

“As such it must have been stored securely within illuminati secret facilities that are heavily guarded and secret! Getting it may be impossible”

“Then how could we get them?” she asked

“Only one way” he said “By observing the pattern on one person on whom the gene is triggered. God knows what could happen to such a person. The whole world is now curing its disease with an untrusty vaccination”

“Here” Fermann said giving her a bag from below “It contains several research documents for you and Angel to study. I cannot stay here for long… that might risk my life”

“Afraid of Styx cadets being hidden here?” she asked.

“They might be here” he said

“Let me make things easier for you then” she said getting up and sitting on his laps “I am your date”. With that she kissed him rubbing her lips against his and sliding her tongue inside. Fermann tried to insert his fingers inside her minis. She strategically removed his hands, ended the kiss and walked with the documents away from the pub.

At 3:00 A.M, Estefana boarded the copter. It took off the beautiful sleeping city of Berlin towards its outers where they have XTeleport








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