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Chapter 26 (v.1) - The Next Hitler

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX found himself amidst the serene streets of Moscow Parliamentary building. It was the same location he had fought with the SEER War Machine. He dreaded the location and had hoped that he would never come here again. The last thing he remembered was Tormod asking him to rescue Angel who was abducted by the SEER.

It was no use now, he had to fight the war machine and rescue Angel. He entered a remote street going pointlessly. There was no map and his EyeOS was not working. Suddenly there were three SEERs coming from the remote street. DX turned to run away to the original street. Two more SEERs emerged from the corner.

DX ran across to the open area. Several SEERs surrounded him. DX started shouting “I Surrender! I Surrender!” thinking of his dear life. The SEERs kept on circling him. DX opened his eyes and could do quick arithmetic. There were about 800 SEERs circling around him in the open street. He almost swooned….

DX woke with a start on his bed. He couldn’t move anywhere for minutes. Time was 6 A.M. His eyes showed a message.

XWorld 138th Strategy Meet

Presided By: Mr. Albert Einstein.

IQ Test: Tommorow 9:00 A.M. Live in your EyeOS.

Do you want to take this exam? Yes/No.

DX thought yes and focused on that thought.

Thank you. All the best for the exam

He found himself wordless when he thought why he chose yes.

He reached his cubicle in the nano-genetic IT Services facility just next to his new apartment. Kid Rock was unfortunately DX’s colleague sitting just in the next cubicle.  He however started his system and started working.

He heard a crash besides him and a skater hit his head. DX looked down in pain. It was Kid Rock.

“Do you have to slide all the way to office?” DX screamed “Can’t you just walk?”

“Heeeey Maaan… relacks” he said and started his system ignoring a staring DX. After about 15 minutes of work, the server went down.  Their system displayed the message

Einstein Thread A222-3A34: Server Shutdown. 15 minute data analysis.

“Are ya ready 4 d IQ test?” Kid Rock shot

DX suddenly remembered it.

“Oh yeah” he said “What is it for? And what is this strategy meet?”

Kid Rock gave a stupid look to DX.

“Ya dunno?” he said pausing music in his thoughts “You must b a very young recruit. Whenever v hav a critical situ, v have dhese meetz. Kool?”

“What is the critical situation now?” DX asked feeling unsure. He long forgot what was going on in normal world now.

“I dunno man. But this IQ test will decide people who r gonna solve the critical situation”

“You mean they kind of form a team?” DX asked

“Yeah man… I never qualified for even 1. These tests test your problem management, team skills, loyalty and much more… yo will be rated accordingly and tasks will be assigned to yo”

DX felt a better option would be explaining people what the critical situation exactly is.  He had a heavy day at work. He returned to his apartment at 10 P.M.

DX immediately fell on his bed. Using his eye OS, he connected to Kid Rock. They had a video conference for combined study. DX was able to do all math and rough using Scribbler, an application to scribble in his EyeOS.

Next morning, they reached their workplace at 7. At 9, a screen flashed suddenly in DX’s eyes

Your IQ Test starts in….

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… START

The exam started. Every part of test, DX was easily able to attend by mere focusing of thoughts in his mind. He loved XWorld technology. The X-IQ test consisted of mazes, English Language. They were next made to play a single player stealth game. For team skills, DX was made to connect to other people online to solve a problem. The exam ended at 11 A.M.

DX loved the exam though it was tough. The entire two hours were plain entertainment and it completely occurred in his EyeOS. A message was displayed in his retina.

Results Online at

DX could use the ThoughtFox browser in his EyeOS to see the results, but he felt it to be useless. He felt he didn’t perform so well and returned to his work.

Suddenly, he observed all people rising from their cubicles and walking towards Kid Rock. DX thought Kid Rock for once rocked and was about to congratulate him.

“Congraats man” Kid Rock said shaking hands with DX “Yo topped wid record X-IQ score of 930. Whoa. 700 more than d previous record”

DX was stunned. The next minute was busy with people shaking his hands vigorously ignoring Einstein’s call to come back to their desk.

INTERCOM: Angel: Congrats DX… I scored 190. The second highest!

DX intercomed her back to say thanks

INTERCOM: Tormod: Congrats Dude…!

INTERCOM: Einstein: DX! You are by far the most intelligent person the planet has ever seen.

They lifted DX up. He remembered his dad. It was he who made him so intelligent and powerful. And it was Dr. Fermann who made him emotional enough to make him realize the importance of victory. He was happy.

They reached Feldspir Auditorium located in A44 in a train. That is where Einstein instructed everybody to assemble to know what the critical situation exactly is. The auditorium was just a little building which can seat hardly 100. DX was wondering how so many XWorld people invited all over can fit into such an auditorium. His doubt was beaten back the very moment he entered the auditorium. It was built underground in form of a huge oval.

“Wow!” DX thought “underground in underground”.

DX guessed the size of auditorium easily to seat a million which was more than enough. People in auditorium started murmuring on his arrival.

A huge bear suddenly hugged him from behind. He turned around and found Tormod in a huge coat.

“Why do yo need that big coat?” DX asked

“Pretty cold here” Tormod said “You wouldn’t feel that… you have prefabricated skin. What’s with the accent?”

“I-I don’t know” DX said scolding Kid Rock in his mind.

“Congrats” Tormod said shaking his hands “By the way, Einstein might put you in mock leader XWorld post. When things go bad, you can become a leader by pointing it out clearly”

“I would never do that” DX said “In my view, you are the perfect leader”

“I know” Tormod said smiling “That’s why I want you to be the mock leader”

DX felt Tormod to be a political genius.

Einstein’s walking 3D image appeared in the central screen as everyone settled to their seats. DX couldn’t find Angel. He thought of intercoming her but the session started.

“With regard to the recent controversy regarding the Styx Anti-Virus” he began “and with regard to news that would shatter you all, given to me by XWorld Intelligence, Einstein presents to you the 138th XWorld strategy meet”

There were applauses and people stood up. Seeing this, DX also stood up.

“Let the anthem begin” Einstein said

Everybody started singing the anthem in chorus. DX tried to move his lips with others.

Welcome to the world of infinite...democracy of XWorld

Where all thoughts are set free, to go anywhere

Where all actions benefit, the human race everywhere

We sacrifice the beautiful sun, crescent moon to work out a big action... create a new world tomorrow, of open civilization

We will save lives, we will rescue lives, and we will love our enemies... the hope that they will realize the power of friendship and become our allies

Let us forgive each other, forgive past and work for a future...

...that calls for integration of all races, religions and nations into a single entity - mother nature.

Let the love we have for eachother be our Guiding Light.

After the anthem everybody sat down.

“Let me introduce to you” Einstein said “A new friend of mine, a beautiful female A.I, Helen”

A console opened up and a cute anime gal showed up.

“Hi XWorld” she said in a cute voice “I’m Helen”

“Helen” Einstein said kindly “If you would excuse me, we have some work over here please”

“Oh…” the anime said in a sad and heart breaking voice “I miss you Einsty. Bye Everyone”

With that the console closes. Everyone had a laugh. DX thought the anime was very cute.

“XWorld Intelligence” Einstein took control after a minute of looking at the disappeared console “…identified that in a month, Zeino, craftsman of Exterminators, who has already taken control of Russia in a coup will soon conquer all former soviet nations within a month to form a communist state… so far so good”

“Recent sources” Einstein continued “I received just yesterday states that Zeino has been promoted to the Council of Foreign Relations, CFR”

DX was heavily shocked. Zeino and CFR means Soviet Union will easily come under the pyramid.

“I know… and most of you know, the Russian Army wouldn’t favor anything like this” Einstein continued “But my dear friends, imagine 800 SEERs parading into every territory including Uzebekestan, Ukraine etc. Which army could stop them?”

DX almost fell down from his seat. Facing a single SEER itself was hell at Stalingrad Mission and without the help of Angel, neither would be alive today. 800 SEERs means destruction of obstruction.

“I feel no one in our front who could be an effective enemy for the SEER than DX. But since he is a junior, he would join 20 men led by Mr. Stevenson. The list of these 20 members off to destroy the SEER are…”

A list popped up showing 20 men. DX felt these 20 men including himself are doomed to graveyard.

A red light glowed in one of the front rows and Angel stood up. She was dressed in pink pajamas and looked fresh.

“Yes Miss Angel” Einstein asked

“Sir…” she said “DX had extreme difficulty to face even a single SEER. I witnessed it. Facing 800 SEERs is too much. I wouldn’t like to lose 20 of our bright seeds”

“Ah” Einstein replied “It’s my mistake. Actually the SEER Resurrection program is still under development now. They have only one SEER. The scientists who created the SEER were gassed and all technical documents were burnt fearing confidentiality.  Intelligence indicates that the schematic of this SEER would be used to create more SEERs in two days. So the SEER must be blocked within tomorrow night. Otherwise it gets more tougher to block it… and in two days..Boom!... we have 800 SEERs”

[think of full form of SEER, thought citation needed]

A red light glowed somewhere in the middle.

“Yes Giri Siddeshwaran?” Einstein queried looking at the boy who stood up

“Why don’t you call a jet fighter and destroy the SEER?” he asked

“For the last one week” Einstein said “The SEER was never reported outside. Moreover, the SEER has a powerful star force shield over it. Team Stevenson, be prepared for the unexpected. Get ready. Your mission operation starts tomorrow at 6 P.M.”

“Next” Einstein continued “Zeino…”

Several photos flashed on screen showing a pale and tired looking man with short greasy hair.

“Zeino” Einstein said “Can be taken as the next Hitler in the making. He is in fact more dangerous than him. He will go to any degree to form Soviet Union. And by creating a Soviet Union, the pyramid will be stronger than anything ever seen”

Einstein waited to see any red light glowing. Many glowed, but he ignored and continued

“The leader Zeino has a vision” he said “We need to capture Zeino. When we capture the leader, we captured their vision. I hereby declare, Team Tormod led by 30 people to go in stealth to attack the most powerful mafia family the planet has ever seen, the Exterminators”

The list of team members flashed on the screen. Angel finds her name among it. The whole team stood up. There were applauses.

“Team Tormod” Einstein said bravely “Gear up… your mission starts at 5 pm XWT”

“Over to Tormod Guldvog” Einstein said “Lead XWorld”

Heavy claps as people get up to applaud him. DX imagined himself in that place.

“Good evening…” Tormod greeted “Lots of people asked me about the K2 doctrine that DX has retrieved heroically”

There were claps and applauses as DX stood up, waved and sat down.

“K2 doctrine is essentially a username and password” Tormod continued “With access card to enter a confidential blog. Such cards are given to select members of the pyramid. When I tried to access the blog, it doesn’t give me updated info. When I asked Dr. Fermann, he said K2 is disturbed and cannot remember when he had kept the doctrine as such. So I made this…”

Tormod showed another document that looked similar to the previous one.

“It is exact copy of the doctrine” he said “Now we need to put this back in DX’s dad K2’s home secretly. When he finds it, he will start updating the blog and we can get information”

“For this” he continued “We need stealth placers… someone who can place items in stealth. As per X-IQ results, the best person for this is DX”

For a while DX prayed to god to get this mission so that he need not face the SEER.

“But realizing that he is now a most wanted “terrorist” in “normal” world, we pick up two others who are also perfect as per X-IQ. Anisha Murgesen and Wang Tai”

A beautiful Indian girl and a handsome Japanese man stood up. There were claps. They sat down.

“Your mission would start at 10 AM XWT” Tormod said “Any queries”

The queries session went on for an hour. Later when they were leaving, Tormod and Angel accompanied DX.

“DX” Tormod said “I feel your mission is dangerous. I asked Einstein but he told me not to show favoritism. If you want, we can switch places”

“I have faced the SEER before” DX said bravely “I will face it again. Just bring it”

Angel immediately hugged DX.

“I know” she said “You will destroy it!”

“Einstein told me unofficially that you are mock-leader” Tormod said smiling. DX winked.

Later that night, DX was reading the classic Harry Potter books but his mind was elsewhere. He knew he could face the machine and dodge her bullets but still fear grabbed him. He got on bed and slept in meditation.

© Copyright 2017 ShyamBharath. All rights reserved.


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