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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Tormod Guldvog

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



It was a barren land with people lying and dying on its surroundings. Those who could afford a small scythe were able to dig a small burrow and sleep in it. Thousands of bodies lay dead. And thousands fought for food parcels being dropped from rescue copters above.

Some of these food packets even contained poison as a plot for killing mass number of unwanted people. Cripples and old people were simply thrown here. Unemployed and people having very low IQ were destined to die here.

Shawn was hungry as he did not have food for three days. He was walking hurriedly towards the food packets. He did not mind even if these were poisonous. Suddenly a group of 10 tall men overtook him and fell over these packets like mad dogs. This meant hunger for fourth day. Shawn felt this barren place to be lucky to have flowing water from a nearby canal. Other barren lands for mass killing of unwanted died more of thirst than of hunger.

A copter landed amidst the people. This was like a dream. No vehicle ever came to barren land. The hunger struck people ran towards the copter for rescue. But the gun protruding from it rained bullets on those who approached close killing them. The door opened and a tall and strong, blonde girl came down. Tall and strong she must be as she was well fed, simply because of the fact she was wanted. She was wanted because she was intelligent. She was intelligent because she was lucky by birth. She was lucky by birth because she belonged to a superior race.

“I need Shawn” she shouted. Shawn first hesitated but when she called again, he walked slowly.

“I am Shawn” he said. She beckoned him to board the copter. As he got in, the door closed and copter took off. It dropped a missile below effectively killing thousands assembled there.

Shawn was taken to a palace. No body told him why. He was given excellent clothes, excellent food and an excellent job. This went on for 10 days. Shawn felt he was in heaven and lucky. But why did all this come suddenly? He was supposed to die in barren lands as he was unwanted.

“You are wanted” she said

Suddenly he turned back to see the blonde girl naked, standing at the entrance to his bedroom.

“You belong to DX race” she said “Records were mistaken”

“Oh…” Shawn said “I could have guessed”

“Take off your pants” she said sensuously.

“Excuse me”

She came forward and dragged his pants down. She was too tall for him. She dragged him into his bedroom and dropped him onto the bed. She got on top of him and mounted his manhood into her womanhood

“We need to reproduce Shawny… to create more DXs” she said running her silky hands through his long hairs “I need you to fill your seeds inside me”

Shawn realized he was going to come. And suddenly he exploded into an orgasm.

DX woke with a start. It was another wet dream in just two weeks. But this time he wished he never woke up. He suddenly realized his mission today. It was about facing a monster. DX worried at how insecure his life had become, be it Styx or XWorld. His life was under threat having to fight monsters like SEER. At first he thought of complaining to Einstein but later realized that 19 more people were ready to fight… why not he?

The dream of reproduction of his race seemed cool to him. But he still did not get close to anyone as much. Angel was good. Maybe he could propose to her and then marry her. But Disgaea is cuter. She also had psychic abilities. DX felt his mind going mad with thoughts. He immediately sat in meditation. He felt something pierce his third eye.

Later in the day, DX started planning mission in blank pieces of paper. He might have a better idea as he faced the SEER face to face.

Knock knock

“Come in” DX said

Tormod entered

“Still using classic knock knock… instead of electronic bell?” DX asked

“The only way for Einstein to not know. Damn, the whole XWorld is networked under him and his stupid threads” he said sitting down

“Anything confidential?”

“No…. In fact yes…” he said “What do you think about Angel?”

DX wanted to say about his “reproduction” plan with her or Disgaea but Tormod would shoot him there if he spoke something stupid like this.

“Nothing…. Why?” DX asked

“Is she perfect for me?” Tormod asked coming forward with a blush.

“Oh…” DX said with a surprised look “So you love her, don’t you? Great”

“Not yet. But would love to have her as my wife. Are you sure?” he asked

“Yeah… but I never thought you would fall in love with someone…” he said

“But wait a second” Tormod said moving back slowly “Why am I telling this to you? You are just a machine? An A.I. can’t understand love!”

“Says who?” DX said proudly “I am thinking of proposing Disgaea”

“Dis… who?” Tormod asked unsure

“The gift girl!”

“Oh… now I get it” Tormod said looking sideways “But…I think she is mad”

“I am mad too. I am mad about her” DX said trying to counter Tormod “Are we perfect match?”

“Yeah…yeah…it’s fine” Tormod said dismissively “Except if you didn’t mind your wife reading your face every morning”

DX laughed. He felt it super awkward when someone reads his face.

“How many gifts did she give you?” DX asked

“None…” he said

“Why?” DX asked feeling surprised

“I asked her why? She says that all I am is ambitious and she hates ambitious men. She feels ambitious men are never peaceful” Tormod said

DX was ambitious in a sense too. He wanted a new DX race to form. Tormod bade him bye and left. Disgaea was not the one in DX’s mind now. It was the SEER. He looked at the figures in which he planned to evade SEER’s laser bullets and take it down using EMP grenades. But looking at SEER’s magnificent body, DX was unsure if EMP grenades would have any effect.

At 4 p.m. DX thought of biding goodbye to Tormod and Angel. He went towards the strategy room. But they had entered mission briefing room.

“DX!” someone called from behind. It was Stevenson, his team lead

“Come this way….its almost time for our briefing” he said

“I was thinking of wishing Tormod and Angel luck” DX said

“They will leave directly. Come this way” he said

DX followed Stevenson. He bought his own design in case they ask him his opinion.

The mission briefing room was elliptical with seats on one side and a huge screen on the other side. Einstein’s 3D picture was dancing with Helen’s 3D picture on screen.

As soon as Stevenson entered, Einstein kissed Helen goodbye. The screen refreshed and showed a message

Einstein (E8-931): Mission A80 – Team Tormod

Tormod was impressed by multithreading capability of Einstein.  He sensed the seat near Angel to be empty. He raced towards it and when Angel suddenly looked at his direction, he slowed down and sat besides her.

Angel thought he had something important to tell her. She looked at him eagerly.

“Oh… hi” Tormod said as though he noticed her just then

“Are you okay?” she asked looking at him strangely

“Yeah…  why do you ask?”

“You seem very shy…” she said observing him “…and very clowny too”


“No. I am serious” he said

Einstein entered and demonstrated their mission and their strategy. They connected via teleconferencing to team Stevenson’s conference room. DX required team Tormod to disable all communication links so that the SEER base won’t be on Red Alert. They accepted it.

“As per the strategy, Tormod and Angel are spies acting as Mr. and Ms. Wilson” Einstein briefed “Their role is simple. Board the subway express, capture Zeino after wearing protection suit. Then rest of team can board the subway. Abduct Zeino and get him to XWorld”

Team Stevenson got briefed. They got dressed in traditional military army uniform and left. The two teams intersected at terrace as they got on their copters. They wished good luck to each other.

INTERCOM: Einstein: DX… good news. Anisha and Wang have succeeded.

The copters left in opposite directions.


Abandoned Underground Secret Station

Exterminators Pickup Area, Moscow Subways

It was a deserted subway. Dried blood can be seen clearly on the walls. The subway train that can take Tormod a.k.a Mr. Wilson to Zeino was to come after half an hour. The backup team waited secretly hidden to await instructions from Einstein.

Tormod and Angel were given hidden protection suits. These were hidden inside their dresses. All they had to do was to think protection and focus on it. The suit would zip out of their dress and cover them completely. The suit was bullet proof and so they could attack anyone without fear. Immediately the rest of team would respond and aid in capture.

They were waiting for the train sitting in a corner of the station.

“Do you remember the code actions?” she asked

“Yeah” Tormod said “Do you love … Oh my God!?”

“Sorry….come again?” she said looking bemused

Tormod's eyes were filled with tears.

“I just got an intercom from Helen” he said “My parents are dead. Trapdeath

“How come?” Angel shot “Didn't they take the antivirus?”

“Damn the pyramid” Tormod shot in anger.

He became silent.

“Maybe you should go back” she said with concern

Tormod felt a tinge of disappointment cross his heart. For a while his mind was blank. The train was approaching.

“Hey Angel” he said “Please hide with the other troops”

“What?” she wondered “I was supposed to come with …”

“Go!” he screamed. Angel went slowly with slight fear of Tormod towards the well hidden troops.

A man in thick coat came forward.

“Vlad…I believe you are Mr. Wilson” he said

“Yeah…” Tormod said removing his specs

“No need of code actions” Vlad said “We don’t have time… get in”

Angel sat in a cozy corner of subway well hidden from the train. She wanted to go in case of any emergency. She was about to fall asleep.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Hey Angel.., Tormod is not responding to my messages…!

“No responding” she shouted and got up. A gun shot was heard. Angel ran towards the rail road. The train started leaving as XWorld troops moved in. In front of her, lay Tormod in a pool of his blood. She ran to his body. He was still alive holding his stomach where probably the bullet was fired.

“I love you Angel” he said “…I am sorry I failed you all”

Tears fell from Angel’s eyes onto Tormod’s wound.

“No you didn't. You did great” Angel said

“Take care of DX” he said with tears in his eyes. Angel nodded and hugged him. She felt his body twitch as he became stiff. She sensed his inability to breath. He was dead.

She let go of him as XWorld troops attended on him. Angel saw a train coming from the adjacent railroad. She stood in front of it anticipating death. At the nick of time, an XWorld cadet fell across and rescued her. He then slapped her.

“Are you crazy?” he shouted “Don’t you realize how precious life is?”

“She needs some time” his colleague said and took him aside.

Angel went to Tormod’s body and couldn’t stop crying.

“Have we lost them?” Zeino asked Simons in the train.

“300 miles per hour… no hope for them to chase us” Simons said in a calm tone.

“Mike… inform jack… tell him to make SEER base more alert. These bastards might be planning an attack there too” Zeino, the pale tired looking man said.


SEER Secure Base Station

Russian Advanced Defense Systems

Jack: (Via Satellite to Base): Zeino coup needs more forces. Send troops to protection of Zeino. SEER is more than secure in itself. I repeat SEER is more than secure in itself.


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