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Chapter 28 (v.1) - DX vs. SEER

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



“My shirt seems quite different Einstein… what is it?” DX asked while they approached the SEER base with stealth.

INTERCOM: Einstein: It is nano-fiber dress. It projects you invisible even when you have clothes!

“Wow” DX said

“Lots of copters are leaving” Stevenson said leading his team stealthily “Is the base being shifted out?”

INTERCOM: Einstein: No Steve. Intelligence indicates the SEER is still held there. There is news I don’t want to break now. Please destroy the SEER at all costs.

“Roger” Stevenson said

INTERCOM: Helen: Team Stevenson. SEER is being held in a shielded incubator to replicate its code and engineering parts. The original team was gassed to death so this is the only way for them. Please destroy SEER before they can make a replica of a million SEERs.

“Helen… can we trust her?” DX asked around. His team shrugged.

INTERCOM: Einstein: It’s the prototype A.I. of Styx… turning into our side. Anyway, act with stealth. She can be trusted.

They reached the outer wall. DX sent his grasshopper-camera inside to scan the base.  They saw the video scan of base in PDA. It was tight integrated security with several guards armed with rocket launchers and machine guns.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Stealth is must. Any alarm will put base under alert and SEER will be transported to undisclosed location.

“There is heavy security on ground” Stevenson said sternly “We cannot breach from outer wall as planned”

INTERCOM: Einstein: Roger… move towards isolated area, N14deg E12deg latitude [citation]. I am sending a stealth copter there.

They waded back secretly towards forest and then into an opening. A copter was waiting for them. The pilot got down.

“Hello” he greeted them “I’m Distelmo… get in!”

The whole team got inside the stealth copter. It raced up. They traced the whole base from a safe height scanning the schematic. Finally they reached the roof top of tallest building.

INTERCOM: Helen: Good…. SEER is held in this building.

“That’s luck” Stevenson said making himself comfortable “Any great ideas how to break inside… team”

“I need architecture of this building” DX asked for.

INTERCOM: Helen: File Received Architecture-Building432A.JPEG

Scanning through the schematic architecture, DX sketched a plan and explained it to his team. They all showed thumbs up.

Invisible On DX thought. He became invisible. He raced downstairs from terrace. SEER was one floor below the top most one. He then ran inside the library. He bypassed the alarm. Immediately, Alarm was rung in library alone. Troops from bottom floor came up to library. An invisible DX went outside the library, locked the door, and encrypted the key pad of automated security mechanism.

Invisible Off DX thought. He became visible. He felt it was his luck that library door was open.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Roger… team move in to last but one floor, where SEER is located.

The whole team reached the floor. Stevenson led them and fired Soul-Saver at anyone who obstructed the way with his stealth pistol. Finally they reached an elevator with an encrypted key pad. A message was written on top of the elevator.

SEER Storage and Data Centers

DX tried to connect to the key pad and hack it. But it was encrypted using very complex biometrics. He felt it unbreakable

INTERCOM: Helen (To DX only): I know the key code to the elevator. DX… I can only trust you. No one else must enter the elevator

“Why?” DX asked. His team mates look at him surprised

INTERCOM: Helen (To DX only): There may be spies.

“Team” DX said “Helen says she wants only me to go up…”

“This is crazy shit…” Stevenson said “This might well be a plot to kill you. She is from the defense order”

“As of this moment” DX said “I am sure how to save myself. If it is the SEER above, I am ready to destroy it. Please assemble at terrace and wait for me”

They didn’t move. They felt extremely doubtful at Helen’s dubious move.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Team Stevenson, please listen to DX. It’s important for us to finish the task.

They wished him good luck and left reluctantly.

INTERCOM: Helen: Good…! The access code is 06628

DX entered the lift. As the lift approached the top, DX was able to see shoes of some people. Invisible On he thought and focused on it. He became invisible.

DX saw rocket launchers in their hands. He felt lucky to be invisible. But to his surprise, they started pulling the trigger. DX rushed forward pushing them on ground. He immediately took his pistol and fired anesthesia clips at them. They fell down unconscious. DX thought Invisible Off and focused on it. He became visible and was able to see his own hands.

 A laser bullet stuck the gas cylinder besides DX effectively throwing him to a corner. DX felt lucky his shirt and skin was fire proof. He saw the SEER in front of him throwing another laser bullet. DX dodged it and hid in a corner behind a steel box. A room was open on the other end, but DX felt SEER might throw a missile into it if he ran there.

DX knew he had to do something very fast. He could here the SEER moving forward. He immediately took his EMP grenade and threw it up. If fell on the ground and exploded. DX came out. SEER was in a mess. Its electronic components have failed completely. Its sensors were still fine making awkward noises looking at DX. It’s shutter in its back was open. DX ventured bravely to look into it. He saw broken electronic components. He gave a smile. But that smile was wiped off when he saw the broken electronics restructuring themselves to form a full fledged circuit again. DX knew he had to do something. He did not have infinite EMP grenades.

He suddenly remembered his emergency pouch that had a centurion flash grenade. DX didn’t know what it was but that was the only best option left. He took it out, ran to a safe corner and threw it into the shutter.

He hid behind. There was no noise. DX went towards the SEER slowly from his hiding. To his surprise, the SEER was off, whole electronic components inside was melted to ashes. Only the outer cover remained intact. He closed the shutter and breathed happily.

Clap clap clap

DX turned back in surprise. A huge man with dragon tattoos all over his neck was standing outside the open room.

DX goes bravely near him. Simons was a mere mortal when compared to the SEER.

“Synergy… the tyrant, the idiot, the asshole himself” DX said in a calm tone imitating him.

“DX… I must say I am not surprised by the disrespect” he said trying to imitate DX unsuccessfully

“What would a federal CIA head do illegally in Russian Advanced Defense base?” DX asked

INTERCOM: Einstein: Useless to ask these questions… just kill him

DX wanted to listen to Synergy’s words.

“CIA… is in contract here. Anyway that is none of your business” Simons said moving towards the SEER and rubbing its fine body.

“SEER makes Russia stronger… and the United States hates that. These stupid people already gassed their scientists to death. So through a fool called Zeino, we now have control over Russia...”

DX was about take his pistol out

“Do not take it out” Simons spoke fast for the first time “…or I will switch the SEER on”

Simons opened a panel on SEER’s body which had certain controls.

DX acted as though he was scared and stopped.

“DX…” he said “you wasted a chance to become a hero. The pyramid actually planned to propagate the media that you had devised the cure. But you forced it to call you a terrorist, an “International Terrorist”!”

“So be it….” DX said dismissively “Now a deal… Will you tell me about Orion code or do you want me to take your life away?”

Synergy looked at him angrily and started the SEER. It was not responding. He ran back and opened the shutter. He almost lost his mind. DX pointed the gun at him.

“I don’t know the code of Orion” he said calmly “It belongs to the Illuminat…”

“Stopped?... Go on!” DX said moving forward “Illuminat…? Who the hell are these guys?”

“So you already know” Simons said

“So who is the terrorist? Huh?” DX shouted in anger.

“We are the dictators DX…” Simons shouted back “Not terrorists”

“No Simons” DX said with a smile “You are lower than illuminati. They are above you in pyramid”

“It doesn’t matter” Simons boasted “People will lick my shoes now to polish it. Why don’t you do that now Mr. Pyramid Bottomed?”

Someone from behind pointed a gun at DX. DX knew his body could not be harmed by mere bullets. He attacked the solider and threw him out of the window to his death below.

“Ahaaa” Simons shouted

DX turned back to find Simons in a safe corner pointing a rocket launcher he might have picked up from the dead cadets.

DX thought Power of Force and focused on that thought. His retina displayed….

Power of Force On

DX immediately jumped out of the window. A rocket whizzed past him. He was able to attach himself to the walls of the building. Simons looked out of the window and spotted DX. DX immediately thought Invisible On and focused on that thought. He became invisible.

Attention: Bio Energy Low. Shut down in 20 seconds

Simons started firing guessing DX’s target to be terrace. DX climbed the 5 storied building in a zigzag manner reaching the terrace. At about the same time, he lost his bio-energy and was visible again. The copter was waiting for him.

“Synergy is coming. We need to go fast” he shouted. He boarded in as the copter took off the unsuspecting base. It was perfect stealth mission.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Mission Success

DX gave a smile. Everybody around him hardly grinned back at him. They looked very dull.

“Anything wrong?” DX asked.

They looked at each other to explain him.

“Somebody tell me” DX shouted.

“Tormod…” Stevenson said sadly “Tormod has been killed”

DX felt his heart break. He couldn’t stop his tears.


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