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Chapter 29 (v.1) - The Ultimate Visionary

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX returned to XWorld. Everyone was crying around street corners. They bought flowers to honor Tormod and entered his house.

DX entered Tormod’s home. Angel was sitting on the dining table. She looked a wretch. Her hair was fluttered untidily and her face was half wet with tears. On seeing DX, she ran and hugged him. She cried on his shoulders.

DX made her sit and he took the adjacent chair.

“We realize” Angel said in tears “…how much we love someone only when we lose them”

DX was at loss of words. He proceeded to Tormod’s room where his body was placed. There were several flowers surrounding it. A terminal was open in front of him. A hologram of Einstein was seen. It was crying.

Looking at Tormod, DX’s eyes started getting wet. How much he wished his dear friend to get up again. DX saw Tormod’s face. It had a frowned look. It was a look that suggested he needed peace.

Disgaea entered in. She saw Tormod and took out a dove. She kept it near his head. Tormod’s face eased and became peaceful as that of Buddha. DX felt this might be an illusion.

“I always wanted to give you this” she said in tears to Tormod “I will miss you”. She went off in tears.

DX felt that a lot of people have misconceptions about the gift girl. Disgaea seemed to have supernatural powers too

Angel came in after a while. This time, she seemed a little calm.

“What can be done Einstein?” DX asked

Einstein sighed sadly.

“Tormod was irresponsive inside. Even when he saw his assassin take out gun from his coat he did not activate the protection suit. He was in a different world altogether” Einstein replied

“Why? Did he have any trouble?” DX asked

“I don’t know” Einstein replied “He didn’t even give the documents and he did not do the internal code actions properly… The news of his parents death shocked him”

Einstein paused to look at Angel.

“…emotional shock” Einstein said heaving “I need a word with Angel…can you please excuse us DX”

“No problem” DX said as he went out.

“Did he love me?” Angel asked Einstein looking at Tormod

“It seems so” Einstein said “That’s what he told you last…”

Angel rubbed his hairs.

“I am at loss of words” Einstein said “He never spoke of his parents. His father wanted him dead and believed him to be a terrorist”

Angel went to her room later. She was extremely sad and had no mood to eat or do anything. Tormod’s image was coming to her mind everywhere. The rose flowers were drooping. It understood her feelings.

She went near them and spoke to them…

“If Tormod told me he loved me at any point of time” she said “I would have called mission off regardless of Einstein…. And we would have gone together to Hawaii…. Forgetting pyramid, forgetting XWorld…”

As she said these words, tears fell.

“May his soul rest in peace” she prayed.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Hey Angel… can you please come to DX’s room immediately?

Angel didn’t understand what the emergency was. She nevertheless got ready and proceeded to DX’s apartment. DX, Stevenson and Einstein’s hologram was assembled at the sofa. A blank sofa was left for her. She sat down.

“Angel” Einstein began “This is a personal meeting. DX says he wants to lead XWorld now. What is your opinion?”

Angel felt a fit of rage cross her.

“No… not a good idea” she said sternly

“All right. Why do you think so?” Einstein asked her

Angel began thinking. DX felt sure that she was cooking reasons now

“He is so … young and inexperienced… and…” Angel said searching for words “he is a machine. Not a human”

“I assume you aren’t over Tormod yet” DX said “And I have a soul, you said it yourself”

“While we are wailing over Tormod…” Angel screamed with her highest tone “Why do you want to be a leader within hours? So you wanted power so badly huh? You ruthless…. Machine”

DX took some time to digest what she said and replied calmly.

“My mind unfortunately is a little fast in decision taking” he replied “Sorry about that. Tormod’s death shouldn’t be in vain. Look… it might seem an easy scoop of ice cream if we all shut down XWorld, forget Pyramid and go to the Himalayas for the rest of our lives…. But please think of the big picture”

Angel started listening but she still gritted her teeth. DX never saw anyone this angry.

“Big picture… picture of millions becoming slaves. Imagine if Tormod’s saw this… can we let our leader become a slave in the hands of the tyrannical pyramid”

Angel eased but seemed a little dissatisfied.

“I met Synergy one on one Angel” he continued “I tried getting the code of Orion but he doesn’t know. The pyramid just doesn’t know many atrocities it is doing. But don’t you think we need to liberate this world? Giving it the freedom and happiness we always wanted to give it? I want to liberate it… and I am ready to face any challenge for it”

Angel turned towards Stevenson. But he was looking at DX

“Mr. Stevenson” she asked “What do you think?”

“Angel” he said “with all respect, DX led the team amazingly in destroying the SEER. When we said destroy, he permanently disabled it. He is courageous”

Angel gave a smile to DX and nodded.

“You lead hero” she said

“Wonderful” Einstein said “We hereby proclaim Tormod as our Ultimate Visionary. We will proceed to conquer the pyramid and liberate the world from evil”

Everybody smiled.


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