Project DX

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Project DX

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



The Planet Times

Fun is the best medicine for any disease.

18th April 2030: New Jersey

Creative hospitals, started somewhere in the year 2010 by Dr. Fermann Laudee, a visionary grew like a virus. It’s a creative method of treating patients is not only unique, but is also patented. Children’s ward is filled with Xbox and Virtual Reality game stations and interactive science videos. A teenager’s ward is filled with a music system and connected to the internet. The doctors are never in their formal white and green scary uniforms. They go around in casuals and they become the patient’s friend and health advisor. No doubt, creative hospitals treat patients much successfully than any other hospital.

A new born baby at Creative Hospital couldn't be big news, since hundreds of children are born everyday. But the birth of this child is unique. Why? Is it because the child made the population reach 300000000? No. The baby was born but where was the father or mother? No one has seen his parents before his birth, "during" his birth and after his birth.

Oh then from where did the baby come from then? The Creative Hospitals Press room was filled with media interested to know more about the baby.

“The Neil incubator” Dr. Fermann said to the media “DX is born in the Neil Incubator. A highly secure laboratory in a highly secure place”

There were photo flashes everywhere.

“Which place?” few journalists among the crowd shot

“I said the place was secure”

“What is the name of the baby?”

“DX” Fermann said “Actually normal human chromosomes are XY or XX. But DX has a custom built chromosome. We patented it. It’s actually the DX chromosome”

“Is the DX chromosome male or a female?” a lady shot

“It’s 100 percent male… I can see the smile on your face” Fermann replied.

Seeing puzzled looks of the media, Fermann continued

“DX is a custom built chromosome in which we enhanced the histone to allow more compactness. The DNA inside the chromosomes is highly customized to inculcate the best features in DX…”

Even before Fermann could finish his speech, there were buzzes of hands rising from the crowd.

Fermann pointed a geeky looking guy. He got up and looked around wiggly. His shirt had the logo CNN embedded.

“Do you mean that DX is going to be like… sort of spider man… or superman… or HULK?” he asked theatrically. There was laughter in the hall.

Fermann took a moment to chuckle and then replied…

“No… physically he is normal. He is just like you and me”

The press had the feeling that Fermann was trying not to answer too much. The geeky journalist scribbled some notes, readjusted his specs.

“And how about his mental ability?” he asked

“Mentally, he is far superior to us. He is unbelievably intelligent. The rate of thinking, decision making, and learning is awesome. On an average, he can think 5 times more than a normal human of his age. You must look at the baby himself now” Fermann said with a smile on his face.

There was a roar among the media. They wanted to see DX. On Fermann’s beckoning, a nurse entered with a cradle.

Fermann lifted the baby and showed it to the crowd.

“Introducing, the first ever bio baby, DX” Fermann said with a smile. There were claps everywhere.

The baby looked very cute dressed in pink tops. It must be around 8 months old. It looked at the crowd, gave a pleasant smile and waved.

An 8 month old child waves to a crowd!

Fermann bought the mike close to the child. DX started licking the mike.

“It is not ice cream dear. It’s a mike. Say ‘Hi’”

The baby stared at the mike strangely, cupped it with both his hands and said…


An 8 month old child used the mike to say Hi!

There were claps everywhere. Photos were flashing around the baby. The baby had no idea why? He was looking around puzzled. Fermann placed him into the cradle so that he can be in view of everybody.

“Questions?” he asked

“The baby looks very cute” a tall guy from the back shouted

“Actually” Fermann said clearing his throat “All of us look very cute when we are babies”

A lady raised her hands stretching it up as high as possible… Fermann beckoned her to ask.

“Ahem…” she said clearing her throat “We have seen that after cloning, the cloned creature is more prone to disease and dies at half the age of other members. Does this mean that DX will live only for about say 40 years?”

There was a big woo.

“Excuse me” Fermann said sternly “This baby is created not cloned. Cloning takes genes from a parent. Then the baby can’t be much better than humans. So we built the chromosome itself from scratch”

“So that means there is no surrogate mother…” the lady asked

Fermann was getting irritated. This lady is trying to get some point here. He nodded.

“So that means the child is an orphan right?” she asked.

“First of all he is not a human to discuss that” Fermann said sternly

“What do you mean?” the lady asked rather humanitarianly.

There were buzzes around. The crowd started talking in the negatives. Fermann thought for a while and replied…

“I mean that this kid is artificial. He has no emotions…”

Fermann was beaten back the very moment. The baby started crying.  There was laughter. Fermann looked at him closely. A small pin in the cradle pierced DX. He removed the pin.

“Well…” Fermann said trying to cover his previous statement “I mean little emotions”

“I now request the chief project director of project DX, Professor K2 to speak of the significance of the project”

K2, the handsome bald man with a flowing beard came calmly into the dais. There were a few claps.

“Thank you Dr. Fermann” K2 said as he took over the mike.

He pinched the cheeks of DX. DX smiled at him.

“You all know very well that an average infant walks only at 12 to 13 months and that too they only crawl” K2 said

The crowd was calm. K2 took DX and placed him on the ground. He then went to the other side of the room and showed him a chocolate. DX got up and started walking towards the chocolate with a big smile on his face

The audience clapped.

K2 lifted the baby and placed him gently into the cradle.

“DX is a vision that came in my mind 25 years ago. The US government Scientific Committee accepted the project to be undertaken as soon as three days. Scientists worked hard forgetting all pleasures for a period of 25 years to create DX. A big applause for all those scientists please”

There was a huge applause as a team of scientists entered inside. All had typical internet smileys.

“These are just a handful of them. There were 1000 more people working on the project” K2 said

K2 gave a kind look at DX.

“Somebody asked over here that whether DX is an orphan. The answer is no. All the 1000 scientists that include me and Fermann love DX. We worked for 25 years to make him. We are all his parents. How lucky he is!”

The crowd clapped again.

“Does anybody have questions?” K2 asked looking around.

“What will the future of DX?” the geeky CNN journalist asked without waiting for others.

“Ok… we want DX to grow along with normal public. His identity will be hidden for the next 18 years and he will be one among you. You cannot identify him to be DX. After he is 18 years old, he will show up in public”

Several hands shot up. K2 selected one of them

“Why is he being hidden?”

K2 was spontaneous to answer this…

“We feel that it will become a huge pressure to DX if his identity is not hidden. The age 0 -18 is vital for any child’s emotional development. We want him to lead a normal life”

Fermann interrupted.

K2 handed the mike to him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of the United States, Synergy Simons”

All the journalists got up. It was a surprise to hear that the president came to see DX.

Synergy Simons entered the room. Everybody stood up in respect to the president. He was a strange looking president. He was completely bald with strange dragon tattoos embedded all over his neck. He wore a long coat. He beckoned all to sit down. He looked at DX and pinched his cheeks. DX was busy licking the chocolate and did not mind.

“Good evening dear citizens” he started “First of all let me congratulate the team on making Project DX a grand success”

There were claps.

“Mr. George Bush, then president 25 years back took a great milestone by approving Project DX. DX is a stunning proof to the whole world on America’s dominance and superiority in the field of Biotechnology. But let me tell you, DX is going to play a vital role in America’s goals. He is going to aid the government in a lot of issues. But all these after he finishes his graduation”

Simons was a calm personality who was very specific in whatever he spoke. He had very high determination.

He continued…

“Realizing the importance of work of K2, we have declared DX to be the son of Mr. K2 who by the way is a bachelor”

There were claps as Simons handed the certificate of parenthood to K2.

With this, Simons waved and left.

K2 took over the mike with a big smile. There were claps again.

Several hands shot up but K2 realized that it might take an eternity to answer all their questions. He decided to wind up the press meeting.

“More information about DX can be found on the website, The website was officially launched today. Thank you all for showing your interest in DX” he said.

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