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Chapter 30 (v.1) - The Coliseum Network

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



Angel was taking her morning walk. She saw Ravi working on something in his laptop. When she went near him, he hid it.

“Anything secret?” she asked him

He nodded. Angel noticed her EyeOS was unable to detect Ravi. He was disconnected from XWorld network. She dragged him by the collar.

“You are disconnected from the network. I need an explanation” she asked threateningly

“S-Sorry” he said “It was order of DX. We are working on a secret project called Coliseum Network”

Angel let go his collar.

“What is this Coliseum Network?” she asked bewildered “I never heard of such a project in XWorld”

“It… Er… it is a sort of back door communication infrastructure for emergency” he said. Angel thought for a while and understood. She immediately messaged DX to meet him at cafeteria in the evening.


DX and Einstein spend time in Einstein’s villa trying to discuss their future actions. They eventually decide to organize key posts properly

Finally Einstein came with the structure.

XWorld Leader DX

  1. XWorld CEO Mr. Stevenson
  2. XWorld CTO Mr. Albert Einstein
    1. XWorld Chief Advisor Angel
    2. XWorld Evangelist Helen

Einstein declared Helen to be the new Evangelist. Angel would be promoted to chief advisor.

“But Mr. Albert” DX told him “I am extremely doubtful about Helen. She sent me alone in elevator to face three guys who were ready with rocket launchers. And she broke the news of Tormod's parents death, right when he was in the middle of his mission!”

Einstein immediately called Helen. A cute hologram of Helen showed up besides Einstein.

“I really don’t know anything about the three guys” she swore

“You did an extremely wrong thing by mistrusting my colleagues to be spies” DX accused her.

“It was a spy from who gave you off at Pyramid Prison in Egypt” Einstein remarked.

“Who is this spy?” DX asked “Tormod told me he never got caught”

“It was hidden from you DX. It was none other than Distelmo. But he later regretted his move”

DX remembered the name suddenly

“You mean Distelmo, the ace pilot?” DX asked

“Yes…” Einstein replied “Even the closest of allies can spell trouble. So a little care is primary”

“Now that you are a leader” Einstein said winking “There are little secrets you should know”

“I thought XWorld was an open civilization with no secrets” DX said “I am a little surprised here”

“Even an open civilization has its vulnerabilities DX” Einstein replied “Move on to the adjacent door. The access code is 07789”

DX obeyed. After all who would stop the offer of being offered to know a secret?

He typed the numbers in the keypad. The door opened up to reveal a mini subway. It was deserted completely with a train waiting there.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Switch your camera eyes on. I will direct you from here.

DX turned his camera eyes on.

INTERCOM: Einstein: This is Fiona, secure access train. It is automated to take you to a secure place. Get in it.

The door of train had a retinal scanner. DX placed his retina few meters from it. An infrared sensor scanned his retina

Positive Identification: DX. Authorized

The door opened as DX got in cautiously. It was a luxurious interior inside. The color of lights inside was light green. But DX had a preference for blue color. As soon as he entered, the light color turned blue. DX was mesmerized. His mind was being read by the train.

He sat down and started browsing internet in the PC attached to his seat. It was this magnificent train all for himself.

He was browsing some business related websites. He suddenly noticed the time.

“Hey it has been 10 minutes” DX sent his thought to Einstein “The train hasn’t started yet”


INTERCOM: Einstein: It had started and reached the destination just now. Fluid mechanics actually give people inside a feel like the object is not moving or moving too slowly

“Oh yeah” DX said remembering the elevator. DX got down and was facing a huge research underground building.

A very senior looking scientist came out scratching his head.

“Greetings O lord of XWorld” he said kissing DX’s palms making him feel awkward “I am Siden Flamestick, research engineer at this place”

“What is this place?” DX asked looking around. He could see missile prototypes and people working on them through the glass doors of the building.

“It is XWorld Military Technology Laboratories, XMTL as we call it. Welcome in” Siden invited

INTERCOM: Einstein: Remember the anti-matter missile Tormod was talking to me the first time we all met? It was developed here, a very secret place hidden below the Antarctic.

DX followed Siden inside. There was an exhibit of a huge real looking missile in the hall. On top a display read…

Vision Guided Centurion Missile- VGMD, realization of a vision

“What is this?” DX asked “It looks like an ordinary missile to me”

“Don’t get deceived by its appearance” Siden said “It has centurion based sensors which can give accurate measurements of target. The OS inside the missile predicts where opponent’s next move will be. Centurion energy flow inside the missile guides it as if it were a car to be guided in heavy traffic. It has got powerful image processing software in it”

DX walked a massive escalator. Several scientists were passing by whispering about him. DX observed an interesting difference between scientists in “normal” world and scientists in “XWorld”. Here scientists looked very casual, most of them in t-shirts and jeans. Many female scientists wore miniskirts

DX managed to hear some scientists talking absolutely strange things…

“Alex… you must be crazy… unless the cube crystal can fit into the spherical molecule, I don’t see how this can be solved…”

“A cube can never fit into a sphere of its own volume…. But I can change its density…”

They reached level one where a weird looking geek called Ferguson met DX. He showed a prototype gun. The room’s front was covered with a red wall.

“How does this work?” DX asked him

Ferguson answered it with a smile. He went across a corner of room and operated on an electronic device. The red wall rose up and showed a simulated battle field. He beckoned DX to enter the simulated battle field.

“Don’t worry…” he suggested “The bullets are bull shit”

DX thought a scientist using bull shit was too much. He entered the battle field and hid behind a rock. He slowly rose above and aimed at one of the dummy soldiers and shot. He ducked down. He knew he did not aim properly. He rose up again and to his surprise, the soldier had fallen down. He went off. DX felt surprised and he shot at another soldier aimlessly. The bullet guided itself and tracked the soldier. It stuck him.

DX was awestruck with this. He returned from battle field. Ferguson was laughing.

“Each bullet has a microprocessor in it. It can track your target and balance its projectile” he said

“T-This is great” DX said in utter disbelief.

“If this doesn’t satisfy you” Ferguson continued “It has multiple weapon arsenals”

Ferguson used the touch screen display on the gun’s side and selected rocket launcher mode.

He then pointed at fast moving tanker and shot a rocket at it. The rocket traced it and blasted it off.

“Solid shit…ha haaa” Ferguson shouted at his pointless victory.

“Shall we move on to level two?” Siden asked him

DX couldn’t wait. Level 1 itself seemed too advanced for today’s technology. At level two, DX found himself walking amidst several robots. But these robots were different from normal robots. They were heavily armed.

A punk looking teenager came forward. DX remembered Kid Rock. Though he hated him, he kind of missed him.

“I’m Venom Hill, [citation: heard him somewhere] lead of this junk”

“You don’t look like you can lead yourselves” DX said humorously.

“Yo mus be corporate crap” he said with a wink “wanna play a game … online”

“I am not much into games” DX said

“I’ll teach you”

He made DX sit in front of a mega screen TV. DX was given some controls. A game started.

Robots vs. HumanS VI: The Final Frontier

DX had to take the side of robots. He was given an arsenal of weapons while his human opponents had just ordinary guns. Moreover, when they fired him, nothing happened to his robots as they had powerful coating. He was able to switch among several robots on battle field. The other robots were played by the computer itself.

The humans even tried to call air strikes, but the robots were able to fire guided rockets and destroy them. Finally, within half an hour, the humans fled. DX won.

Everyone behind him clapped. DX left the game with a smile

“I never expected so much fun in level 2. I thought it would be more serious than level one”

“Its serious dude” Venom said with a wicked smile. He went across and opened the red wall. A battle field opened up. To his surprise, DX saw the same robots that he played against in the battle field.The dummy humans, who were robots in disguise showed white kerchiefs.

“The future battle field” Venom declared “…belongs to robots”

“…while we humans play computer games” DX concluded. He felt so impressed that he gave Venom a chocolate bar he actually bought for Disgaea.

“Shall we go for level 3?” Sedan asked DX.

DX nodded.

Level three had a huge door after a reception hall. It had a logo of Delta. Below the word Force was written in embolden language

INTERCOM: Einstein: Delta Force, is heart of next generation defense systems. Only you alone shall enter this facility


Sedan left DX alone. After the door opened, DX had to undergo a series of security checks from DNA identification to fingerprint scanning.

Finally, he was led to a huge hallway. There was an ancient Chinese artifact. DX remembered it to have been stolen long back.

INTERCOM: Einstein: Now activate the demo by pressing code 6788 on the keypad to your right.

DX activated the key pad. A small air copter came with a missile on top of it. It dropped it on the artifact. DX wanted to scream for a while not because of the concern for the artifact, but because of the fact that he was in the same room.

The missile suddenly got absorbed by a shield surrounding the artifact deriving energy from it. Instantaneously, a panel opened on the side and it fired a rocket at the air copter. The copter blasted falling aside.


INTERCOM: Einstein: A variant of Russia’s Star Force. But Delta Force can even find out who fired the missile and attack them back.


Later that night, DX and Einstein organized a strategy meet. Everyone assembled at auditorium.

Einstein’s 3D image appeared on screen with a sad look.

“We need to observe 2 minute silence for Tormod’s soul”

The whole auditorium went silent. DX felt as if Tormod’s soul was crossing all of them. It was an extremely emotional moment. Some people had tears across them.

“Tormod is now our ultimate visionary” Einstein claimed “His vision was to liberate the planet of evil forces in a manner that doesn’t harm humans. That means in a non-violent manner”

There was a huge and deafening applause. DX felt Tormod’s soul rejoicing.

“We now welcome our new leader, with an IQ of 938, DX!”

DX entered the stage amidst roars and applauses. He felt this to be his best moment only next to party night with celebrities.

“I put before you my dear friends” DX began “a three step plan”

Orator On DX thought and focused on that thought. His retina displayed

Oration Powers On

“The first plan of all” DX shouted “Is revenge of XWorld. We are lions. Roar”

There was a roar among the crowd

“If you didn’t hear me properly, we are lions… roar”

There was a huge deafening roar this time. DX now felt he has energized the crowd by feeding into their subconscious mind, the feel of a lion. Angel felt a little insecure. She closed her eyes.

“And as lions, we need to avenge our Master’s death. We need to kill Zeino”

There was a deafening applause. The audience chanted Kill Zeino, Avenge Tormod’s death.

Angel wanted to shout at everyone to stop this beastliness.

“We have a spy from Styx” DX continued when the roars finally stopped “Helen… now girlfriend of Mr. Albert Einstein… I guess she’s his third love then”

There was laughter among the crowd. The cute anime popped on the screen behind DX.

“She’s here to make an announcement” DX said as he stepped aside

“Hello XWorld” the cute anime started “How many of you here heard of the Grand Cathedral”

Very few hands shoot up.

“Ok” she said “Grand Cathedral is a brave new attempt by the Illuminati to take control of the whole world by 100 percent. All we know is it is a machine for world domination. So what could be it?”

Helen waited for five minutes. A red light glowed. It was Giri Sidheshwaran.

“Yes Giri?” Helen asked

“They already control most of the people using popular media like television and Hollywood” he said adjusting his long hair “May be they are going to introduce next generation popular addictive media”.

“Thank you Girus” Helen called him sweetly “Any other views?”

Another red light glowed.

The screen displayed Fido.

“Yep Fido?” she asked

“To me, Grand Cathedral seems like a place of God. It probably must be a place where they want to stay and control people and perhaps call themselves gods. So much in a name!”

“Thank you Fido” Helen concluded “In videos that DX got from Styx Pyramid Prison…”

Video of Lab scanned by DX at Pyramid prison was shown behind Helen’s anime.

“…I see much extensive human testing and nano-genetic engineering. I guess they are off to create a new species. I hereby request DX to form a separate plan to be made for research on what exactly this Grand Cathedral is about”

DX took control of stage.

“Thanks Helen” he said smiling at her “This is exactly what I had in my mind as plan 2. We need to crack the code, break the ice… whatever you call it. Grand Cathedral shall not remain a mystery”

Audience clap as Einstein’s 3D image appears on screen. Helen kisses him as they both vanish.

INTERCOM: Stevenson: DX! Imagine how these two A.I.s could have sex. I guess… virtual sex.

DX gawked

“Another point” DX said “Helen is our new Data Interpreter and Evangelist. Angelica is promoted to the post of Chief Advisor”

There were cheers among the audience. People around Angel congratulated her. But she didn’t look happy.

“The final point in this meet is…” DX continued “… the cure. As per Estefana Collmenero, the defense order’s cure has a hidden amino acid sequence that can only be decrypted using the Code of Orion. I hope that no XWorld cadet has taken or will take their version of cure”

There was silence.

“We need to find out the cure fast. Thus as per plan 3, I request Angel to fasten up cure development”


Cafeteria Corner

5 hours later

DX and Angel were chilling out at Cafeteria just opposite to Disgaea’s gift shop. They had their camera eyes off. Angel looked very angry and chilly.

“What happened?” DX asked finally “You asked me to come here and then you are…”

“What is the Coliseum Project?” she asked cutting him off.

DX took some time to think

“What’s wrong with it?” he said finally “It’s just another private network”

“The fact that all people working on it with their transmission disabled” she said “Are you hiding this from Albert?”

DX felt this strange. It was obvious that he was hiding this from Einstein, but yet she presses him more.

“Yeah” he nodded

Her expression became scornful.

“You brute” she said “Einstein deserves to know everything! XWorld is because of him. Yet he never became a leader. He is so selfless unlike you”

DX lost his cool

“You seem a tough nut to crack” he blurted

“I hate you” she said in a high tone “…for this if I knew earlier, I would have never recruited you”

“Angel listen” DX said in a soothing tone. This was not the Angel he always liked “I feel really uncomfortable. Your way of speech… is simply put… irritating”

Angel’s frown relaxed. But it became cold.

“Then how irritating is it for me to be thrown from an Evangelist to a Chief Advisor?”

“That’s a coveted post Angel” DX stressed on her “It gives you lots of power”

“Coveted?” she mustered her tears “If I “Chief Advised” you to stop the Coliseum project, will you stop it?”

DX thought for a while.

“It’s not a good idea” DX said

Angel’s tear fell across her cheeks. She got up and prepared to leave. DX chased her down the street.

“Angel listen” he said dragging her back to face him “I feel really uncomfortable by Einstein’s relationship with Helen… she comes from defense order. That’s why this Coliseum network OK”

DX started walking away in a fit of rage. Angel chased him and dragged him back to face her.

“So you are pointing out the Einstein has made a wrong decision?”

DX sighed.

“No Angel…” he said “Love is blind… Whole XWorld depends on Einstein… His threads control everything… don’t you think we might need a private network for emergency… Remember, XWorld is a very sacred place and it must not be too dependent on anyone. Such organizations fall off”

Angel shrugs after a while.

“I trust you DX” she said finally “But I don’t know where you are headed… This was never the case with Tormod”

She started leaving. DX suddenly felt his emotions react

“If you think Tormod is such a good leader” he shouted at her “just keep it in your mind”

Angel walked back to him fast with wide angry eyes. DX hated this gaze of hers.

“Just slipped off” he said “Sorry… its peer pressure”

“You guys are same” she said gritting her teeth “You call Tormod as ultimate visionary of non-violence… and boom! Next moment, you speak of “killing” Zeino”

“Are you crazy?” DX asked her frankly “It was Zeino who was responsible for Tormod’s death”

“Tormod is not dead” Angel said “He is still alive in our hearts…I can only say that every life is precious… and only God has the right to give or take life”

With this, Angel went into the darkness. DX was feeling his relations with Angel break down by the day. She was one among his best friends. Already, missing Tormod to DX seemed like missing a part of his own life. He felt like crying.

Angel dashed into someone on the way. It was Disgaea. She started reading her face. Angel wanted to go away before Disgaea could find out something. But the gift girl chased her down the street searching her green bag that DX gifted her.

“I’m not in mood Disgaea” Angel said “Leave me”

“Here it is…” Disgaea screamed as she offered Angel an hourglass.

Angel took it and put a cold expression on Disgaea.

“You are asking me to be patient…!” she said “You “mad” girl”

Disgaea’s smile wiped off. She put an equally serious expression.

“Yes…” Disgaea replied calmly “Be patient….”

Angel went away in a huff.



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