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Chapter 31 (v.1) - The Big 3

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



It was a bright room. The interviewers were looking pitifully at the candidate who failed to clear their expectations. It was application for Technician job at Nevada Desert. The candidate was unwilling to leave inspite of their repeated appeals.

“I need this job sir” he pleaded “my sister is not well”

They went inside board room and had secret discussions. They came out with a big smile. One of the interviewers had a bond paper with him. The candidate went through the paper. It was a bond that asked for his full cooperation for scientists to experiment with him and that Area 51 Corp. would never be responsible for anything that happened to him.

He thinks

“We are ready to offer 3 million credits as your first salary” the interviewer lured him “besides we will provide all medical support for your sister”

He signed on the papers


K2 Giza Fort


K2 stood on the terrace under the soft roof of his newly constructed Giza fort house. He sipped the rose sherbet placed near him. K2 wondered at how much he achieved in his life. From that of an ordinary student to the director of CFR, he worked very hard. He also formed a core member of the trilateral commission making him rise up in the pyramid.

He now plays a key role in Illuminati led conspiracy for global domination. From early childhood, K2 loved architecture. He viewed the Giza pyramids as a real wonder. Such a structure stood through races and centuries! He patterned the defense order pyramids in the same way.

He felt strongly that it was architecture that has got him his current high status position. He was the architect of many government funded project like Monarch Butterfly project which deals with passing knowledge to descendants, Project DX… where he got his magnificent son, Project Styx – a world wide consortium of military force and now, Project Grand Cathedral, a grandiose project to establish all round dictatorship over the planet. Now he is next just to the Illuminati families and Simons in the pyramid.

A copter landed on ground. Zeino started walking majestically towards Giza fort. The success of Russian Coup and formation of Soviet Union made him more than cheerful. He reached the terrace. K2 greeted him with a hug.

“Congrats on becoming the director of trilateral commission” K2 wished Zeino

“Thank you” Zeino said grinning

“How did you manage formation of Soviet without the help of SEER?” K2 asked him.

“The mass nationalistic movement” Zeino replied “The Army general was in our support. We were able to sack the leaders and throw em’ in prison”

K2 patted the tired and disheveled Zeino. But he had an inner pride that his son destroyed the SEER.

“Get all of those stupid leaders to Pyramid prison. Otherwise they might contact the Mystiques” K2 said

“I think the Mystiques are curbed now except for your mysterious son” Zeino said “We killed their leader… thanks to Simons”

The door opened and Simons entered inside

“Ah…” K2 said “the man himself”

“Congrats Simons” Zeino said “For becoming the president of the European Union”

He nodded.

“We are all just one step away from the secret world government” Simons said looking at K2.

“Yes…” the handsome bald man said “the grand cathedral is under development. It must be ready in 5 weeks”

Synergy gave a smile of satisfaction.

“We have conquered the Mystiques” Zeino proudly remarked

“Yes…” K2 said “We have dug 5 miles underground. They might be just one mile below. Fools tried to fool us making us believe they are 300 miles underground!”

Simons and Zeino laughed.

“But we shouldn’t be overconfident” Simons said slowly “Taunt and torture the male prisoners with hammers and axes. Rape the female ones with monsters till they puke the truth out”



“We tried worse things than that” K2 said proudly “They are beta programmed not to lose truth to death”

Simons put a displeasing face.

“I have a better idea” K2 suggested “These prisoners would serve perfect testers for the Grand Cathedral”

All three agree on this idea.

K2 got a phone call. He answered it and puts it down.

“Dr Fermann will be here in few minutes” he said

“Fermann is an influential member of the pyramid” Simons said coldly “…whatever he be, he does not have any clearance to know about the grand cathedral. It’s an order from the Illuminati itself. So please keep mum”

Dr. Fermann entered. They all smiled at him.

“What brings you here my friend?” K2 asked hugging him.

“I was sent by the UN to investigate the state and living condition of prisoners here…and I must say, I am extremely pleased by the maximum extent of torture they get” Fermann pointed.

“You know…” K2 said with a guilty expression “We can extract a lot of information only then”

“Yeah…” Fermann said “Still you couldn’t extract much information huh? What patriotism!”

“Do your work and leave” Zeino snapped 

“Sure…” Fermann said smiling. He handed over a letter to K2.



UN Secretary for Humanitarian activities

I hearby declare the status of prisoners in Styx Pyramid prison is according to norms of UN Prison Conditions. Their life is satisfactory.


Dr. Fermann Laudee – Chief Inspector

Professor K2 – Director Styx Global


“By the way” Fermann asked “How is the GC going?”

They were shocked on how Fermann heard of GC.

“Absolutely fine” Simons said calmly.

Fermann couldn’t extract much from that.

“What is it exactly?” he asked

“As much as I can tell” K2 said holding Fermann’s shoulders “I respect you a lot… but you do not have clearance to know about this project”

“Thank you” he acknowledged “I apologize my interruption”

Fermann left.

“The day when the GC launches” Simons declared to both of them “All major cities of world like NYC, Tokyo, Berlin, New Delhi, Melbourne will see a huge balloon rising up… and yet people won’t ask a question about what it is”

Simons opens his bag and shows a small prototype balloon. In front of it, a picture of an eye inside a triangle can be seen

Novous Ordo Seclorum

The New World Order

The pyramid has risen above you!




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