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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Dark Games

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX was standing on terrace of a derelict building with a woman. It was a peaceful day in the morning. One strange thing was that the building had no staircase or elevator. He did not understand how he ever got up.

He bothered how he and the woman besides him would get down. Suddenly few greyhounds appeared and started marching towards DX. He tried to run away but stopped at the edge of terrace.

He screamed “Mom…. Help!”

The woman moved towards him. He tried to look at her face, but he was unable to lift his head. As soon as she came the greyhounds went away.

“Thank you mom” he told her. But her face was all blurred.

Suddenly she screamed “I hate you DX” and pushed him down the terrace.


DX woke with a start in his room. He looked around the black couch. He tried to capture every receding detail of his dream. He tried to remember the woman he called “mother”… the greyhounds…the terrace. He gazed at the floor and thought about it. Last time when he dreamt of the SEER, he had a Déjà vu later at strategy meet.

“Bad dream?” a known female voice said.

DX looked around finding Angel in his nearby couch reading his relativity book. She was wearing a black t-shirt.

“Oh…” DX reacted “I didn’t notice you…. It was a strange dream…my mom came in it”

“How did she look?” Angel asked throwing the book aside.

“Dunno” he said “Her face was masked. But I wanted to see her badly. This is strange”

“I understand” she said nodding

“Forget this” DX said “What did you come here for?”

“I just wanted to ask….what do you feel about K2… your dad?” she asked in a preplanned tone.

“He is more that my dad” DX said remembering him

“Do you miss him?” Angel asked

“I feel sad” DX replied “First I hate him for his evil ambitions… and the next moment, I miss him…. And I am sure he would miss me too”

“I am transmitting some pictures to your EyeOS” Angel said as she transferred pictures from her memory to DX’s memory. [wow!]

DX received Angel’s pictures. They were pictures of Zeino hugging and playing with a cute little girl.

“She looks like his daughter” DX remarked

“Yes…” Angel said “as per intelligence, she is his daughter”

DX found a typical father-daughter bond in the pics. In one of the pics, the little girl cuddled up Zeino’s lap and slept peacefully.

“If you kill him” she said “she will miss him forever”

DX felt a tinge in his heart.  Angel’s words every life is precious kept on baffling his mind.

“We won’t kill him” DX said almost instantaneously “We will just arrest him and his little daughter”

Angel smiled.

DX left to take a shower. Angel took the hour glass out of her bag.

“Thanks Disgaea...” she thought and sent her the message

DX was still left wondering about images that Angel sent him. He sat near a flower shop reading a book in his retina. He heard familiar voice in front of him. He minimized the book to find Disgaea wrapping some honeysuckles in her bag. She smiled at DX and left. He started following her closely. Disgaea visited a mirror shop and observed him behind. She turned back with a wide smile.

“Anything?” she asked

“Oh… nothing” DX said

“Want a gift?” she asked trying to guess his thoughts. For the first time, DX felt she misread his face.


“Anyway you can have this” she said taking out a bottle of wine

“Hey!” DX said surprised “That’s against the protocol… XWorld cadets are completely non alcoholic”

“Hey…” she said poking DX’s nose “You are trying to say something but not courageous enough”

DX smiled at his misconception. She did read his mind.

“Disgaea…. Will you marry me?” he muttered really fast.

He felt guilty at himself for having said this. He was after all just another robot… silicon dust as his school enemies used to call him.

She put a strange expression on her face.

“Come again?” she asked waving both her hands up

“I love you” he said with a little higher tone “Will you marry me?”

“Wow this seems harder than fighting the Illuminati” DX thought

Her face brightened easing DX’s anxiety. She smiled widely and gave him the honeysuckles.

“Sure I will” she said and walked away dancing

DX looked at the honeysuckles and scratched his head. He wondered whether Disgaea understood what “marriage” exactly means

Later that day, DX paid a leisurely visit to Angel’s nano-genetic facility. He felt being a leader has its own advantages in spite of all the pressures. A leader could roam around freely and take his time to do a task. Or it may be that he was being a loafer.

“DX I am busy” she said in the main hall running with some sheets “our team has finally found the protein sequence to destroy the virus’s cell wall”

“Only five minutes…” DX pleaded to her.

They went to a nearby café.

“I proposed to Disgaea” DX told Angel after ordering chocolate milk shakes “She accepted it!”

Angel felt a little tinge but it disappeared quickly.

“Oh…” she said “Good… Did she understand?”

“That’s the trouble” DX said with a beam “She just said “Sure I will” and walked off as though nothing happened”

“What else has to happen? She accepted it!” Angel said sighing.

“You know…” DX said with a naughty smile “Hugs… kisses….”

“Ok stop your imagination” Angel interrupted before DX could go any further.

They started sipping the chocolate milk shake.

“Did you tell her bout DX chromosome?” she asked.

“Huh?” DX asked back puzzled

“About your chromosome” Angel said continuing sipping “Your baby won’t have any of Disgaea’s features. Her family tree would end here if you both married”

“No…I did not tell her” DX said sadly “But I guess she wouldn’t mind… in any case she is ma…”

DX stopped at Angel’s serious gaze with her cute green eyes.

“It’s very bad of you DX” she said “I can’t tell you anything more because I am not your “advisor”. Tell her”

DX thought for a while. He had no mood to have the chocolate shake.

“I don’t think she will understand a word of it” DX blurted out

“Well then tell!” Angel said whimsically

“No…” he said “It’s not required. We are fine as of now”

They spent drinking the rest in silence. To DX it looked like a cold war with Angel and love war with Disgaea.

Joseph Stalin Parliamentary Building

Communist Soviet Moscow

Zeino sat in his swing chair. He listened to his iPod beats of Rock Hardened Band in high volume. He wished playfully that his head blasts off the music.

His evil mind started thinking…

“Today I conquered Soviet Union… tomorrow, I conquer the world!”

His mobile started ringing with a strange number


He attended the call

Call Start

Zeino: Hello who is this?

Einstein: This is Albert Einstein from the Mystiques.

Zeino had no ideawho Albert Einstein was. His IQ was all about conquest, power and fame. He pressed a button below his desk that requested his team to track the caller

Einstein: Hmm… a pause? No use trying to track me. This is a secure private call with a secure new protocol.

Zeino was not that technically literate.

Zeino: What do you want?

Einstein: Your resignation from the coup and restoration of order

Zeino (laughing): Rejected

Einstein: Else you will be under arrest

Zeino (laughing): Arresting in Terrorist hands is called abduction. In either case you can’t save your own leader from death. Balls you would arrest me.

Einstein: Our men have started infiltrating the building… so stop this coup.

Zeino: Not so fast Oilstain. [ha haa]. I don’t get threatened by false calls. Surrender before we track you.

Einstein: Whew… you are as stupid as your ambitions. Two of our men have reached your door step. Surrender now.

Zeino’s sub conscious mind told him for a while this might not be just a call of threat. He dragged his pistol out of his drawer. Two men in heavy armor and helmet entered. They had hour glass logo on their dress. Zeino tried to shoot them in vain. There was no effect. They cornered him, kicked him and punched him.

After Zeino dropped the weapon, one of the men spoke.

“I am Stevenson… XWorld CEO. You are under arrest for being a traitor” he declared

“I am not a traitor” he shouted. Zeino felt hurt when someone mistrusted his love for country.

“What else are you? Selling your nation to the Illuminati” Stevenson shouted back slapping him. Without waiting for his reply, they dragged him out of the building. On the way, Zeino saw all his comrades down.

“Don’t worry” a cadet said “They will be back to consciousness in few hours”

Stevenson gave a Soul Saver dose that immediately drove Zeino to unconscious state and took him towards the copter.


XWorld Prisoner Soul Purification Facility

XWorld Corp. 300 miles underground of China

DX and Angel connected online to Einstein for a chat.

Chat Started: Participants DX, Angel and Einstein Thread A-222A4

DX: Einstein... Zeino’s daughter Candela is in adjacent room. Please create a virtual reality scenario just like that. Candela must be a 3D object that can be cut.

Einstein: Just gimme 5 mins

DX arranged a screen in front of Zeino who lay unconscious and tied up to a chair.

DX: Einstein, get the VR to be displayed on this screen

Einstein connects to XWP Address of the projector and displayed 3D image of the little girl Candela sitting alone in a cell. It looked completely real.

“DX are you sure this is simulated animation and not real…” Angel asked concerned

“I assure you it is animation. There won’t be a cut on original Candela I promise” DX said

Zeino woke up after a two hour wait. He saw two people staring into him. He recognized one of them to be the bio-kid.

“Where am I?” he asked yawning

“300 miles underground” Angel promptly replied

“Bullshit” Zeino said laughing “It must be some garage… gimme some damn Menna whore”

“Mind your tongue” DX defended Angel “Or I would get it cut off”

“So I understand” Einstein’s hologram said as soon as it appeared on the console “They used Menna to lure this guy”

“C-Candolla is it?” Zeino asked suddenly looking at the screen.

“Yes…” Angel said “your loving daughter”

“She’s a bitch…” Zeino said snorting “…always throws away my Menna… I beat her and locked in the room for two days… and now you get her back to me!”

“That’s  later” DX shouted “Tell us two things. One… the Grand Cathedral and two… the Code of Orion”

“Listen” Zeino gritted “You all are vulnerable. You will die miserably just like your leader Tormod died. We have whole army, power from British Royal Family, international bankers and multinational corporations…. You guys are just a bunch of young junkies. Instead join my side… I will pay billions and make your rise in the pyramid”

“We are not in your mercy Zeino” DX said laughing “It’s “you” who is tied up. Now we can even kill you”

“What do you want?” Zeino asked sighing

“I already asked… you neo Hitler, the Grand Cathedral and the Code of Orion…” DX shouted

“I won’t tell you in a thousand years” Zeino snapped

“Your daughter is in the other room” Einstein said “as you can see on screen”

“So?” Zeino asked unwavering

“For her sake atleast…” Einstein said “…tell us the truth”

“Are you threatening me?” Zeino asked “Kill her for I care. I can get another daughter”

“Einstein” DX ordered “Cut her hands”

The screen showed a man entering Candela’s cell with an axe. As Candela was trying to escape, he catches her and cuts off her arms.

Zeino laughs.

“It’s with this hand that she threw my Menna packets away” he said “I would have done that personally”

“Good” DX said “Now what if we cut your arms then?”

Zeino sweated. He felt they definitely would do that if need be.

“Spare me…for all I care” Zeino begged suddenly.


Bullets zip through Zeino’s chests and head as he dropped dead along with his chair.

DX turned behind in shock. It was Angel. He seized the gun from her and slapped her. He dragged her outside his room.

“Have you gone nuts?” he screamed “He was about to vomit the truth”

“For all I care…” she screamed back “He is no human… he relishes his daughter being cut, but fears for his own!”

DX took a pause between his rapid breaths.

“Didn’t you tell life is precious?” he said calmly not looking at her.

“Is what he leading called “life”?” Angel fought back DX’s words.

“Listen to me” DX said pressing her cheeks hard, staring angrily into her green eyes “I have had it with you. You not only tried to modulate me but also spoilt a great plan. For all I care… as leader of XWorld, you are herewith fired from post of “Chief Advisor””

Angel was in tears when DX left her cheeks. He didn’t turn back and started leaving away.

She chased him, and dragged his hands to face her.

“I have to give you something back” she said coldly.

She slapped him back. DX started back angrily.

“Thank you” he said

Angel started leaving.

“I hate you” she shouted turning back.


Angel’s Bedroom

Nano-Genetic Research Labs Quarters.


Angel got ready to move to nano-genetic lab late night. The cure seemed very hard to crack. She felt going through protein sequence again might give her some hint. Einstein refused to send it to her bedroom system because of security reasons.

While she was about to leave,

“Hello?” she heard a sound.

It was Einstein’s hologram on her console.

Angel sat near it and started weeping.

“Why are you weeping?” Einstein asked her

“Why do I hate him so much?” she asked the E=mc2 scientist

“Hate whom?”

“DX!” she said “But he is so…. You know… insensitive and unemotional and always hungry for power”

“No Angel” Einstein said calmly “If he was so, he wouldn’t have come to XWorld at all”

“Then why do we end up fighting all the time?” she pressed on weeping more

“It’s human behavior [citation needed]. These problems started ever since DX took Tormod’s place right?” Einstein queried

“Yeah” Angel replied after a quick thought. Her weeping stopped “They started since DX wanted to”

“Hmm” Einstein responded

“Today he fired me” she said with a sense of hate

“Angel…” Einstein calmed her down “Understand that DX would have done the same thing if any other person was in your spot”

“I don’t know…” she said resting her forehead on her palms “I feel our relations are straining… but he is my friend. I start hating myself sometimes… and I murdered someone”

“Relax Angel…. Relax” Einstein said “At this moment; I am sure DX must be worrying about you. I had a conversation with him. I am sending it to your console”


Conversation between Einstein Thread T55D122#22 and DX

DX: Einstein, I feel kinda worried. Did I do anything wrong by firing her?

Einstein: Hmm… Not from a leader point of view. But it’s wrong from a friend’s point of view.

DX: I think I was correct from a friend’s point of view too. She started hating me more and more. I think she needs to do what she does best… developing a cure… but….

Einstein: DX….calm down…boys don’t gloom

DX: We were once so happy friends… Things changed…. I lost my dad’s presence. I lost Tormod… and now, I lost Angel.

Einstein: DX! Pull yourself up! You are a leader

DX: Yeah… I know

Einstein: I guess you need some sleep.

DX: Yeah…

Einstein: Good Night

DX: Good night photon-dude

Chat Ended. Thread Logged and Destroyed


“He is right” Angel spoke to the hologram “I need to focus on the cure”

“Yeah…” he said

“Einstein” Angel said “You tell me everything and hide nothing from me. I can’t hide anything from you”

“Hide what?” he asked “XWorld is open civilization”

“That’s what I thought” she said sadly “DX is making it closed slowly. He is creating a private network called the Coliseum”

“What?” Einstein replied putting a shocked expression “Why would he do that?”

“Frankly” Angel replied “He doesn’t trust Helen”

“That is dirty to hear…” he said “It makes me angry. But that’s my life! Before World War II, I had to depend on Anti-Semites for a life. During World War II, I had to depend on US who in-turn used my knowledge to develop atom bomb… and now, I have to depend on DX”


Einstein frowns. It was an expression Angel never saw on E=mc2 scientists face.

“Calm down Einstein” she said “You misunderstood it. It’s just an emergency network if Helen turns out to be malicious”

“Helen is a wonderful person” Einstein claimed

“I am sure she is” Angel said only to soothe him “Hey… I am going to research facility”

“You seem tired” Einstein said “And it’s too late in night. Get some sleep”

“I need to check the protein sequence…”

“No problem…” Einstein said “Get into your pajamas. I will transfer the sequence to your home computer”

Angel smiled.





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