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Chapter 33 (v.1) - The Code of Orion

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX was signing XWorld recruitment forms. Demand for scientist positions in XWorld was rapidly increasing. DX only wished they get the right people. Spies are biggest enemies of any organization.

Someone knocked the door in a majestic manner. DX guessed it to be some senior person… perhaps Mr. Stevenson.

“Come in” he said

A handsome old man with white beard and red hat entered. It was Dr. Fermann Laudee. DX ran from his seat and hugged him.

“What a pleasant surprise!” he said taking their seat in the room’s discussion area.

“Yeah…” Dr. Fermann replied “You seem to be too busy to come out of XWorld”

DX nodded.

“Better not” Fermann said taking out his PDA “the whole world has tagged you to be a terrorist… you are being linked with almost every major catastrophe in this planet by the pyramid”

“As much as I guessed” DX said looking at dismay at the PDA News which showed DX shaking hands with Al Abdul Malik, Al-Queda head “These idiots did link me with Al-Queda… god save me”

“I have come with an important discovery” Fermann said “…and I want you to listen to it patiently”

DX dropped his pen and focused on Fermann.

“A month ago…” he began “Einstein informed me that only 5 people from Mystiques were ever captured by the defense order. And in that, two have escaped, two died revealing the Proving Grounds and the other is you who also escaped from the Pyramid Prison”

DX was a little surprised here

“I never thought of that” he said “At defense order, they informed me that about 500 cadets were captured”

“Worse…” Fermann added “Now they report about 60,000 being caught. Eventually I decided to visit the prisons on pretext of UN prisoner welfare check. Let me tell you, a quick arithmetic shows that the numbers easily cross a million”

“Who are all these people when only 5 people from our side have ever been caught?” DX asked

“Being on top layers of pyramid, I was allowed to interact with them… the prisoners are army forces of Styx nations”

DX was startled. He switched his camera eyes on and started transmitting their conversation to Einstein.

“How could this be possible?” DX asked

“The defense order treaty originally commanded nations to surrender their national armed forces for the cause of peace. Now, the Pyramid prison, a secret prison eventually is like a concentration camp… even worse that that. All these soldiers are being killed systematically”

“It looks crazy” DX retaliated “Why would they do this? I mean… why would they weaken their own army?”

“Simple. Next step might be planned invasion of all nations with their secret special force. These nations are simply nude without army”

“This is sick” DX said “This has to stop”

“You must do something” Fermann urged “Fast… as fast as light”

“We are completely unready Dr. Fermann. We don’t even know what the Grand Cathedral is about. We don’t even know what their cure is about!” DX replied in desperation.

Fermann nodded. A robot bought in some coffee. They had a sip.

“I heard that you guys killed Zeino” Fermann pointed

DX nodded.

“He is far from a living being. At least animals cared for their loved ones. He doesn’t give a damn about his daughter” DX said

“But it’s no use killing anybody” Fermann snapped “Now Simons is trying to take over Soviet Union leadership. Already the bastard is president of European Union now”

“The code of Orion is bugging me” DX said “If only we have an indigenous cure…”

INTERCOM: Angel: DX… I need you to come to Nano-genetic labs. We have a breakthrough here.

DX and Fermann reached nano-genetic labs as fast as possible catching the next possible train. There was a huge rush of people. Just as a filled stomach makes a way for a delicacy like sweets, people immediately made way for DX to enter.

On reaching lab halls, DX saw a smiling Angel. He smiled back. Her eyes were red probably because of lack of sleep.

“What’s the news then?” Fermann asked unable to understand enthusiasm of people around.

“Our cure worked on rats!” Angel almost screamed “We tested it on ten rats. Now we are 95 percent confident it will work on human blood too. We wanted to test it live”


INTERCOM: Einstein (To Angel): I am video broadcasting this to all XWorld members.


Angel projected macroscopic view of virus from blood sample of a patient into the huge screen. The virus hidden inside blood cell can clearly be seen. Then, the team injected anti-virus into blood stream. The anti-virus entered into the cell through a secure opening using nano fibers inside the cell wall. It quickly converted virus components into energy. This energy was transferred to mitochondria, energy center of any cell through a nano-fiber. The anti-viral molecules then securely came out of cell and went on to another cell.

“The cure is a success!” Angel declared. There was a deafening applause that never seemed to end. DX inadvertently kissed her.

“Congrats” he said hugging her.

“Thank you” she said unable to control tears.

DX met Giri Siddeshwaran who was actually controlling automated systems to inject virus.

“Where did you get infected blood from?” DX asked him curiously.

“Oh…don’t you know” he replied “One of the two corpses they sent down had been infected”

It occurred as flash to DX. Suddenly he found a clue for Code of Orion.

He immediately connected to Einstein


XWorld Chat: Session A445: Members DX, Einstein Thread R44#44S

Einstein: Yes DX. Shoot

DX: Do you remember the two dead bodies we found that defense order sent us?

Einstein: Yes of course I do. One of them was infected.

DX: If they both were dead, who could have operated the lift?

Einstein: Actually I never thought of that… shit… and camera was off during first 100 miles of journey, after which they were found dead.

DX: Who logged on?

Einsten: Charon did.

DX: And I guess it must be Paolo who had the virus?

Einstein: Yes… how did you guess…?

DX: It’s a simple puzzle. Grand Cathedral looks like something with which they control people. And code of Orion might have something to do with this and I feel Code of Orion is sort of mind control program. Code of Orion is triggered on one who took the cure. And Charon logged on. It means he led the way to elevator which he wouldn’t as he is loyal. But he did it because they were able to control him. The other guy was obviously infected. Once on the way, Charon disabled camera and shot his friend on their control. Then he shot himself again on their control and threw the gun somewhere outside the elevator through air lock.

Einstein: I get it…. So Charon is triggered with the Code of Orion!

DX: Yes! We can study his nervous system to unlock the code of Orion.

Einstein: Excellent thinking DX. Wait a minute while I contact team Angel…

After few minutes…

Einstein: Another good news. Charon’s body is preserved safely.

DX: Good. Now inform this to team Estefana Colmonero. I hope they are ready to break the code. Send them Charon’s body.

Einstein: Roger.


Later that night, DX went towards gift shop for Disgaea. But the shop was closed. Disgaea was coming across the street with a food pack in her lunchbox. On seeing DX, she placed a very sad expression. She sat down in a park bench. DX sat near her. Silence fell across the lonely street.

“You know” Disgaea began “My dad was just like me. He could easily read other’s difficulties and he tries to help them… never caring much for self… I “inherited” that from him”

She stressed the word “inherited”. DX felt a little worried if she knew about DX chromosome.

“Whenever I give a gift to someone, I know for sure that it would change their way of life towards goodness… and I would really and I mean really like my son or daughter to “inherit” that nature and ability”

“I understand” DX said holding her hands

“I am really sorry DX” she said

 “It’s all right” he said nodding.

“But I still love you… deep in my heart” she said moving closer to his lips. She brushed her lips against his and kissed him deeply.

“It’s my fault” DX said as they walked towards her shop “I should have told you this before”

“It’s all right” she said taking out a rose flower and handing it to DX.

“What is this for?” DX asked

“It’s a gift of course” she said.

The flower smelt of onion. DX remembered this typical fragrance somewhere.

INTERCOM: Estefana: DX… A huge discovery… The code of Orion is a mind control program as you predicted.

DX bade bye to Disgaea and took the nearest Subway train to Thomas Labs Incorporated.

He found Estefana, Fermann and hologram of Einstein in a design room.

“What is the discovery?” DX asked taking his seat.

“Once the virus is triggered” she explained like what looked a 1000th time “An external signal can influence patterns of signals in neurons… thereby alerting the thought of the person. Virtually they can control his thoughts and actions”

She showed a slide using her pen projector.

“How do they send microwaves to the correct intended person?” DX asked

“Using this…” Estefana said showing a small chip “…This chip was found in Charon’s brain. It acted as a microwave receiver”

“Great work Estefana” DX praised her “Please document your findings and spread it to as many people as possible! The cure is a virus in itself!”

“It’s no use to spread it” Fermann said sipping black coffee “100 percent of population has already taken the cure”

“… and all it takes is a trigger to turn them all against us” Einstein concluded

“Atleast everyone in XWorld are safe” DX said feeling a sense of satisfaction within him.

“No wonder the Pyramid banned brain surgery except by Styx doctors. So no one could ever find out this nano-fiber coated transparent chip in their brain” Einstein quoted

DX went to his room feeling tired late night. He secured Disgaea’s rose inside his cupboard. He couldn’t get its meaning.

As soon as he fell on bed, he fell fast asleep.

Angel entered her apartment. Candela was fast asleep on the sofa. She kissed her forehead. Candela woke up with a dull face. The little girl had green eyes similar to Angel’s eyes.

“Where is my dad?” she asked her. Angel felt very guilty. But she knew it was her responsibility to explain.

“He is resting in the most safest place ever… a world without fear, guilt, happiness, pain, pleasure… the astral world” she explained

“Can I also go there?” the little girl asked

“A time will come when God will call you there. Till then, you must wait” Angel told her. She took out milk bottle that she purchased and gave it to Candela. The little girl started sipping milk. Angel took Candela on her laps. She looked at Candela’s bruised hands hurt by Zeino.

“Who will love me… if my dad is in astral world?” Candela asked suddenly.

“I will” Angel said. Candela smiled and continued sucking milk. She fell asleep on Angel’s laps.


DX woke up hazily in his apartment. It was just 3A.M. There were heavy noises outside. DX rushed out and got the shock of his life. The whole area around him was devastated. Houses burnt, people injured. Clearly there has been an attack on XWorld.


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