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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Retrospection

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX walked around the dismay streets mesmerized completely. Stevenson came running towards him with heavy armor.

“Are you all right DX?” he asked in a concerned tone.

“I’m fine. What exactly happened?” he asked

“A horrific attack by defense order cadets” Stevenson replied “Before we could respond, they had left”

“Impossible” DX said sternly “We have a secure entrance”

“Yeah” Stevenson answered “…secured and controlled by …well…Einstein”

DX had his worst doubts. Did Einstein side with Styx?

“How much causality occurred?” DX asked worried

“None” Stevenson replied “But they abducted Angel”

DX felt startled.

“Was Helen involved in Angel’s abduction?” DX asked him

“I have no idea o’ leader” Stevenson replied “Einstein is still available. He woke us up by sending an MP3 file. But it was too late by then”

DX went to the nearest possible public console and connected to Sir Albert Einstein. His hologram appeared with a drained off look.

“Einstein” DX asked “Can you please explain what happened?”

“Tragedy DX” Einstein replied “Helen abducted Angel”

“I need a retrospection sir” he asked sternly “a retrospection of who Helen is… why you got her involved… and why did you make a melodrama of love with her to fool us”

Einstein started replying…

“Helen is…. a different kind of AI altogether. A bunch of geeks at MIT Labs in Massachusetts developed a prototype AI called JuicyGurl, a typical love program as they call it. Overtime, the program became a hit as many people worked on it… in particular because they liked the name, JuicyGurl. Soon it became popular and had its nodes created in many universities like Stanford, Princeton etc. It developed into a multithreaded, multicapable A.I. but still remained feminine. When the US government saw its potential, the project was undertaken by them as project Helen… keeping their Greek mythology naming style. Helen is now a prototype used for defense order data storage.

Helen is under direct control of K2, your dad. From being a lover girl, she learnt to be ambitious looking at your dad. She wanted to rule the planet. But she knew she was an A.I and sooner or later, they would dump her. So I lured it explaining her that we would conquer the pyramid and make her the princess of whole world. She in turn promised to give us defense order data.

She helped us in many missions later, including the SEERs destruction, in capturing Zeino etc. She told me specifically not to develop a self funded cure at XWorld for HIV2 virus for some hidden reason.

Till yesterday, I hid the fact that we were developing a counter cure. But now, she found it out by reading the logs. As she is an Evangelist, she had access to door codes. Immediately, she called few members of Styx team whom she had control over and abducted Angel”

“Why does she not want us to develop a counter cure?” DX asked puzzled

“That part of puzzle remains mysterious for me too” Einstein said sadly “She told me sternly not to develop it… and we developed it”

“From your account of events” DX said “I presume your multithreads were sleeping. Why? Does AI sleep?”

“I am an AI” Einstein explained calmly “Not some physical entity to stop them. The destruction was done secretly enough to avoid my notice. The cameras in elevators were hacked. The secret police bots were hacked by her. Helen though a prototype, is a good strategist”

“I get that she must be having some demands…” DX said “Why else would she put this abduction plot?”

“Oh…I was in a wrong mood. Never thought of that. Lemme connect to her”

After a while, besides Einstein, Helen’s hologram appeared. A cute anime appeared with horns like that of a devil

“Hello DX. Hello Einstein. You cheaters” she greeted ironically

“What do you want?” DX asked her

“XWorld…complete control over XWorld… or DX. Submit DX to me”

“Why do you want DX?” Einstein asked

“I would give him back to my master K2 and then his trust on me would increase. Then he would give me a key position in ruling this planet. Simple huh? If you give me XWorld, I will devastate Styx with XWorld’s magnificent army and become a dictator of whole world”

“So much for a woman” Einstein said sighing

“Excuse me” she said “I am not just a woman… I am Helen…a princess who rules the world”

“You can have me” DX said “I submit myself”

“Good” she replied “Now you must come to visit me at MIT where you will be arrested by my men. If you bring your guns and gadgets, Angel is dead meat. Get it?”

“Right” DX said “If Angel is unsafe, XWorld cadets will burn your silicon chips to dry ashes”

“We will see to that” Helen said laughing. Her hologram disappeared.

“We can recover Angel” DX told Einstein.

“It’s not just Angel we need” Einstein said “We need Helen back too”

DX put a bewildered expression.

“Yeah… Helen is required. She is the only person in contact who has complete schema and idea of the Grand Cathedral”

DX thought for a while

“I will persuade her” he said finally.

“Don’t persuade her…she is a woman. Rather lure her” Einstein said winking.

DX winked back.

Later in the morning, DX got ready and entered a copter in a remote island. It slowly took off like an eagle towards MIT.

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