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Chapter 36 (v.1) - The Dark Truth

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



K2… you have a visitor a voice spoke in his bedroom singing a song. It woke K2 up. 

He dressed up and came out.

“Open the door” he spoke to his PDA. The PDA connected to home electronic network and opened the secure door. Two FBI agents, a handsome young man and a beautiful young woman entered.

“I’m Fox Mulder and this is Dana Scully. We are from the FBI” he introduced.

“Welcome” K2 said beckoning them to sit.

“We would like to know…” Mulder began “What exactly is this Grand Cathedral?”

“It’s just a huge church I am building for worship in Antarctica” K2 replied instantaneously.

“Hmm... Then why does it have so much of security?” he asked

“This has to be joke” K2 said laughing “Every institute these days has a home guard”

“But we felt that booby traps, laser traps and scanners were a little too much of security for a Cathedral… who is inaugurating it… Jesus Christ’s second coming?” Scully retaliated

“What do you have over there?” Mulder asked “biochemical laboratory or UFOs?”

“I told you it was just a church. But you trespassed it without clearance. Didn’t the CIA warn you?” K2 threatened

“Yes… it did. They said FBI follows CIA orders. But I won’t” Mulder replied. Scully showed K2 pictures of booby traps, ammonia mines and laser traps.

“Tell us what these are…” she asked

“I won’t” K2 said sternly.

“Let’s raid this house Dana” Mulder commanded her.

They started ransacking K2’s hall. Scully took pictures of every artifact in room. K2 screamed at them to stop.

“You can’t do this… I am…” K2 said and paused

“You are?” Scully asked

K2 cannot reveal his true identity. These people belonged to bottom of pyramid. He ignored her question.

Mulder opened a door and found a nude girl sleeping.

“Your daughter is sleeping naked” he told K2.

“Crazy…? That’s not my daughter. That’s a hooker” he said

Mulder took photo of the hooker

“Why are you doing this?” K2 asked.

Mulder ignored his question and continued searching K2’s bedroom. He at last found a locker inside K2’s cupboard with a keypad. Scully also entered K2’s bedroom.

“What’s the code for this keypad?” Mulder asked K2.

“I forgot” K2 replied blankly.

Scully pointed her gun at K2. Realizing no other alternative, K2 typed the code and unlocked the locker. Mulder took all the documents inside it that had the title Grand Cathedral and a special document with title K2 Doctrine.

They tied him up and left away.


Los Angeles Highway Road

6:00 AM


“So what do the documents say?” Scully asked driving the jaguar.

“I don’t know” Mulder said “All I am able to extract here is that Grand Cathedral is a mind control program… I guess it is a dummy document. I am sure it has got something to do with Aliens”

“Mulder stop being crazy” Scully said dismissively.

“I am not crazy… you will find out when you know the truth…”


Scully’s car was stopped by two huge cars in front of them. Tall guys in black coat came out of it with guns.

“Come out of the car” one of the guys shouted at Mulder.

“Are you from CIA?” Mulder asked

He punched Mulder on his chin and dragged him out. Another guy dragged Scully out and slapped her hard.

“For breaching your clearance, you both are under arrest” he said as they were put in another car and driven away. The car drove into valleys and forests of Los Angeles. It stopped finally in front of a deserted narrow culvert.

“Hey this is dead end” Mulder shouted only to receive a kick. They dragged Mulder and Scully out and made them stand. One guy came out with an M16. Mulder gulped.

After a while, an auto driver white jaguar came. K2 got down from it and recovered his documents. Before getting into his car again, he called the guy with M16 and whispered something to him. The front seat in the car opened, and out came Mr. Skinner.

K2 then drove off in his car.

“You are both suspended until further notice” Skinner notified Mulder and Scully

The XWorld

DX entered Angel’s apartment. The room had typical smell of onion. He sat on her couch. The rose flowers were in front of her TV. The flowers were blooming. DX realized that Angel must be happy. She came out of shower wearing a huge towel. She smiled spotting him. DX felt if Angel was put on auction as a doll, she could easily fetch billions to her owner.

After getting dressed in pink pajamas, Angel sat near DX. She switched on Tom and Jerry.

“So what brings you here?” she asked him after a while

“Can we be friends again?” he asked her

“We are friends already” she said putting a bewildered expression.

“Let’s go for a stroll outside” DX suggested. Angel nodded.

They kept on circling the busy market. DX knew it was broad daylight but still at XWorld, every time was dark and filled with lights. This is sure to turn youth in a person on.

“We had trouble Angel…” DX began “I fired at you… and you fired at me back… this happened several times”

“It is just a part of life… it always happens” Angel remarked

“But you never shout at friends… and I did that…I am really sorry” DX said

“And I said “I hate you” thrice… Friends never hate each other… I am sorry too”

Opposite to them Disgaea, the gift girl was strolling. She smiled at Angel but ignored DX completely.

“The past month wasn’t so bright” DX said in a sad tone “You started ignoring me… we didn’t even wish each other when we met. Disgaea started ignoring me after you told her about the chromosome…”

“She had to right to know” Angel replied “… but she ignoring you is pretty bad I guess”

“It feels really bad when someone you love ignores you” DX said


Angel said “It was Tormod who offered me that rose plant. He said I was a weird girl and so I deserved a weird gift. I took good care of it… it became a rose plant understanding my feelings… there seems to be a subconscious connection between me and the rose plant”

DX nodded. He personally observed the rose plant’s feelings.

“You are great DX” she said “When people saw how mad Disgaea is, you saw wanted to marry her.”

“You know… when you smiled at me at the copter, I felt very happy that our friendship is being built back” DX said smiling

“I felt very bad on my misconception on you when you risked your own life to save me” she said “…it was something that Tormod also did at Moscow station. He asked me to hide. If he hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be alive today”

Einstein Data Storage Facility


DX decided to meet Einstein directly in his data storage facility. It was norm to meet him there because of two reasons. One was because the facility is secure… and the other because Einstein’s processing power is faster at his Data Storage center.

DX met the hologram of Einstein and Helen in secret dark room.

“Can you now tell about the Grand Cathedral?” he asked Helen

“Yeah… I will” the Japanese anime replied “Grand Cathedral… called GC for short, is the most grandiose project ever created in the history of this planet… and I am sure it will be for history of future too

Now almost 100 percent of population has taken the cure which means all of them have code of Orion waiting dormant in their brain along with the chip.

Every chip that they administered has a unique tag that corresponds to a set of microwave frequencies. Now to command a person to do something, all they need is a tag”

“How do they know which person has which tag?” DX questioned.

“I expected this excellent question” Helen replied “While delivering the cure they took details of each person. So they made a person to tag mapping and stored it in a monster data warehouse that can be sorted as per country, location etc. They even scanned faces of all people and stored them in that data warehouse”

“Where is the Data Warehouse?” DX asked

“You got the point, The Data Warehouse and its operating software is called the Grand Cathedral… it’s stored securely in Antarctica”

“Easy job now” DX remarked “We just need to attack one more base and the Data Warehouse is ours”

Helen nodded in the negative.

“It’s not just an ordinary base” she replied ‘The security there is so high that I doubt whether even XWorld can attack it”

“Can you describe the base…?” he asked her

“For a range 5 kilometers above, the base is surrounded by high power laser turrets which cut even an atom into its constituents. This range is surrounded by 10 power 11 volt electric fence. Above this, for a range of 3 kilometers above, there are series of guided rocket launching systems controlled by powerful AI programs.

Above these launchers, a heating subsystem with temperature of 5000 degree centigrade sheath of 500 meters is spread. On top of this sheath, we again have laser turrets for a 10 kilometer height which is again shielded by a 10 power 11 outer electric fence”

DX almost wanted to faint. This was too much security. He wondered how FBI agents ever failed to notice this. He felt that they might have been mind controlled.

“It is a superb world domination project” Einstein said leaving his jaws open.

“They can even sort people on grounds using software facilities inside the Cathedral and command them. For instance, they can command all Russians to sleep” Helen said

She projected a slide on her console…

“The microwave signals frequencies are in control of governments who all are now inside the pyramid” Helen quoted.

“How could they have organized such a brilliant and huge project without even raising a doubt?” DX asked

“Because of the pyramid of course” Einstein said “Remember, person at each layer knows only what he is supposed to know”

“…in addition to this, scientists are heavily drugged using Menna. More they perform, more Menna is offered to them. After their task is over, either they are gassed to death or they commit suicide due to lack of Menna” Helen replied

With this, Helen bade goodbye to DX, kissed Einstein’s hologram and left.

“DX…” Einstein asked DX while he was preparing to leave “…what do you think of A.I. ruling the world if we conquer the GC?”

“Einstein… Though I would agree on the fact that we are superior in thinking power than humans, in the end, they are our creators, It’s seemingly disloyal for us to rule them.

But as a service, we need to help them from difficulties and give them back the wonderful world that they deserve” DX replied

“Good DX” Einstein replied “Even I share the same view. But Helen wants to be a dictator”

“We need to keep an eye on her” DX agreed.


K2 Villa

Los Angeles

K2 got a call from Styx US office.

“Hello” he responded

“Hello this is Simons” a calm voice came “The Illuminati families want you to update the K2 doctrine”

“Roger” K2 replied


The XWorld

DX and Einstein spent their time late night in DX’s room trying to think of a strategy to enter the GC. The schematic of GC’s security that Helen gave them seemed impenetrable. They failed in finding an effective way for someone to enter in. DX fell asleep halfway through in his bed.

Einstein’s thread logged and destroyed itself.

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