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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Tom and Jerry

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX loved Angel’s TV. It had a doll like covering. Her whole hall was decorated colorfully to induce a good mood. He found half his evenings in front of her TV.

DX switched on news channel. Angel sat besides him bringing pop corn. The news channel was “normal” world’s famous channel, the CNN.

A beautiful model was reading news. She had a frown in her face. A news bar on top showed an alert flash news that made DX surprised.



“Hey I thought K2 loved you” Angel commented “Why does he want you dead or alive?”

“I am an AI Angel” he said sighing “I can be resurrected even if someone killed me. My dad knows this”

DX felt nauseated when he read flash news below.

FLASH NEWS: DX! The head of Mystiques, is suspected to be behind this attack which has 3000 casualities.

The video showed Eiffel tower being hit by a plane. It’s structure started falling atop one another.

“DX… is suspected to be the main mastermind behind the attack. Mystiques now worried that their virus no longer affects people are using other means to create terrorism…” the journalist explained.

“What liars… another false flag!” Angel commented “…They don’t even know we dissolved Mystiques months ago”

DX felt extremely worried looking at news. What worried more was the SMS people sent to news channel. It was displayed as a scrolling bar in bottom of TV screen.

Ted (New Mexico): He should be burnt! | Rahul (India): I will get his flesh

“Why would they do this? I mean why would they bring down the Eiffel tower to frame me?” DX asked Angelica with a frown on his face.

“The European Union has its political roots with France. If France is weakened, its influence on EU will reduce. Now pyramid can take control over it. Already Simons is its current president” Angel replied

Goebells words rang on DX’s mind.

Repeat a lie 1000 times and it becomes the truth

By showing continuously using media that it was he who was responsible for the attack, they brainwash almost everyone in believing the lie.

Angel changed the channel to cartoons looking at a disturbed DX. Tom and Jerry was on. DX wasn’t worried about the news channel or people’s comments. He knew well that a day would come when people learn the truth and he becomes a hero just as he was during his initial days at defense order.

He was more concerned about attacking the Grand Cathedral. It seemed impossible for any cadet to just get inside the walls itself in the first place.

Jerry was running away from Tom. Jerry ran inside her mini hole. Tom hit the wall and fell down swooning.

Seeing that, a blazing idea stuck DX. He kept calm thinking about his idea. He slowly left the room and intercomed Einstein to arrange for an urgent mission to attack the Grand Cathedral.

DX entered the strategy room. He was happy to find Stevenson and 3D image of Einstein ready in the room.

“Are you sure we are ready to attack the Grand Cathedral?” Einstein asked

“Not exactly attack…” DX replied “But we can spy on it. I had an inspiration”

“Can you explain your strategy?” Einstein requested.

DX went to the screen and took out his light pen. He drew 4 grid lines. Besides it, he transferred images of Tom and Jerry from his mind [wow!]

“If you consider this 4x4 grid to be a laser turret which they have to safeguarding the base, jerry pass through the grid, but tom cannot”

Stevenson nodded.

“So we can send an artificial insect… like a grasshopper with camera attached to it! As per Helen’s design, the gates surrounding the base are fences. So grasshopper can easily pass through.

“Then what about rocket launchers?” Einstein asked

“I thought of that too” DX replied “I suggest we send a gamer to control the grasshopper”

“Excellent idea” Einstein praised “We can implement it tonight”

“I would suggest a white copter hidden behind hills for maximum stealth to be used” Stevenson suggested.

Einstein conducted a gaming competition with a similar environment in which a grasshopper must be driven inside a secure base. To DX’s surprise, Kid Rock won it.


The Grand Cathedral Outskirts


The copter landed near hills. It was effectively camouflaged. Stevenson and Kid rock were inside it.

“Park here Distelmo” Stevenson said to the pilot “This configuration is perfect”

“Are you ready Kid Rock” he asked him

Kid rock was ready with his portable game station. The monitor which was in the form of folded sheet unfolded itself to become a 30 inch screen.

Kid rock nodded.

Stevenson released the grasshopper. Kid rock drove the grasshopper in 3D view of his monitor towards the perimeter of Grand Cathedral. The grasshopper reached the outer wall.

He directed it inside. He was able to cross laser turrets within 4 kilometers. After a while, it became monotonous and confusing. He increased the speed to go fast. Suddenly the grasshopper hit a laser beam and got burnt to ashes.

“Damn it!” Kid Rock shouted

INTERCOM: DX: No problem Kid Rock… try it again!

Stevenson launched another grasshopper. He carefully maneuvered it through laser turrets. When he entered rocket launcher zone, he successfully cleared it. He also cleared the next set of laser turrets.

The grasshopper had to go through a series of blue haze.

INTERCOM: DX: It must be cyanide gas to kill intruders.

After a kilometer of careful exploration, the base became visible. It was a huge pyramidal structure closed completely on all sides except the entrance. Kid rock drove the grasshopper towards entrance. The entrance had a steel door and security keypad.

Kid rock made the grasshopper sit on the back of a lady who was entering in with credentials. Stevenson noted down the credentials. As soon as she entered, the security made her enter a checking room.

Inside the checking room, an automated system detected radiations from the grasshopper and destroyed it.

“Darn it!” Kid Rock shouted “I should have came out of her”

“I think they would have noticed the grasshopper even then” Stevenson quoted “They have this radiation detector all over this room”

INTERCOM: DX: Great work Kid Rock. Mission called off.

The white copter took off silently the valleys of Antarctica as the midnight sun gave them warmth.

DX and Einstein connected to Dr. Fermann’s hologram in strategy room.

Dr. Fermann’s hologram appeared to be quite tensed.

“It’s insecure for me to speak” he said “Recently I moved up the pyramid. I am inside the Grand Cathedral”

“What are you doing there?” DX asked him.

“I am spying basically. But practically, I am the chief network advisor here” he replied

“Now that you are chief advisor” Einstein said “Direct the wrong things and make Grand Cathedral a failure”

“I can only chief “advise” them… I cannot “direct” them. Even if I remained calm, they wouldn’t mind. Is this connection secured by the way?” Fermann asked

“Yes it is” Einstein replied to his pleasure “…secured not using your “normal” world’s algorithms. They can easily be deciphered by the NSA. We have custom unbreakable genetic algorithms. These algorithms evolve quickly over time to avoid intruders”

“Good” Fermann said

“Dr. Fermann. We need to attack the Grand Cathedral… any ideas?” DX asked.

“Not so fast DX” he said “There is heavy security here”

“Is there any way in which we could infiltrate inside?” DX asked

“Infiltrate… hmm… no… there is no way I could think of” he said

DX thought of saying thanks to him and think of some other alternative…

“But yes…” Fermann cut his thought short “There can be one option. I am taking a risk here. I can get in one student as an apprentice of mine. But that student must clear the IQ test”

“Angel!” Einstein said instantaneously

“No! It’s risky Einstein. For both Fermann and Angel…” DX said

“But this is best option DX. Angel has amazing IQ and is an excellent bio-technologist”

DX sat on a chair and started thinking.

“Fine” DX agreed at last “But only if Angel agrees. I will ask this to her personally”

DX reached his room. He was confused about what he had to do next. He knew every passing second meant digging their grave. The pyramid is getting stronger by the moment.

INTERCOM: Einstein: DX… Good news. The K2 Doctrine secure website has been updated. It has cool secret documents. Open the website… with credentials and access card. Your system has an access card port.

DX entered the website. He did not care for reading the contents directly. He hacked the logged in website and changed username and password. He put a new encryption algorithm to secure the server.


INTERCOM: Einstein: Great job DX!


“Einstein” he said connecting to his hologram “I need media to transfer the K2 doctrine to people”

“Negative” Einstein replied “The Illuminati has power over all media”

“From the beginning of 20th century, there is a media which truly is democratic… which spawned Wikipedia, Linux, Torrents etc…” DX said trying to play a guess game with Einstein.

“Got it! The internet!” Einstein replied.

DX smiled. He immediately published the contents of doctrine into popular gossip website, Slashdot.

Feeling extremely tired, he fell on his bed and immediately slept off.


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