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Chapter 38 (v.1) - The K2 Doctrine

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



Shopping Mall Street


Paul Wellington was a well to do businessman. At 37, he was well out of his mid-life crisis perhaps because of the decent money he earned.

His beautiful wife, Mandy lost her life to HIV2 virus. His two sons were doing great at school. He lost his elder son long back. His son actually became addicted to Menna and never came back. He however had a calm life now. He purchased pastries and chocolates for his kids on the way.

He took out a photo of K2 he had on his pocket and prayed to God to keep him safe. He then put it back in his pocket. In many ways, Professor K2 was a superhero to him and several people world wide. He was the architect of the defense order and responsible for uniting the whole world and making it virus free. Paul recently had the microchip that the defense order installed for “the vaccine” updated with an OS. The doctors explained him that microchip “prevents HIV2 virus attacks, Menna addiction and also simulates hair growth. It’s for your own safety and security… plus… its free!”

Paul felt K2’s donation for cure to be a godly act. True, his friend Karan from India told that K2 was believed there to be Kalki, the 10th and final avatar of lord Vishnu who would drive the world back to normalcy. Part of this belief comes from his mysterious name K2. There are 2 Ks in the word “KalKi”.

On the way to his car, Paul saw a huge angry mob. They had a huge effigy of K2 that was being cut off. Certain section of people burnt his effigies. Paul couldn’t understand why people were doing this to a savior like professor K2.

He ventured to ask one of them. That guy simply gave him a document and continued to burn another effigy. The document was entitled The K2 Doctrine.

Paul entered his car and asked his driver to drive him home. He started reading the document. The 80 pages made his 2 hour journey look like a 15 minute journey.

As soon he got down, he took K2’s photo, burnt it with his cigar lighter.

“Long live truth… long live XWorld” he prayed to God and entered his home.


The K2 Doctrine

Digitally Signed by Prof K2 Hussain

Visit with credentials Tormod and XWorld to get verifications

Hello, I am Professor K2, originally a 33 degree freemason. The vision set by Professor Adam Wieshipaut has been satisfied receding few.

As he desired, a World Banking and Common Currency system is introduced systematically. People now just own plain sheets of paper which they call “credits”. They no longer hold gold and silver which is real property.

As planned, these federal notes one day will be declared to be of no value by the Illuminati Elite that include me and you in addition to 13 royal families.

As the order has originally planned, a World Armed forces system called the defense order, Styx has been formulated. Forces of this army were asked to participate in activities like injecting virus into people in subways etc. Those who refused were massacred to death at Prison Pyramid, Egypt.

(Turn to page 8 for more details about this)


The HIV2 virus was designed by Area-51 bio-toxin laboratory (a 38 degree Freemason organization) on order of the Illuminati. This is split into three parts,

  1. Virus
  2. Cure
  3. Control
  1. Virus: The virus developed damages the sympathetic nervous system on the right side of brain killing all emotions. It thus makes a person a breakout animal. He then dies eventually due to a mental breakdown. Billions perished effectively in low sub-urban areas and villages. This way, we eliminated the useless section of society.
  2. Cure: When the cure was announced, everyone accepted to get the cure and get microchip installed into their brain. This microchip can now activate the code of Orion, a dormant set of genes in the anti-virus. Only people who did not take the cure are the Mystiques, the only organization which tried to save these pathetic people. But people are so pathetic that they turned against their own protectors. We believe the Mystiques to be eliminated or given up.
  3. Control: The code of Orion can be used by us to control people. For this purpose, we have established the Grand Cathedral in Antarctica. (Turn to Page 10 find out how exactly code of Orion and Grand Cathedral could be used to control people). The microchip has GPS installed in it which can be used to track anyone anywhere.


Having said this, you can be assured that all people and I mean “all” people are now slaves in our control. They can be directed to do anything we want to do. The Antarctica serves as modern Atlantis where we plan to create a new superior race to take over humans.

The End


Dear friend…

As you can see, this is a grandiose program to establish a fascist Master-Slave one world, one government nation from 1678. Slowly all gold, silver and copper are exchanged for credit notes and “online digital money”

You might feel that everything is done and destroyed. Don’t try to remove the microchip by performing any kind of surgery. It is connected to your nervous system tightly and you will die instantaneously if you try to remove it.

Follow your conscience. Practicing mind control techniques like yoga, mediation etc can save you to a small extent. Faith in your creator to much large extent!

This doctrine has been released to you by the efforts of a secret organization called the XWorld, which originally created the world rescue order, Mystique. We are working our best here to eliminate the Grand Cathedral and restore order. We give you our promise. We also invite you to  join the resistance. We will earn our freedom God willing. The coming war is war of the entire world. Viva La Resistance!

DX, your bio-kid

On behalf of XWorld

© Copyright 2017 ShyamBharath. All rights reserved.


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