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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Cold War II – The defense front

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



Joseph Stalin Parliamentary Building

Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (formerly Russia)

“It’s impossible” Montazo said sternly “Never can Soviet Union be under control of a foreigner”

Montazo however felt it to be stupid to speak to Simons who has arrived with an army of 100 defense order cadets.

“Zeino himself has deemed that I should take over the Soviet Union after his death…” Simons replied calmly “… in a situation of emergency”

“It couldn’t be” Montazo replied “… he is our savior”

Synergy showed him photocopy sheet of bond signed by International Court of Justice. Montazo went through the bond and found Simons to be exactly correct.

“So as per your constitution, I step in” he said calmly

Montazo refused to move blocking way. The cadets pointed gun at him. He slowly stepped aside. Synergy officially takes office as head of Soviet Union.


Integration Networks Laboratory

The Grand Cathedral, Antarctica

K2 saw the magnificent assembly of the huge lab. In few days, he will become what no had ever become in history. The complete undisputed dictator of World. He always felt that the Illuminati were being scared by hiding on top of pyramid. Once Grand Cathedral starts functioning, he did not see why someone would rule him.

The former Cisco CTO, Tim Ruberdos was working on network coding to interlink with satellites and GPS systems of microchips.

“Sir… we have a problem here” he called K2

“I am not exactly a network specialist” K2 replied

“No sir…here” he said pointing at CCTV.

The TV showed outskirts of GC with people marching forward.



A group of 50 people with various weapons was led by a brave tall man, Kansai to attack the Grand Cathedral

“People” he spoke “There are the very tyrants who are hell bent on ruling us and making us slaves. K2, the man behind the virus and billion innocent lives is hiding right behind these walls. CHAAARGE!”

They moved forward. Kansai’s pet dog charged faster than them and touched the outer fence. 10 power 11 volts of charge charred it to death.

They got shocked. Kansai’s became extremely sad. His loving pet saved them. They sensed silence for a moment.

“Gosh! This is heavily guarded with high electric potential” he said “Find the door!”

They searched all around in vain. But they couldn’t find any opening. Suddenly they observed a copter entering. They decided to follow it to find the entry. Surprisingly, the copter landed on roof of the cathedral. The dome’s door opened up after authenticating them and immediately shut down.

“Gosh they have their entrance up…! It’s impossible to get there” Kansai said in desperation.


K2 laughed looking at Kansai’s desperation.

“Look they are stuck” he said to Tim “Now see the fun. Get me details of all these people outside”

Tim scanned their faces and checked their images in DataDesic DataWarehouse. He got their details.

NameUID Tag

Kansai Charter138A941D

Wenna WilliamsA36749ZW



K2 selected all cadets except that of Kansai Charter.

“Sir I am not sure if this works…” Tim said

“Well then don’t you think we should test it?” K2 answered with a question “Unit testing for the win!”

He typed the command “Kill your leader Kansai” and activated it. The command got converted to appropriate microwave signals and was transmitted to geo-satellite. The dynamic location of people on list was identified and the signals reached their microchips. Their microwave chips received the signals and activated the code of Orion in their brain. The code of Orion sent impulses to neurons urging the person execute the action. All this happened in a minute. K2 wanted it to happen faster.

Kansai felt shocked as people around him looked at him strangely and started to move towards him.

“Hey I am your leader” he told them “What happened?”

Before he could speak, his friend, Wang hit him with an axe. His wife pointed her gun in his head and shot him. Kansai fell down dead.

K2 laughed.

“See the control we have…” he boasted to Tim “a while ago, he was their hero… now their enemy”

K2 typed another command “Go and touch the walls” and activated it.

The team went and touched the wall forgetting about electric potential that surround it. A huge shock ripped their bodies apart.

Synergy entered the network laboratory.

“Welcome” K2 greeted him

“Later” Simons said seriously “Lots of revolts are going on. Your effigies are being burnt”

“Why?” K2 asked feeling surprised.

Simons pulled out a copy of publicly released K2 doctrine and drops it on the table. K2 took it and went through it.

“This… this couldn’t be” he said shocked “How could the doctrine have gone public?”

“That’s something you should have known. I need to talk about this to the British Royal family… you did a serious offense” Simons said camly and left.

K2 called in a team of soldiers.

“A direct order” he commanded them “I need you to kill Simons… secretly”

They nodded.

Killing Simons makes K2 free of him. He then would to take control of all people and launch an attack using them on the 13 scared Illuminati families. The whole world will be under his control. The only thing that might worry him was DX and Einstein. K2 had a silent smile.

“I know how to deal with them” he thought.

He arranged a huge military battalion near the Grand Cathedral to ward off threats. Camouflaged tanks, Cameo dudes etc.


Brindon International Bank

Doha, Qatar.

A huge rush waited outside the bank. Many people held banners that said… Give us gold and silver back. Take your useless papers.

“We received orders from world bank not to give gold or silver” the accountant said refusing one of the waiting customers.

“Hey lady” he shouted “Don’t you realize, these notes are of no value. It’s metals… gold and silver that has value”

“I know” she said sympathetically “but orders are orders”

“Who gave your orders?” Another man shouted “The real terrorists gave orders… the bankers! Open up”

They tried to break open. The guard shot three people. The crowd calmed down.

The accountant felt the truth open her eyes. She went in and got gold and silver cakes.


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